Randy Moss Waves to Packer Fans

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51 Captions for “Randy Moss Waves to Packer Fans”

  1. duffman

    Hah, Greenbay sucks.

  2. Shadowbat

    “There’s poo on my bum-bum! Get it off!”

  3. trinawoods

    Where’s the wardrobe malfunction when you really need it?

  4. Kirk

    I’m a self absorbed JACKASS! Seeeeeee

  5. trinawoods

    Moss demonstrates to everyone that he is indeed, a wide receiver.

  6. Sandhurst

    “But I don’t wanna squeel like a piggy”

  7. SimonHawke

    Randy! The game is “Where IS Waldo” not “Where was Waldo last night”!!

  8. Darin Madden

    Randy Moss asks Packer fans to find the fumunda cheese

  9. Michael

    I’m going for the end zone, Light me!

  10. SimonHawke

    And hence is the day they coined the phrase “Pack this!”

  11. Gentaur

    Moss soon learned he should make sure the kicker is nowhere near him the next time.

  12. Mascot

    After the disappointing loss this past weekend, Randy Moss becomes the first NFL Player to successfully become the butt of his own joke.

  13. Smitty

    After scoring a touchdown, Randy Moss finally releases his inner demons.

  14. jim

    I am trying to find my contact lense and will some one remove that perve in the red hoody staring at my arse.

  15. trinawoods

    Next time you hit the cheese that hard, don’t forget the Lactaid, man.

  16. Mr. Blackwell

    If this doesn’t get me that Preperation H endorsement, nothing will . . .

  17. Chris

    Quick Onterrio!!, the cops are here, shove this ballon of coccaine up my Ass

  18. decay

    “Go wide? I thought he said, “Go hide.””

  19. Max Fredrichs

    Randy Moss is so hot. I would love to go on a date with him because i am GAY!!!!!

  20. Carol

    get a match ready. this is gunna be a big one.

  21. Lawrence

    Dude, Where’s my anus?

  22. Mascot

    Randy Moss fails to secure his first major endorsement after flubbing his only line by continually asking for a “Butt Light”. Budweiser could not be reached for comment.

  23. Jayson824

    After scoring a touchdown Moss realized that maybe he should’ve have had that extra bowl of chunky noodle soup

  24. Lancehead

    When asked where he would go for vacation, Randy replied “Why San Francisco of course”!!!!

  25. trinawoods

    Everyone knows that Moss grows on the north side of a goal post.

  26. Kenny

    Half way up, Randy suddenly realized he was standing on one of his testicles.

  27. jazzgeek

    “Yo, Packer fans! ‘Lambeau Leap’ THIS!!”

  28. fanman

    im about to fart

  29. princess2

    Y-M-C-A, I want to be at the Y-M-C-A!

  30. randy moss rocks

    “It ain’t nothing but 10 grand. What’s 10 grand to me? It ain’t shit. Next time I might shake my dick.”

  31. funny man

    lets burn these packers
    shaggy get the match im ready to cut the cheese

  32. funny man

    lets burn these packers,
    Shaggy get the matches im ready to cut the cheese!

  33. Dylan

    He is so acustom to doing this he forgets he is at a game and not a “party with the boys”

  34. kevin

    And Randy Moss goes for his new touchdown dance….. The Down-Town Brown TouchDown!!!!

  35. Ian


  36. Morgan Cheek

    Randy Moss tries to moon the fans, but somehow misses grabbing his pants…

  37. stephen

    12% Target for Push/Pull

  38. Ed Z

    Damn – no time-outs left for a potty run! I’ll just sneak a dump behind this here pole while they run that instant replay…

  39. Jacky

    “Pack this”

  40. David

    Fire me boy!

  41. dawn sharp

    The game was a GAS

  42. NooSweat

    Pfffooo that was much needed !


    Huuurrt 1 Huuurrt 2 Huuurrt 3 AAARH ! NO ! not yet I think I’ve SHAT 4 my pants !

  44. Chloe

    oh god i knew i shoulda never eaten that whole turkey that night..coach can i take a toilet break?

  45. Chuck

    Packer Fans, you know what helps the pain of losing, it’s called lick my butthole

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