Proof the Taliban is still dangerous


It appears that armor piercing bullets are no match for a mini-van.

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164 Captions for “Proof the Taliban is still dangerous”

  1. jwd

    Tariq now regretted ordering the 3-alarm chili at the roadside diner.

  2. dick

    You should see the other car…

  3. jdigiity

    only $4800!

  4. bruce

    Are you kidding? Is option!

  5. eightman

    Whenever they cruised downtown Kabul in their new convertible; Achbad and his brother Habeeb never failed to score with the ladies.

  6. Bart the Fart

    Found it on eBay! Sweet ride!

  7. stevejust

    It’s actually a good ride if you don’t mind sharpnel up your…

  8. Professor Kaos

    If justice is served this will be the best looking car in Iraq in about 30 days.

  9. Dr. Stupid

    Abu discovers the perfect way to air-cool his sweaty thumb.

  10. nurg

    (From the back seat:)
    “Think we should tell him it’s NOT a convertible?”
    “Nah. Let’s just make out.”

  11. filkertom

    “I’m Ameen Al-Khaled. I’m the N.R.A.”

  12. filkertom

    The true danger: Thumbs of Mass Destruction

  13. filkertom

    “Missed me by that much….

  14. Les

    Trailer Trash……Arrabic style

  15. (pdw)

    Cool! That ejection seat DID work!

  16. jwd


  17. Mistopheles

    Abdul wasn’t the most successful of suicide bombers.


    He’s hitchhiking.


    Got Camel?

  20. KD

    I am really crusing in my shaguar, yea baby.

  21. KD

    Boy, we sure gave those weapon inspectors the slip. Now hand me that lighter, honey.

  22. Cary

    Wider is better.

  23. Puffy

    Now wearing a diaper to protect (what’s left of) the seat, Achmed is ready for driving lesson #2.
    (Alas, he won’t be learning proper form for ‘giving the finger’ until lesson #7)

  24. Punkmasta

    Jamir liked the wind in his hair, but he couldnt afford a sports car so he improvised.

  25. aseaton

    Rupinder, giving the thumbs up, vows to never again withhold bean curd from his 350 lb wife Rashma.

  26. DK

    Although a failure in the US, the “convertible Aerostar” was a big hit in the Middle East.

  27. Vanderjack

    Look, Haseem, I am scoring the babes with my US special forces hand grenade made custom convertable. Allah is great.

  28. spat

    I tried to shape into a Peugeot 206…

  29. Fartman

    When cars get hungry, they’ll eat almost anything.

  30. Fartman

    When cars get hungry, they’ll eat almost anything.

  31. Vanderjack

    “Holy Allah, this is being the last time I lend my van to Diana Ross.”

  32. aseaton

    Olan Mills unveiled it’s new line of arabian warrior photo backdrops.

  33. thinklessdolesseatless

    They didn’t have much money to make Austin Powers 4…..

  34. thinklessdolesseatless

    It’s got a little compartment on the roof where you can put your clothes…..

  35. benthebrit

    After the American invasion the Iraqis salvaged what they could of the British troop carrier.

  36. Michael Meisels

    “Thanks to our American friends, we get all their left overs!”

  37. Michael Meisels

    We are guarnteed Asylum in the UK, if we drive up in this death trap!!

  38. MrT

    Bling!! Bling!! – Afghan Style!

  39. Mascot

    Damn. That is one fugly-ass soccer Mom with PMS!!

  40. cornholio

    America’s new crash test dummy’s!!!

  41. Pokejedservo

    The new Cheech & Chong movie is NOT going too well.

  42. Larry Iwan

    Borrowing at the Auto Pawn wasn’t smart for Bengally as when he couldn’t repay the complete loan and interest, they couldn’t return the complete truck.

  43. CK

    Okay, so I pick up this American sailor who’s hitchhiking, and I just start teasing him, you know, and all of a sudden he whips out this can of spinach, this weird music starts playing and, well, just look at my car!

  44. paul bonser

    see kids its impossible to drive like grand turismo

  45. paul bonser

    cor blimey can bob the builder fix me this

  46. El Jefe

    And you thought only SUV’s supported terrorism…

  47. Konundrum

    New From KIA Iraq, The NEW doorless Model.

  48. MusWatcher

    “Zoom-Zoom-Zoom” Muslim style

  49. MusWatcher

    “Zoom-Zoom-Zoom” Muslim style

  50. MusWatcher

    What would Allah drive???

  51. MusWatcher

    Taliban air conditioning.

  52. MusWatcher

    Abdul, you idiot! I told you to light your shoes AFTER you got out of the car.

  53. MusWatcher

    The new KIA Seethruya

  54. jinxedcelt

    what can i say? the “jaws of life” got a little hungry.

  55. President Bush

    Did you order a taxi?

  56. Brian Urtula

    Oh oh… better get Macco.

  57. Izzy

    (Hardcore KISS fans will get this one – everyone else’llbe like “HUH?”)Man…Ace has really gone downhill….

  58. Izzy

    I pity the fool who messes with my van!

