Puppy power


It looks like this Weimaraner is about to say something. Anyone got any ideas what that may be?

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71 Captions for “Puppy power”

  1. Anonymous

    Can we quit playing dress up, I just wanna chase birds.

  2. Anonymous

    Please kill me….

  3. Veshka

    Awww Betsy! Why did you have to invite the girls over? I wanted to spend my day off lounging on the couch in my skivies and spy on the neighbours.

  4. hero

    It’s a dog WEAR dog world! Get it? GET IT? God i’m lame…

  5. (pdw)

    yeah…yeah…laugh all you want, but next time ‘daddy’ gets lonely, he won’t surprise me.

  6. buxe

    wait till u see the T-shirt

  7. Babylon

    Ray Raggy! wanna watch me rick my ralls?

  8. Anonymous

    “Do I have a nice butt or what?”

  9. Anonymous

    Mind your own damn business! At least there clean! ok

  10. matt

    mummy the doctor said the hair would stop growing! you promised!

  11. b00mHauer

    no, noooo, I’ll not shake my moneymaker

  12. ssmurphy

    Now that the Chruch has put the clamp down on sex wiht young boys, Preists are forced to move on to new sex partners.

  13. AliasMoze

    WWSD. What would Scooby Doo?

  14. peter

    “am I making you horny, baby? Oh, behave! Grr, baby, grr!”

  15. Anonymous

    Taco looked for help while his owner looked for the matching t-shirt.

  16. spat

    I wouldn’t mind wearing these if they didn’t shove my tail in my ass first…

  17. Alex Kaseberg

    Join us next week for another episode of “When Bad Owners Happen to Good Pets.”

  18. Alex Kaseberg

    Do realize that this dog has worn underwear more times than Madonna?

  19. Alex Kaseberg

    Why, lord, why didn’t my owners have any children?

  20. meg

    I’m gonna jump

  21. y


  22. The Beaver

    The nosy neighbor nextdoor with the binoculars is going to get a real treat today!

  23. Anonymous

    “You know, sometimes I wish I hadn’t barked so hard at the pound…”

  24. xc21ryan

    A day in the life of Marv Albert’s dog…

  25. Anonymous

    Reminds me of what my mom did to our basset hount the first time she went into heat. It was that or a tampon. I say, the underwear was a better choice.

  26. Drake

    Soon after his master made this picture for “America’s Funniest Homevideos”, Fifi committed suicide, not able to handle the embarrasment.

  27. Maxx

    Man lady, you got some ugly kids!

  28. Alex Kaseberg

    Pout baby, pout. (click) That’s it. (click) Now shake it like Cameron Diaz in “Charlies Angels” Yeah. (click)

  29. Jimmy Flowers

    Unfortuntely, we forgot to take them off before he had to crap, so we ended up with Scooby Doo DOO.

  30. brian


  31. (pdw)

    Ozzy finally solved the dog shit problem.

  32. mdc58

    This fasion statement is a Scooby Don’t.

  33. Dan

    Wait! I can explain!

  34. Mikomadness

    That’s one way to keep it from shitting all over the house.

  35. Anonymous

    Move along Marmaduke. This pretty little behind belongs to Scooby.

  36. Donkeypuncher

    Spank my naughty little puppy ass, won’t you?

  37. Tra-la-la

    While Earl fumbled with the camera, Fido cursed god for not having opposable thumbs and the ability to open the window.

  38. Karl Marx

    The lost scene from Alferd Hitchcock’s Rear Window

  39. julia

    “As long as they’re Hanes”

  40. KiwiBird

    Put the Scooby Snack into Scoobys mouth and see what happens…

  41. Beaf

    There goes that high sperm count..

  42. Mr. Ramon

    I’d kick that pot-head mutt Scooby’s ass any day.

  43. Fuxspam


  44. Anonymous

    Every time you masturbate, this dog dies

  45. kudmunky

    Damn this feels good! I should get into the laundry more often!

  46. Keenan

    Jerry was mortified when he saw his dog and realized where those mysterious “tan” skid-marks came from in the crotch of his pants.

  47. Mortius

    Well I have to have some where to keep my scooby snacks, don’t I?

  48. Maxx

    Sweet Ass!

  49. Adam


  50. det

    Looks like the owners just smoked some scooby snacks.

  51. Lui

    “Now I really look like George, where are those dammed terrorists?”

  52. cutetexasgal

    Hey mom! The Mystery Machine just pulled up!

  53. Ten

    If you take that picture your slippers are dead.

  54. Your Mom

    I’d really prefer to sh*t outside

  55. Mike

    Ginger’s owner had a very sad sex life.

  56. JBob

    Just in case I have to go Scooby Poo!

  57. Richie Harris

    I fell in with a bad crowd…the pack said I’d be cool and fit in! Unfourtunately “fitting in” just doesn’t mean what it used too…

  58. Les

    If I find this on CaptionMachine.com, your computer is history!

  59. resisobilus

    William Wegman is really starting to lose it.

  60. chris

    Scrappy seems to have a large hole in the front of his of his uncle’s underwear

  61. daddy

    keep drooling, HES MINE!no touch noplay but i GUESSSSS… you can drool……

  62. anon

    Hey babe, if you’re real good, I’ll show you my “mystery machine”…

  63. unwound

    Look into my eyes. Tell me this ain’t a poster for prozac.

  64. Reynard Muldrake

    Picture recieved at movie company that puts out “Scooby Doo”, along with the following note: THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF SCOOBY. IF ANY DOG SHUD HAVE THERE OWN MOOVY IT SHUD BE ME.

  65. dustin cobwebs

    jokes on the people who put me in this thing i just shit myself

  66. NM

    You’ll never mount me again Manners, my pants are like a shield of steel.

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