Pygmy Lion


A new breed of feline discovered, the Pygmy Lion.

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88 Captions for “Pygmy Lion”

  1. paperdragon

    When I get my paws on that guy with the clippers Im gonna rip his eyes out. I did NOT want a puff at the end of my tail!

  2. s.chandler

    Once a pussy…forever a pussy!

  3. s.chandler

    PygmyLion vs. Flow-be! I’ll be able to poop on hundred dollar bills!

  4. jwd

    Puffy’s encounter with the neighbor’s dog truly was a close shave.

  5. clorox

    this is your cat on catnip..any questions?

  6. s.chandler

    Without fur whatcha think i’ll be hoarkin up?

  7. Equus

    SOONER OR LATER, human-with-the-razor, you’re gonna have to go to sleep. THEN we’ll see who has the last laugh…sooooner or laaaaater….

  8. sandypinktruck

    Little Jimmy had always wanted a pet poodle, he knew just what to do when mommy brought home a little kitty.

  9. sandypinktruck

    hey didn’t i say that i wanted a damn poodle! not a cat!
    MOMMY! somethings wrong here!

  10. Meow Mix

    To meet thee needs of our loyal customers during these difficult ecomonic times, PetSmart now offers an installment plan for all pet adoptions.

  11. Jeremy

    Wish i could use the razor. IF i could HE would not be happy

  12. just me

    OK!WHO brought home the LICE!!!

  13. Gentaur

    I tought I taw a poodle-tat!

  14. Gentaur

    Leo’s owner was so dumb, when she got instructions on how to look good in a bikini…

  15. Gentaur

    The Hendersons’ mouse problem was worse than they realized.

  16. jivepuddin

    knowing “king of the jungle” was all but a pipe-dream, Mr. Boots settled for “king of the lineoleum”.

  17. Naz

    Get ready for some awesome dim-sims!

  18. Naz

    What dim-sims are really made of.

  19. Professor Kaos

    when I said “I wish you would shave your kitty for me” this is not exactly what I meant

  20. Mala Fe

    “I’m sure he’ll love the new cut Mrs. T”

  21. (pdw)

    Rat says to the other rats: so fellows, how’s this for a Halloween costume?

  22. anon

    GWB sucks French & Iraqian dick thouroughly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  23. anon

    Theresa.A.Steinbach’s mascot for militant obstructionism

  24. alan seaton

    Rembering my trip to John Gotti’s toupee farm

  25. alan seaton

    Remembering my trip to John Gotti’s toupee farm.

  26. alan seaton

    a bald scrotum did not help Jerry’s gender confusion.

  27. t0m

    its a hard life being the ‘Gillete Mach3 Turbo’ mascot…

  28. filkertom

    Oh, yes, my friend, I will not forget. Litter box? I don’t think so. Not while you have philodendrons. Or shoes. Or headphones.

  29. whizbee

    Mr. Bigglesworth readies himself for trick or treating.

  30. whizbee

    Are you sure this is how Morris the Cat got his big break?

  31. tired or your crap

    hey Theresa.A.Steinbach anon: get a life you freak, and quit ruining this site with your political stupidity.

  32. Mascot

    Pedigree Tabby Cat: $249
    One months worth of Purina Cat Chow: $32
    Do-It-Yourself Cat Grooming Kit: $24.95
    Results of your first Pet Grooming Attempt: Pricele$$

  33. nimrod

    The new Head and Shoulders formula was almost canned until marketing came up with the “Head and Paws” campaign for the veterinary market.

  34. Jill

    It’s not easy being a barber’s cat.

  35. Mascot

    The naked mole cat, found only in the backwoods of rural America, is clearly identified by the scowl on it’s face and the sever scratches on it’s owner…

  36. Chev man

    Damn PETA!!! They don’t even want ME to wear fur!!

  37. thewhim

    This month in Playcat, Miss October shows it all.

  38. fattywalt

    This is what happens when you cat-nap in the barber’s chair!