  59. gay paree

    You have to be careful around the french, they retreat in an instant… look what they did to my van.

  60. KD

    Luckily, Osama Bin Laden was in the passenger seat at the time of the explosion.

  61. tandeme

    I told you not to tell Sally Struthers there was an eggroll under the seat

  62. ][V][achine']['hreat

    I lost $20, but sure enough Janhar ripped his van a new one with a can opener

  63. Mark Smith

    The have convertiable van is the shizit over in afganistan.

  64. Scott S.

    At the 2003 Iraq AutoShow, the French unveil their new “LeVan”.
    Hajii says; “It’s a hit!”.

  65. jungledrummer

    Locked your keys in your car??…no problem, just call us and we’ll have it open in a jiffy!

  66. no name


  67. batman

    Iraqs bomb squad.

  68. blue

    “Maybe if we crash it up enough people will feel sorry and give us weapons”

  69. Brian Thornton

    Coming in June…Mad Max 4:Beneath BlunderGnome. Starring: Cheech Marin as Max’s long lost father’s roommate. Don’t miss his academy worthy and stellar performance. Featuring music by Ravi Shankar

  70. Navin

    The latest from the Afghan Motor Corp: The TaliVan

  71. Jeremiah

    If Fonzy were an arab.

  72. MeeMah

    Beats riding a camel!

  73. James

    Now those were definitely the BEST baked beans I ever ate!!!

  74. E.S. Anderson

    Jackass: Taliban Tapes

  75. Jack

    No, honest…I got this at an “estate sale”.

  76. tinker

    who said missiles aren’t essential for “cruising” ? or is it visa versa?

  77. bluejay_way

    the “marine” could do this with a paper clip…where do dan rather’s loyalties lie? obl would be doa and we would lol!

  78. phat john

    jackass: car rental, jihad style.

  79. Captain Caption

    Tarbash loved to blast the radio…

  80. Captain Caption

    Looks like Fonzie got a tan…

  81. Jeff Padilla

    Volvo, takes a SCUD missile hit and keeps going.

  82. Dan Smith

    I drove away this classy convertable bargain the same day and the deposit was only three camels and two of my daughters!

  83. Atrocity

    Iraq’s “Wish you were here” postcards.

  84. Babylon

    Afganian Bang Bus “we got the bitches in the back, n’Abdul is gettin his freak on”

  85. mike

    No no, you don’t understand… the last driver was really really tall.

  86. Foccer

    Introducing the new “TALIVAN”

  87. Bob

    The Iraqi SUV as bomb proof as you are!

  88. nimrod

    “previously owned by a lady who drove it only to church”
    (she was blind)

  89. Poncy

    I got this one from John DeLorean!

  90. Gentaur

    Attempted-suicide bomber.

  91. Hariz A.

    Hey, it’s better than a camel!

  92. Havasay

    I know I said I wanted air conditioning … but this is not what I meant!

  93. HavaSay

    Harhnny .. Narhnny .. Marh Narh .. you missed me!

  94. Gentaur

    And you thought Mexican food was powerful!

  95. firestarter

    no really, all I had to do was to hose off the meat, hop in and she was ready to roll!

  96. Gentaur

    When the former Information Minister became a used car salesman, he found he could still sell anything.

  97. Jason

    Holy allah Hashish! That was the biggest Freakin bug I have ever seen!

  98. Flynny

    “hey, guess what ma! We still have two wheels…. but that border guy seemed interested in the way i held my finger dearly at his face, especially when he shouted, Liberate the bush”

  99. qwerty

    Look I knew we should have bought a Volvo instead.

  100. jockblock

    “Oh yeah, Its the newest thing on the market, They call it a “convertable”, and I’ll even throw in the kids as a free gift.”

  101. Flynny

    The Talivan gets hits again

  102. Flynny

    Look letters come up on the screen when I tap on the key board.

  103. hunter

    Note to self: Cancel contract for Airbags from West Bank Industries

  104. Undun

    Just call Pop-A-Lock.

  105. Don and Ella

    NO doubt everyone will be wanting one……..Deb

  106. Steve

    don’t laugh, it beats the hell out of a camel!

  107. nap

    go ahead, pull my finger again!!

  108. charlie

    And in America you can collect money in lawsuits by doing this to your car?

  109. Jeffrey Delovey

    In an attempt to disperse body odor,deperate people will do anything…

  110. P S

    Those American soldiers have great insurance. You see, one of those tanks hit me and……

  111. taz

    my other car is a camel

  112. Inoracam

    Abdul does not care if they are laughing with him or laughing at him…just so long as they laugh.

  113. Hava-A-Say

    Family convertable .. sun roof .. air conditioning .. easy getaway! Yup .. just what the family needs!

  114. Naavis

    What did I do?

  115. Newt

    It only has 200,000miles, and still runs great.

  116. Tommy

    Was that a dog?

  117. Ryan

    Muslim children and father visit a new art work titled,”Damn, we should have stopped for those Americans.”

  118. ConManXVII

    Hey! does that thing have a Hemi?

  119. etl

    the taliban’s family conversion van

  120. christophlopper

    not the best of car thieves, asirahd sahid always got the job done.

