Psyched up for work


Some people are just a little to happy to be at a computer. I thought this would be fitting of a monday.

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82 Captions for “Psyched up for work”

  1. Anonymous

    Comonayeeeeeehaaaaaaaw. (saving silverman quote)

  2. Anonymous

    She said she wants to meet me in person! Sweeeet!!

  3. Anonymous

    This leather jacket is the coolest thing I own.

  4. corym

    heyyyyy sit on it!

  5. Jason Bungies

    “Rockstar69: I really am in a band! See look!”

  6. Jason Bungies

    Oddly enough, even after his 112th try at it, George Micheal Jr did not win the local radio stations “Sexiest picture” contest for free NSync tickets.

  7. Veshka

    Being A Drug Crazed Rockstar for Dummies
    Lesson #1 – Stance is everything. It can get chicks for you. Try this one out. On both hands, hold out your pinky and index fingers, and your thumb, and clench your middle and ring finger. Cross your arms, and screach like a drunken banchee. There you go…

  8. Anonymous

    Dave has been stuck in this position for days.

  9. Lex Mansky

    Norman logs into The Possessed Satanic Dorks Chat room

  10. plankton

    AOL. So easy to use, no wonder it’s #1.

  11. gunrunner

    look kiddies… I can make faces… now… how many of you lil’ kids have web cams?

  12. teej

    Good porn always does this to me.

  13. cambria36

    Cecil can only caption 4-letter words, since he only has 4 fingers that work.

  14. cambria36

    Who’s a “spaz”?

  15. dadro

    Dude, I’m getting a dell!

  16. brian

    Practicing for when he actually gets a webcam.

  17. brian

    the rocker’s straitjacket

  18. cyen

    Jimmy’s first introduction to Heavy Metal after listening only to Britney speasrs and n-sync.

  19. Anonymous

    He’s chatting with the url listed below.

  20. Anonymous

    Smell all my fingers baby!

  21. Anonymous

    Man, I’m on the INTERNET.

  22. Pretty Big Duck

    Eric hit the jackpot…
    Needless to say, he was stoked.

  23. lee ann

    Dude, I just got front row seats for the Poison concert. F*cken A!

  24. Soup


  25. Major Adventure

    “I’ll win that Gene Simmons look alike contest or die trying!”

  26. JerDog

    “Uh-oh! Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!” (from ‘Office Space’)

  27. Moscow

    Man, was that really 380 Volts ??!?

  28. Cybbis

    Phil’s epileptic seizures are quite hard to detect when he’s using his webcam.

  29. Babylon

    Finally I hit that damn monkey and won a prize!

  30. you

    I have a dentist appointment on Thursday.

  31. John

    “If the link above is blinking, you have won a prize! Click her to redeem…”

  32. Fenris


  33. tom

    With the webcam positioned carefully not to reveal his pink towels – Arnold poses for yet another edition of “The Face Behind the Blog”.

  34. Mike

    Hello kids!

  35. rick smith


  36. yeah


  37. Maxx

    Vampires used to be cool… then they invented the internet. Now they are all nerds…

  38. Anonymous


  39. Warren Fwy

    After exhausting all tech support remidies, Harlan attempts an exorcism to remove Windows ME.

  40. tortured soul

    2002, An excerisist oddessy

  41. Anonymous

    Guns don’t kill people…People with web cams and guns kill people.

  42. john kater

    hey i think i chatted to him once. he wrote “c__l! _here is A_st_a_lia? C_n th_y fix fu_ke_ up fing_rs??”

  43. the schmin

    “I live with my mom so last time ok?”

  44. The Beaver

    I’m Too Sexy For My…..Leather Jacket!!

  45. Steve 1

    After spending 5 days installing his new modem card, Windows 95 finally acknowledges that it exists. Now he has to connect windows to the wotsit, the wotsit to the modem, the modem via the thingy to the port, not forgetting to plug in the telephone line, and then spend 2 weeks getting the browser to recognise it without terminally crashing the hard drive.

  46. julia

    emotioneric’s newest emotion: Satan the camwhore

  47. Drake

    Quark, the alien disgised as a human, tries to communicate with the most intelligent creature on earth.

  48. Anonymous

    Dude, You’re going to Hell!

  49. georgepoint


  50. Jess

    Hey mom, meet Jimmy my new boyfriend! Isnt he the cutest?? *MOM* Why isnt he moving??

  51. Jessie

    Brian honey!! Come Here!!! I just won tickets to see Backstreetboys….. IN CONCERT!!!!

  52. xoot

    Bill takes a picture of himself using his new digital camera.

  53. Karl Marx

    Computer – 1000$
    case of mountain dew – 5$
    broadband internet – 70$

    having your parents put “at least we didn’t find him in the closet with a bag on his head and his pants down” – Priceless

  54. Karl Marx

    Those newbies in the satanic chat rooms are SO annoying….

  55. SuPeR_BrOtHeR


  56. Anonymous


  57. chloe

    im here to break ya all in.
    come in for a nibble and a chat,
    then maybe we can get roudy later….

  58. gunrunner

    Woo-Hoo, I finally found a use for Kazaa!

  59. Trisha

    who? oh! Don’t mind Mark.. he for got to take his medication again..

  60. MISC

    Yeah! Heath Ledger wrote back. Ahhhhhhhhhhright!

  61. Anonymous

    Argument #391 for why birthcontrol is a good idea.

  62. Stephen N.

    My Diablo 2 character, Horus The Destroyer, finally got that kick ass sword I’ve been hearing so much about!

  63. Anonymous

    YESSSS!!!! The hard drive finally finished defragging!!!!

  64. Kelli

    Clarence aka:bignuts_wannafuk_69_420 greets Gertrude aka :hottie_angel_cheerleader_baby_chik6969 by giving the super secret chat room freaks handshake

  65. Les


  66. Alan Seaton

    The Tony Robbins “Fall in love with all of youself seminar”

    Jan 6-Jan 12

  67. paul varricchione

    God damn that stupid camera pop up AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!

  68. Brent

    Finally, a whole day without hate mail posted on his Vanilla Ice fan site! (nice doo!)

  69. Anonymous

    im reading the dork-sitting-on-chair-watching-porn kama sotra

  70. Smiley

    A young cult member pays homage to his leader, Bill Gates.

  71. Anonymous

    This is your teen on crack…

  72. quagmair

    looks like the mentally challenged can still use computers.

  73. Richard Howe

    All Your Base Are Belong To Us

  74. Mark Beular

    he finnaly got the screenname HappyFloppyTitts to awnser his IM after being warned and bein unable to get her to talk to him for three months

  75. Bobby

    I really wish i had a girlfriend now!!! i won the biggest loser award for 2002!

  76. KD

    Hey everyone; Carrot Top thinks I’m SO COOL!

  77. Bad Dream

    Eric just wasn’t the same after the accident…

  78. Damian

    This guy makes more sense than you

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