  39. theresa steinbach's mom

    Son of Aslan, pictured after the re-enactment at the Stone Table got out of hand.

  40. cs

    Me bald? No, just ventilated.

  41. Bill Kozy

    Um…you missed a spot.

  42. Mark Beular

    Thinking the cat was a porcupine they left a weapon on its tail.

  43. Nimrod

    It does make hair grow on your paws!

  44. Eunice Patton

    In my next generation, I’m surely going to take revenge on the person who did this to me.

  45. Eunice Patton

    In my next generation, I’m surely going to take revenge on the person who did this to me.

  46. stranger

    Why do u have to be so evil ?

  47. ST

    Sigfried and Roy move on to newer, safer territory.

  48. Sue

    puss in boots

  49. Larry Reese

    This cat is PISSED.

  50. alien-ant

    My male-boss told my female-boss to shave her pusyy so she did can i help it

  51. Have-A-Say

    I am NOT amused!

  52. mrdav76

    “I’m not afraid of no mouse. Put ’em up! Put ’em up!”

  53. MK

    This bald pussy craze has gotten out of hand.

  54. cubmancubfan

    i personally like shaved pussies

  55. hampsterman

    Apparently, Fluffy had a bad hair day.

  56. hampsterman

    Apparently, Fluffy had a bad hair day.

  57. NOTBOB

    “Cruella DeVille, that Bitch!”

  58. ConManXVII

    You know i was wondering what happened to Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers movies….now i know….thanks guys : )

  59. yoda

    And you though the cat that mauled roy was bad?

  60. k

    “Um, no.”

  61. Jessie

    “God!!! I really thought i hid the clippers in a good spot this time!”

  62. meg & ange

    Sigh, the things we do for fashion…

  63. hamsterman

    Everyone deserves to see Mickey Mouse on a bad day.

  64. puggs

    Shaved pussies are nice, but they itch like hell when it starts to grow back

  65. Raymondo

    Sooner or later, a tabby hat is gonna turn up on e-bay.

  66. EvilBalrog

    Anger. Fury. Rage. Hatred.
    Darn you! Darn you all to heck!!!!!!!

  67. -x-fallenangel-x-

    chinese cat-like figure takes over china cuz it is 104 feet tall! ahhhh! we need mice before cat kills us plz bring mice to china! (p.s. the kitty is pretty/ the cat makes us say that it is very self consice)

  68. -x-fallenangel-x-

    chinese cat-like figure takes over china cuz it is 104 feet tall! ahhhh! we need mice before cat kills us plz bring mice to china! (p.s. the kitty is pretty/ the cat makes us say that it is very self consice)

  69. Pedro from MÈxico

    I said “line cut”, you asshole!!!

  70. Bad Dream

    Looks like this cat wants to die… Quick! Somebody masterbate!

  71. moisha

    נוי המרנין לובטון השקסי וגיא האבלסוני היו כאן ה6.7.04

  72. Azz

    I asked for a line cut!

  73. Go Go Girl

    Shaved Pussy! What’s wrong with that?

  74. Funny_Bunny

    “My revenge shall be swift and very painful…”

  75. FunkyNinjaMan

    I will feast on your entrails, humans!!!

  76. keywa

    i said “line cut!!” sorry mam but with your heavy accent i mistook it fot ‘lion cut’

  77. Ben

    “Laugh while you can, soon I shall rule the world!”

  78. Daniel Flynn

    Hey Mom, is that what Dad meant when he asked you to shave your pussy?

  79. Molly

    I know your allergic but couldn’t you just have sent me to the pound instead.

  80. Hugh

    Thats the last time I cut my own hair!

  81. Maj

    Short, back and sides my Ass!!!!

  82. Sablefeline

    ah, so thats where the expression ‘sour puss’ comes from!

  83. dawn sharp

    Not wanting to be left out, Britney’s other pussy shaves, too.

  84. Tigra

    If you think this is bad……MY BALLS ARE MISSING TOO!

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