  121. Larry

    Runs great.
    Needs a little work.
    $5,000 o.b.o.

  122. Robbie

    Better stick to your camels!

  123. anon

    Thank you, Theresa.A.Steinbach for giving us the secrets from the US Armed forces.

  124. Dirk

    “Aanslag gelukt hoor! Ze zijn allemaal dood”

  125. martine

    what to do if you want a comfertable?

  126. Bassie G

    We don’t need no airplane to crash

  127. Michel

    Back to the future part 6: “Back to Irak!” starring: Bin J. Laden.

  128. jeroen

    “Irak-bomb-squad ==> new cabrio edition

  129. psr

    ‘Ayoooo, I got the Lexus with tha Dubs, them be 12″, so me and me homies is gonna pick up sum real hot bitches.’

  130. JC reels

    this is some other SHIT than our fully equiped V2 camelcar no mister this is the rare trashed taliban X-mobile

  131. senrab

    Yes it’s true officer. Out of nowhere a flying saucer came down, infested my wife with sand fleas, knocked up my cat and made me drink four bottles of Ouzo. I SWEAR TO GAWD!

  132. Sir Unimaginative

    I pity tha fool who try to remake the A-Team!

  133. LoverBoy

    In Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan and Poland … a “Thumbs up” means: “UP YOURS” 🙂

    I think thats what the driver is telling the camera man 🙂

  134. Maico

    a suicide-bomber once sat behind this steering wheel

  135. toet

    Osama! Is that you?

  136. nbjhvjv


  137. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach is our NEW commander.

  138. Checkmate

    San Diego border check, NO SWEAT!

  139. Concerned Citizen

    All of these captions are racist! What is it the new standard that it’s ok to make fun of Arabs?

  140. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill politics says it’s NOT OK to make fun of Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hajj, Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, Mullah Mohammed Omar, Richard Reid, John Walker Lindh, Jose Padilla, Zacharias Moussaoui, Uday & Qusay Hussein, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Bobby Fischer, Kim Jong Il, Kim-Myong Chol, etc!!!!!!!!!!

  141. anon

    We LOVE our DANGEROUS OMNI-LIBERAL; Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill Politics. Osama THANKS YOU for giving the US enemies, CLASSIFIED INFORMATION through computers, Mohammed thanks you DEARLY!!!!!!.

  142. Ken

    Locked your keys in the car??—No problem, just call us we’ll have it opened in a jiffy!

  143. anon

    Now, Sit on Abdul’s lap, Theresa.A.Steinbach, Our #1 America hater from the capitalist & imperialist US.

  144. Newt

    another use for the jaws of life, to turn a van into a convertible!

  145. anon

    Thank you Steinbach, For wailing against the good-for-nothing US!!!!!!.

  146. anon

    Here Mullah, Theresa.A.Steinbach says you can use the town’s POW-MIA flag for refuse paper.

  147. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill USA Politics, Says “F**K YOU!!!!!!!, AMERICAN IMPERIALISTS & CAPITALISTS!!!!!!!”, And were laughing ALL the way to the Saudi Bank, And she Loves giving $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to the Saudi Telethon, Thank you, Terry Baby!!!!!!!!!

  148. anon

    Thank you, Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill, USA for wanting to make September 11th a world holiday celebration, Mohammed & Osama dearly thank you.

  149. anon

    Give praise to our beloved renegade from the evil, rotten US of A, Forest Park, Ill, USA’s Theresa.A.Steinbach, A fervant celebrant of the Al-Muhajiroun!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  150. anon

    American Renegade & hero Forest Park, Ill Commisioner Theresa.A.Steinbach gets the Taliban-Al=Qaeda Humanitarian Award for opening up to Abd Al-Rahman Al-Nadji!!!!!

  151. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill Politics says the September 11th Memorial is a farce & Should be a world-wide celebration, And HATES the racist police force of that rotten American village. She demands a Talibanian encampment over there.

  152. anon

    Thank you, Theresa.A.Steinbach of Forest Park, Ill USA politics and USA Lawyer Jeanine.L.Stevens, For fighting for a required regimen of sensitivity training for American citizens to tolerate Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hajj, Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. Radical Extremists. Osama thanks you dearly.

  153. Benjamus

    All I want to do is have some fun.

  154. Kelk

    look, if you just open the dooor, the car stay in better shape!

  155. boblamp

    Driver: “YESSS!! The Dealer said I’m still covered by the warranty.”

  156. sveni

    meld dich mal,am besten ruf mal an ,muss dir mal was fragen.
    gruß kai-uwe

  157. Brandon

    When the American fighter jets come, we’ll just spread chicken blood on ourselves, go limp, and have them think we killed sometime yesterday. Hey, it works for my cousin Muhammad.

  158. one_liner

    What?!?! I got tired of waiting for them to fix the air conditioner!

  159. crud

    Look what happens when you eat a dead Goat and then break wind!

  160. abc


  161. Go Go Girl

    Excuse me!

  162. ryan kavanagh

    2 weeks after being on pimp my ride

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