Powerless Against Fast Food


Lawyers are trying to prove that like with tobacco we are powerless against urges to eat fast food – maybe they’re right.

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128 Captions for “Powerless Against Fast Food”

  1. admin

    This image represents the current job market. BROKEN!!

  2. jwd

    “Wait a minute! You’re not Santa Claus!!”

  3. DOUG

    (Clown)”Would you like to supersize that? (Kid) “Uhhhh,I think I’ve already had enough”

  4. Tuzi gout

    My hair is shampooed with beef blood. You can just taste the artery cloging saturated fats!

  5. KD

    Ronald, have you ever read, “Fast Food nation”?

  6. I'm as weird as a bagel

    Now, tell Mr. McDonald about your problem.

  7. anon

    The opportunistic trial lawyers that sue you suck the big & long strawberry monkey dicks!!!!!, Ronald!!!!!

  8. Rob

    McDonalds take full advantage of China’s lack of child labor laws.

  9. filkertom

    Over 99 billion souls swallowed.

  10. filkertom

    Really, the concept for the new J. Lo video was doomed from the start, but no one dared mention this to her

  11. lawrence

    I saw this once in a McDonalds bathroom in Ohio off I-375…..I told them to lock the door next time.

  12. anon

    Dr. Michael Jacobson of the Nutrition Police sucks the big long dong of Osama Bin Laden!!!!!!!.

  13. Gentaur

    With the blood of his latest victim smeared around his mouth and on his nose, Ronald marveled once again how easy this was.

  14. nimrod

    “I may be only a statue Chang, but my wages are still higher than yours”

  15. coulrophobic

    Proof that clowns will kill you while you sleep.

  16. atheist

    Due to continued bad publicity, Catholic priests adopt a new uniform.

  17. Gentaur

    Decades of eating artificial fillers and preservatives catch up to Ronald.

  18. Gentaur

    “And when you wake up, you will cluck like a chicken!”

  19. ben

    “So your realy my father” Ronald

  20. I am as weird as a bagel

    the stage was set for the best captionmachine.com entries ever. A plastic Ronald McDonald with a kid on his lap would set the stage for countless Santa Claus, Michael Jackson, and Catholic priest jokes. The clown’s extra makeup set the stage for stripper and prostitute jokes. The child looked up at McDonald fearfully, setting the stage for McDonald = satan jokes This was going to be great caption contest, if not the best ever. And then the kid had to wear a blue tank top, runing the shot forever. I despise that child.

  21. sosososososo

    “Kid, you can never look as good as me.”

  22. McFatty

    May I take your virginity?

  23. Gentaur

    Some countries misunderstand when you order Coke with your meal.

  24. cime

    “Well kid, how do you like the one and only original McWeiner?”

  25. Ronald Clercx

    Kid: ‘How many Mc Meals did you eat to look like that?’
    Ronald Mc Donald: ‘Just apply for a job here.’

  26. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill politics forces militant homosexuality on me, Ronald.

  27. jUsTaDuDe

    Dammit Ronald, you scared the hell out of him! Im telling you, Michael Jackson make-up is never good!

  28. PiggyOops

    little one hung low dies today from an over dose of a humongus big mac.when he couldn’t eat it all, ronald mcdonald whois usually quiet and came to life, stuffing the partially eaten burger down little one hung’s throat!

  29. Sammy

    The make-up and Costume dept. get it wrong on the set of Stephen King’s “It”.

  30. Gentaur

    Ronald tried very hard not to look angry when the kid’s bladder let go.

  31. bANAAL

    Ronald: “Thanks kid, now I have finally the pupils I always wished for.”

  32. Gentaur

    Why yes, I DO mousse my hair with ketchup! Thanks for noticing!

  33. Conan

    Secret Agent Ronald McDonald, shown here on assingment in North Korea.

  34. gentaur

    McDonald’s introduces its new Garlicky Onion Peppersteak sandwich.

  35. MartyPops

    “Would you like a dead child with that?”

  36. Greg White

    Your one Ugly M*th*r f*ck*r

  37. KD

    Ronald McDonald statues should been torn down along with the Saddam statues, but NOOO!!!!

  38. Gentaur

    First photographic evidence of an evil spirit being forced from a possessed child’s body during an exorcism.

