Puppy pancakes


Because the “hang in there” cat is just too easy, we have: how to make puppy pancakes instead.

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144 Captions for “Puppy pancakes”

  1. Guava

    Who says size doesn’t matter?

  2. Rogan Frooze

    Suddenly, the Taco Bell dog wishes he hadn’t been such an advocate for fatty, cholesterol-laden food products.

  3. Guava

    . . . and J.Loís Shih Tzu thought he had it good. Wait until he sees my Mommy!

  4. Anonymous

    Oooohoooooo fuuuuuck.

  5. Anonymous

    It looks just like on aliens what that thing came out of that guys stomach, only backwards.

  6. mike

    Oh yeah? You think squashing an aluminum can against your forehead is cool?

    Watch THIS!

  7. Anonymous

    Yes, I’m making this face because she had chili for lunch.

  8. Viehauser

    Dude, This chick wants me!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    I hope this lady didn’t eat Taco Bell…

  10. Anonymous

    Yo qiero helmet!

  11. brian

    In remembrance of the Seattle earthquake. February 28th, 2001.

  12. Anonymous

    At least we know what that lady ate for lunch, Chinese food.

  13. Paula

    Talk about stress loads….

  14. Margen

    Buddha’s dog has his very own temple.

  15. Moni

    Oh no, she’s gonna blow!

  16. Pita

    Is that a chalupa?

  17. Cletus

    I feel a sense of impending doom…

  18. Kam&NatsMom

    New meaning to the term “underdog!”

  19. Alex Kaseberg

    And now for my Wiley Coyote meets boulder imitation

  20. Robbie

    I know it looks bad, but the bigger dogs leave me alone – and I’m well fed.

  21. Vanessa

    5 seconds away from “una torta de perrito”

  22. Eric


  23. Cappy

    “What… I’ve got something on my nose, don’t I? Dammit, I try so hard to make myself beautiful and- what’s that? The top of my head too? No? Further up?”

  24. Anonymous

    … whats that smell?

  25. Pandora

    I wish I could remember the story with Chicken Little…

  26. Knotso Cleva

    i used to have a brother and she used to have a colon

  27. Laxsmi

    Pepe’s final suicide attempt.

  28. Julia

    and poor little pedro thought it was only an eclipse…. he will be missed.

  29. Austin

    Mrs. Crabable died yesterday after running hystarically into train tracks crying “Oh my god! Somebody took my PeeWee!”

  30. little d

    sure, stripes can be slimming — but, sometimes there just aren’t enough stripes…

  31. paleoguy

    seconds later, the overstressed folding chair buckles, giving new meaning to the term “head up your ass””

  32. C.

    “Oh yeah? Oh, yeah? Whyncha come over HERE and say something about my mom?”

  33. buzz

    do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?

  34. Victoria

    A little salt and pepper, barbecued till rare, din dins!!

  35. Prdad007

    Coming soon…Chalupas Chihuahuas…fresh, flat, and oh-so-fermented.

  36. Lynne

    This just in: SummerFun Furniture, Inc., has recalled 100,000 model #9731 patio benches. Under extreme conditions, the benches were liable to collapse unexpectedly.

  37. Dan

    Evel Knievel was reincarnated as a Chihuahua…

  38. ClitCommander

    oh GOD Bitch SOmEthin’s DIED around here!

  39. Invisagoth

    All Dogs Go To Heaven: Chapter 1

  40. Inxply

    If I can just pull a little harder,the fat bitch’ll fall over and break her neck!

  41. jojop

    Dont get too close, you might get sucked in!

  42. James

    Going places no dog has ever gone before.

  43. Newt

    Dog: I hope this wasn’t that cheap chair that was on sale a K-Mart.

  44. Anonymous

    Jesus Christ! I don’t remember eating that.

  45. Scatena

    If the skies that you look upon,

    Should crumble and fall…

  46. Anonymous

    This chair looks like its about to brake!!

  47. josh

    the chair looks like its about to get swallowed. its gonna take the lady’s temperature.

  48. josh

    now you see it… now you dont

  49. Joe Nathen


  50. Tim Zeiss

    “It blocks the rain, but the powerful winds make my eyes water!!”

  51. Chris Crust

    Oooooh. Aaaaah. A shiny metal stick. IF I can just pull it out of this hole. There I… bam.

  52. oni424

    The Ronco Chiuaua crushing machine

  53. oni424

    No quierro big fat ass

  54. enar


  55. Anonymous

    “Yo quiero Jenny Craig.”

  56. Anonymous

    Small dog combustion chamber: ignite when full of gas.

  57. ej

    “And they say walking under a ladder is asking for trouble!”

  58. Anonymous

    Behold the Power of Steel!

  59. Jack


  60. Jim Bob

    It’s the Donald Trump of Ass tumors.

  61. jade

    help..please somebody help…HELP!!!

    For christs sake helpf me you lazy shit!

  62. Spencer

    …and you think you have stress!

  63. pˆniz

    actually, this pic was used in a swedish PR-campaign for an insurance company… to tell people they needed to insure their pets.

  64. Fat Seanny

    This is how all men feel after 2 and a half years of marriage.

  65. VenomHead

    500pounds VS 5pounds, who’s goin to win? Hhhmmmmmmm. 500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. VenomHead

    When this bitch farts, I’m going to die for sure!

