Puppy Pimp


Puppy Pimp.

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74 Captions for “Puppy Pimp”

  1. Thomas K.

    na mein kleiner,wie gehts denn??
    meld dich mal

  2. Fan

    Robin Quivers negotiates a new contract while Howard Stern takes a break from sex-chat with his bitch.

  3. nimrod


  4. merple

    sigh, i need a hair straightner.

  5. jk

    “Shit, bitch betta get my bone….F’real my nigga.”

  6. =weezer=

    michael jackson was turning white even as a child.

  7. Naz

    Snoop Dogg before cosmetic surgery.

  8. nate

    “Well it all started when mom decided to shave her pubic hair…”

  9. Gentaur

    “Can I call you back? They’re humiliating the dog again.”

  10. (pdw)

    Who is the dog that would risk his neck For his brother man?
    SHAFT! Can you dig it?

  11. mok

    Where’s my bitches at?

  12. Version One

    Bitches love me ’cause they know I’m all the Scooby Snack they need. Fo shizzle, my dizzle.

  13. paperdragon

    Damn, the things I will do for a scooby snack!

  14. Lawrence

    Years before little billie ray became the Hollywood stylist to the stars he pushed the limits with bowser and afro-sheen.

  15. Lawrence

    This is the patent that Merk didnt get from the FDA.


    He’s a superflea, superflea….

  17. Donutsdad

    Damn, that was some good-smellin’ tushee!!

  18. meg & ange

    Guy Sebastian from ‘Australian Idol’ before the operation.

  19. Gentaur

    Hey, it’s the boxer from Ready 2 Rumble!

  20. filkertom

    “Yeah. Thass right. This is Leon Phelps, The Ladies’ Man, with yet another smooth idea that will let you lay your head right in a fine lady’s lap. Yeah. Thass right. And them crunchy biscuits don’ taste too bad, neither, and they’re great for your teeth….”

  21. Professor Kaos

    “hello, pet store, I said send over a PITT BULL, not a PIMP BULL!!!”

  22. deidre bodiford

    not again! i have to buy a new straightner, i lost mine in the fro

  23. EvilBalrog

    Hey, ladieeeeeeees…

  24. KD

    That 70’s Show gets even worse!!!!!

  25. R Zaaj

    I don’t think we’re in the 70’s anymore, Toto.

  26. R Zaaj

    Disco Dog tried hard to make a comeback in 2003, not knowing that afros were long out of style…

  27. Hagan

    And you will KNOW my name is THE LORD when I lay my vengeance upon thee!

  28. Mascot

    so that’s what happened to Ike Turner!

  29. DOH! (_8(|)

    “Hello. Mom? Yeah, that guy you went out with last night said you were supposed to give him a ride home. Yeah, you WERE pretty hammered, but…”

  30. jjsmoove

    “Ruffy has gotten into the sherms and he looks sad”

  31. Pismonque

    Sometimes you just have to embrace your inner poodle.

  32. chev man

    Meet “King”, he’s part pit bull, part Boxer Promoter.

  33. Larry Reese

    Yo! What up, Dog?

    Word to your Momma…

  34. Gentaur

    “I’m telling you, Whoopi Goldberg is sitting in our kitchen! Get over here!”

  35. manicuklawyer

    In a desperate attempt to achieve what he considered perfection, Michael Jackson really had gone to far with the plastic surgery this time.

  36. canned_cliche

    If Michael stayed black…

  37. Mark Beular

    yes, charlene the love that dog gave me was inreisitable. He kept trying to get into the you know what position

  38. RHPS Fan

    Man on phone: Hey Janet, I’m just calling to let you know I found a date to The Rocky Horror Picture Show Convention. Can I borrow your pearls and perhaps a corset?….hello??
    Dog (thinking): Oh God, not again.

  39. slt

    hey sup i just grew a big fro and for some reason every body walks by and says disco disco dog yeah but i don’t know why??

  40. Snoop

    Say, “Bow wow wow, yippy yo yippie yea” one more time, and I’m gonna bite you!

  41. ceedee

    Earth, Wind, and Fire-Hydrant

  42. pup

    yo homie- wats da haps in da hood?

  43. bob

    michel jacksons last nose surgery goes horribly wrong

  44. krymelink

    Yeah,I know my wig is type on the fizzuckedup side but it still gets the bitchez barking cause they wana ride Now get off my doggedy doodle ding dong and let me smoke up my ching and chong.My wesside stizzyle is still strong,i let tricks pass and move on.Bitch you can bitch all you want,jus give me some head and I’m gone

  45. Jack

    Keep your pizzle off my bizzle, my dizzle!

  46. E_the_E

    Bootsie Collins did not age well.

  47. Jodi

    Strong Male seeking Petite female with short hair. I am loving, sensitive and house broken, please call 555-5098

  48. Jamon

    forshizzle muh budizzle, my shizzle gone bazizzle

  49. Bad Dream

    After the drugs took hold, the party really got crazy…

  50. ttsquared

    Yo.yo. yo..Pimp my pooch…know what Im sayin.

  51. Owen Lucas

    Twenty minutes after Rover wandered past the webcam, top SPCA computer experts had traced the internet provider and the Special Pets And Tactical team had moved in to arrest the owners. S.P.A.T. — keeping the world safe for mean-looking dogs.

  52. agnawymouse

    DMX has taken things too far.

  53. Erik

    As the cold chill of winter came over happy valley, Max was confined to the indoors. He would fondly reminisce about the warm summer days when he was free to run to and fro. Mostly fro.

  54. Fire Frog

    Hello, emergency? My pet tribble is trying to eat my dog.

  55. Loli

    I’m Rick James Bitch!

  56. Sam Herman

    Snoop Doggy Dogg when he wasn’t on drugs…

  57. pimps and hos

    celebrity fashion
    Beverly Hills Pimps and Ho’s
    Von Dutch Originals

  58. tasneem.pocketwala

    Bad, Very Bad hair day

  59. lonegray

    Anyone got a comb and some gel? … or a gun?

  60. Canadiana

    Jimi Hendrix

  61. werty

    Damn bitch you stupid fly lemme pull up to yo bumper an smack dat monkey

  62. Chad

    well I DID SAY “just a little off the sides”!!!!

  63. chris

    dont sizzel my nizzel

  64. russel


  65. James McDaid

    Micheal Jackson before the operation, and Micheal Jackson after the operation..

  66. Gino the bookie

    mommy the dog nicked my hair again

  67. Ian

    Humans like to look like trees with black leaves, but dogs don’t! Why am I a tree with black leaves?????

  68. sam

    I’m rick james,,,,,,,bitch

  69. josh ingram

    Snoop dog

  70. Four by Four

    Call the popo, bitch.

  71. Four by Four


  72. Geri

    Bro don’t mess with my fro

  73. M.

    What can I say? The 70’s was never a good era for me!

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