  39. Billy

    BOSTON, MS: Richard San died today of a horrific accident which included seven straws, throw-up, the play-pen sign, and Ronald’s prostitute, Michelle.

  40. chevaun

    cant sleep clowns will eat me cant eat clowns will sleep with me

  41. Aaron Kramer

    this is a picture of rare footage of the original ending of the hit movie “The Ring”

  42. carlo

    I hope they like the new happymeal toy

  43. et

    New; for only $3,95: The MaC Stoned

  44. Have-A-Say

    Forget the Burger!!! I only have eyes for you,

  45. Ryk

    McDonalds tests its new “special lettuce substitute”

  46. johnson

    ok… if I just keep smiling and ignore him, the weird kid might get off my knee..

  47. Ryk

    Oh, there’s that kid who said that the soda tasted funny!

  48. bookworm

    The dementors’ first attemps to administer the kiss of death without the muggles noticing

  49. I masturbate for money

    Poster child for the food police.

  50. Poppa Doc

    Ouch…mommy he’s making my bottom hurt so bad, I’m going to faint.

  51. gAnjA

    McDonalds presents! McTaiwan!

  52. anon

    Joe Chrnelich of the WSF says he wants eggs Ronald McDonald style with me, What does that mean???????????

  53. CTownHood

    Now with every Happy Meal…1 small Asian child to do your laundry!!!

  54. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill politics forces sensitivity training on me to like miltant homosexual pedophiles & America haters, Ronald. What should I say to her????????????.

  55. ron

    just keep smiling, just keep smiling…. and hope that noone notices

  56. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill says her heroes are Chairman Mao & Uncle Ho, And that I MUST embrace their politics, Ronald. Who the hell are they????????????????.

  57. Alyssa

    You are the 100th costemer you get a parfah with extra nuts

  58. Impfac

    Cho Sung always wondered if he was his real dad…

  59. Joe

    Why am I wearing clown makeup and who is the ignorant GOOK in my lap?

  60. Newt

    Ok, who put acid in the cheeseburger?

  61. terrible

    more proof that ronald mcdonald is really the clown from stephen king’s it

  62. mmmooo

    “hey… you arent my daddy!!!”

  63. yipe


  64. Elliott

    Ronald: “I’ve got his eyes…yes! I can see!!”

  65. jayboo

    The amazing Indonesian hypnotherapist sores another one

  66. Gentaur

    Ronald finally realized he did not have his arm up inside a ventriloquist’s dummy, and the audience’s screams were not of laughter.

  67. Ringo

    “So Ronald, when do I get the Junior Sausage Sandwich you promised me?”

  68. Rave

    Little Wang, Ronald McDonald has a very special Happy Meal for you!

  69. Z_Rowsdower

    a young Sean Lennon is horrified by Yoko’s latest costume

  70. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill Politics tells me to denounce this American Capitalist shyt like McDonald’s, What should I say to her????????????????

  71. Kevmoe

    Kid, leave the back door to your house open or else!!!

  72. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill Politics says “She HATES America, And can’t stand our imperialistic & capitalistic ways of everyday life, And wants to use the American flags for reuse paper, And gives the finger to the service, What should I say to her??????????????’

  73. anon

    Excuse me, She wants to use it as refuse paper, What should I tell her??????????

  74. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach wants me to be sensitive to Real Estate Blockbusters in her town & others, What should I say to her????????.

  75. fortune

    ronald: ‘not now honey, i have a headache.’

  76. chris

    “help me he’s going to turn me into a chinese McNugget!”

  77. kyle

    “Ronald, could u plz get your finger out of my butt plz”

  78. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill politics is letting the Al-Qaeda step all over us, Threatning to annihilate the US with Anthrax, Ebola, Smallpox, etc. Possibly by 3,000,000 or more, But all she says is “Give Peace A Chance”, What should I say to her????????????.

  79. anon

    Tell her to GO F*CK HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!

  80. anon

    The FBI will take care of that bitch.

  81. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill politics forces me to say “FU*CK YOU AMERICA!!!!!!!”, What should I say to that piece of shyt???????????????.

  82. anon

    Tell Steinbach she’s a BLODE FOTZE & A DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!!!.