  67. Darkplaces

    Get Ready For TV’s All New “Animal Fear Factor!!”

  68. banana milk

    bomb shelter.

  69. Lou

    This is proof that small dogs are unhappy and suicidal

  70. Furry

    The note beside his body read: ..And to the dog off of fraiser…my taco empire…

  71. jasonclick

    When the wild Mexian chihuahua feels dangered, they will attempt the rare “Ass-burrowing” technique to find safety.

  72. Furry


  73. Quique

    Someone needs to notify the Human Society about this shit…

  74. fisher

    Look, man, if I understood the concept of potential energy I wouldn’t be working at Taco Bell, okay?

  75. Jason

    Where is PETA when you need them?

  76. Joane

    Jaws has nothin on this lady.

  77. Katrina Crow

    Wide Load

  78. Anonymous

    enter at your own risk

  79. Justin

    Skydiving is for the daring, this stunt is for the stupid….

  80. ryan

    Call 1-800-STURDY-CHAIRS, this dog believes in our products, why shouldn’t you?

  81. cari

    “You’ll have to kill me Frita, I AIN’T goin’ back up there”

  82. Robert

    So what will you be thinking when you have 5 seconds to live?

  83. Jordan Woll

    In the shade of the fatasswoman tree, the chiuaua can safely devour his kill, free from cavengers such as the once-noble giraffe

  84. Reed

    It has only now come to light that Chihuahuas don’t shiver as was once thought, but are constantly shuddering.

  85. Paddy

    Chicken licken eat your heart out

  86. Sadie

    Flippy el Chihuahua was a definite fatalist until the day he was forced to prove his firm belief in la silla.

  87. Henny

    Step right up! $1 to see the magical Dog-Shitting Woman!

  88. iamdrunk

    eets my faalt for offering the beetch so much taco bell

  89. Brian

    Is that a baby sheep?

  90. Samuel Clemons

    After this 60 ton women swallows the chair the dog is next and it won’t look good.

  91. Hecata

    If this BITCH farts, she’s gonna blow my puppydog ass all over the blace!

  92. Steven

    Land whales and their pets – on the next Oprah!

  93. Bloodthirster

    I never walk under ladders, that’s just to dangerous.

  94. Don MatÈo

    Call RSPCA!!

  95. =+=

    ohhh… gooooddd… i will never hump the kids head again…

  96. Anonymous

    lekker in de schaduw…

  97. Kimmay

    I feel another “Silent But Deadly” gas-passing is the only way this woman knows of to put her poor dog out of his misery…

  98. Rob

    Be afraid, be VERY afraid!!

  99. dungeon master

    beam me up scottie

  100. Dairenn


  101. babylon

    and to my best friend spot, i leave my squeaky ball… God I loved that ball…

  102. chris

    Trouble Brewing

  103. Anonymous


  104. Anonymous

    even a dog has a deathwisch

  105. kittykat

    OMG! She’s gunna blow!!!

  106. Anonymous

    atlas shrugged

  107. Geist

    Ass of Damocles.

  108. Anonymous

    “As I walked through the valley, in the shadow of death…”

  109. J

    And you think YOU have stress?

  110. anon

    How come it got cloudy all the sudden?

  111. brando

    Why he sold his soul to Taco Bell

  112. georgepoint

    Dog: “From here, I can smell the juices that lubricate the walls of her vagina.”

    Woman: “From here, I can go nuts with my FISTING!!!”

    Fist: “FISTING!!!”

  113. monkey

    The new X-game for dogs, “under fatty sitting”

  114. Eric

    Dear God, please….

  115. Anonymous

    OH GOD! She’s gonna bust! RUN!!

  116. Anonymous


  117. JBob

    I’ve got a baaaaaad feeling about this!

  118. Troy

    How they make “Taco Dogs”

  119. Troy

    Breakthrough science: Chicken Woman lays Little Dog.

  120. Resisobilus

    Midge envied the others from her litter who were only used for testing cosmetics.

  121. Les

    I theenk I need a beeger chair!!

  122. alan seaton

    It’s me against the world………….

  123. alan seaton

    when I said I wanted to be house broken I didnt mean by a whole damn HOUSE

  124. Samantha

    How cute is that Chihuahua?! 🙂
    But I feel SO SORRY for it!

  125. lawrence

    I hate it when the tampon doesnt stay tucked in

  126. Michael Santistevan

    His life flashing before his eyes will be quick and painless.

  127. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    For only 49,99$ u can get our latest dogtrap,100% certified by our experts!
    Call now 1-800-grannies-against-dogs
    (fat ass sold seperately).

  128. paratrooper

    Kiki hated it when he got Maria’s tampon string hung around his neck

  129. Maggie and Wallace

    When is this broad going to cut the damned umbilical cord?

  130. Robbie


  131. one_liner

    3…2…1…poof doggy go byebye

  132. mike king

    and you think you have stress

  133. Andrew Anorak


  134. anynomous

    (chihuahua): Wow! This feels just lke a hot air baloon… wait… i’m not in the air. *looks up* uh-oh! (Lady):*FAAAAAAAAAART*

  135. admin

    my life sucks!

  136. jesse almeida

    karmas abitch thought the taco bell dog

  137. Tejan

    creek.. crash…

    Opps! 😮

  138. Zinc443

    Dear rover.. If your reading this, Im long gone. From your friend Fido

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