  83. I hate children and I VOTE!

    Didn’t they used to use candy bars to lure children into bus station bathroom stalls?

  84. Gentaur

    Fortunately for Lin Cheung, Ronald new CPR. Unfortunately, he also knew the apple pies were just coming out of the oven.

  85. Pokejedservo

    McDonald’s REALLY bad method of trying to compete with Shang Tsung and some of the Darkstalkers WHY were they wanting to do that in the 1st place is anyone’s guess.

  86. john

    Hey round eye!
    I hope that was chop stick in your pocket!

  87. Hm

    Perverted Clown U grabbed my nuts!

  88. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach & Her hooligans keep threatning to put castor beans & ricin into our food & water supply, But she keeps on giving that stupid f*cking mantra of “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!!!!”, What should I tell her????????????.

  89. anon

    Tell the Anti-American traitor bitch THIS!!!!!; “If she hates our country so much, The good ol’ USA, Then GET THE F*CK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!, And go live in North Korea with Kim Dong!!!!!!!!!!”

  90. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill politics says her hero is Dred Scott Taylor, Who the f*ck is this idior??????????.

  91. anon

    Idiot??????, I mean.

  92. anon

    She also wants to petition & force your company to make September 11th, A joyous celebration, What should I tell her????????????????.

  93. Billy Bass


  94. TorgoEatsMittens

    would you like a McSeizure with that?

  95. yaniv

    the clown gone crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

  96. Alon

    You wonder why children afraid of clowns? thats the answer

  97. just me

    Um…Ronald…No, I didn’t include the letter “P” in the alphabet. It’s running down my leg!

  98. anon

    Lee West & Nottingham are stinking pedophilic buffoons.

  99. Golgotha

    You ain’t my momma!

  100. dave

    New exorcist DVD trailer is finally realised to the public.

  101. dave

    thats 1 f*ck off great big bogie mate

  102. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach, Lorraine Popelka & her hooligans keep saying they want to make Forest Park, Ill into a “Blue Collar” town, Whilst the industrial jobs keep leaving & The influx of Section 8’er’s begin infesting the town, And Theresa.A.Steinbach & Lorraine Popelka keep EVILLY laughing & Say “There’s NOTHING we can DO ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, And that the town will turn into another East St.Louis, Ill, What should I tell these parasite bitches??????????????????????????.

  103. anon

    Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill Politics wants me to rally for pardons of the Al-Qaeda, What should I tell the cesspool?????????????????.

  104. Bill Kozy

    Rejected McDonaldland Character: Yun Phat the McSeizure Boy

  105. Mark Beular

    After the Sitting on Ronald’s lap for about a minute the small asian child noticed a unusaul growth from ronalds waist that got closer and closer to his A$$

  106. Ken

    Come here little boy.

  107. jim

    sit on my lap child i have a suprise 4 u

  108. k

    “One more happy meal, mom…”

  109. jcw

    Damn animal fat gets you every time!

  110. cairo

    Losing will power…must…buy…happy meal…

  111. Gary Coleman

    Your a alligator!!! Just shut up n smile you little brat!:@

  112. Yan Can Jr.

    Oooooh…Lonald, that feer so good when you prow my rittle bottom with that stiff plobe of yours after you have gleased you election with the Clisco oil!!

  113. brandon

    would you like sauce with these nuggets?

  114. gator

    Little Jimmy accidently asked for a Jr. Whopper.

  115. John Beatemoff

    “I am going to molest you and you will be scarred for life.”

  116. dawn sharp

    MIchael Jackson’s community service still garners him a McKiddy.

  117. Will

    Come into my house I have chips and burgers little children .

  118. DJ

    Me Love you long time!

  119. bob

    the benefits of being an idol to children and being a paedo are great!

  120. david martin

    after slipping a sedative into the mcflurry ronald knew it wasnt going to be a bad day after all!

  121. mike waters

    with a bit of makeup jacko had the perfect disguise

  122. Anonymous

    Okay guys. To whomever said caption 107, needs to get a life. You said that Lorraine Popelka was laughing evilly and saying those things, but I know personally that she would not. Never once in her life did she “laugh evilly”. I know this, because she was my grandmother. I feel like bitching out whoever you are that said this, because you made this up. I don’t know why, but whatever the reason go….well i won’t say it but you got my point?

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