Record Catfish

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59 Captions for “Record Catfish”

  1. Tommy Vercetti

    It‚Äôs yet another glorious day in history with the limits of human endurance & intelligence being pushed to whole new levels in the professional sport of… fishing.

  2. Hans Blom

    Catfish talking:
    Yeah, I know. He is quite a catch.

  3. Anthony

    “Screw the fish, do you like my new gloves? I got them off that guy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit!”

  4. s.chandler

    “Doc said i HAD to give up meat.After I deep fry this sucker and laddle on 2 gallons of tarter sauce i won’t miss meat hardly @all!”

  5. s.chandler

    Interspecies dating…fad? or am i just way ahead of my time?

  6. Lex

    That is the biggest, ugliest, smelliest thing I’ve ever seen. And it’s carrying a big fish.

  7. Aaron Mildenstein

    In a few moments, “stomach content dating” techniques will be employed to discover the approximate age of the fish.

  8. dogma

    My ex and his new wife.

  9. Scrubby

    “My name is Bubba Bodette and I am here to testify that Miracle-Gro ain’t just fer tomaters no more.”

  10. Chris

    After a long night of Drinkin, Bocephus knew he had picked a winner, sure she smelled alittle like fish, but hell, so did he

  11. nurg

    Can we get married? We’re in love.

  12. mflo

    Guess we won’t have to hunt for rode kill today !

  13. trinawoods

    A bittersweet victory indeed, considering Mike lost his bait and can no longer have children.

  14. Shadowbat

    Hold on, Trina. Mike’s best friend, Ned, (bottom left) is sewing his bait back on. Thank God for duct tape.

  15. Day Drum Four

    I’ll meet y’all at the True Value store fer a new fishin rod.

  16. Mascot

    Where are they now? The incredible Mr. Limpett, and one of his fans finally “hook” up after all these years.

  17. Simon

    All was calm, until some young fool in the crowd made the only sound that will scare an otherwise calm catfish.

    The sound of pants unzipping.

  18. Darin Madden

    eh…I caught one bigger…

  19. Vizman

    Rex’s kids suddenly gasped at the horror of eating fish tacos for an entire year.

  20. mflo

    Good thing I’m used to that fish smell !

  21. Homer

    General Sherman is caught again. He is the champion….

  22. s.chandler

    “GET HER DONE !!!!”

  23. Me A MoFo

    I wonder if it tastes like chicken, or does it taste like grandma’s pussy, or like dirt, or like something really old.

  24. jim

    Now he’ll smell as good as his girlfriend.

  25. Bohatnik

    Tomorrow on Oprah: Conjoined twins who have a tail

  26. Yesman

    Oh yeah, scratch a little to the left, thats the spot

  27. Gentaur

    And they tried to tell him that “catfishing” didn’t mean using cats for bait…

  28. lawrence


    I am your father, and this is your lunch,


  29. Mascot

    “yo, fishing dude…back off the kidneys with the kung-fu grip will ya? i ain’t dead yet and yer gonna make me spluge!”

  30. FrozenDragon (advertisement)
    ” Only 4 hours after i posted my ad on the website, DD matched us up and we met the next morning. It was love at first sight. After 15min and a full tube of chapstick, we’re getting married tomorrow. Thanx DD!”

  31. Phil Maxwell

    Hi Yall! Say Hello to Bubba

  32. Eric Neece

    “Hope nobody realizes its a doll I picked up from the store.”

  33. Shadowbat

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Haven’t we already posted a thousand words about this lame picture?

  34. Have-A-Say

    Pity the human’s head isn’t sticking out of the fish’s mouth …. the fish’s gut & head looks better than the the human’s!!!

  35. Ben

    “Across the threshhold” in a very bizarre marriage.

  36. DeadElvis

    Good ole’ Tex was none the happier when he found out there had been a mixup at the local Moose Lodge’s Annual Bachellorette Auction and All Night Fish Fry. He was heard to exclaim, “but we were really hitting it off!”

  37. Kenny

    Bubba shows off the bait he’s gonna use to catch a Really Big Catfish!

  38. trinawoods

    Did you want fries with that?

  39. tara

    Homer Simpson=mmmm…catfish (drools)

  40. tara

    homer simpson=mmmmmmm…catfish! *drools*

  41. Angel

    When Bob called about the new addition to the family we had no idea…

  42. Malibu Sally

    It turned out that Bobby’s colon impaction was worse than initially guessed.

  43. trinawoods

    It was Danny’s turn to pick up his mother-in-law from the airport.

  44. Tati

    Mierda esta vaina pesa que jode, ahora entiendo a Adrian el portu ese del co?±o cargando el saco de cachitos

  45. trinawoods

    The fishing is always good at Lake Isotope.

  46. Greg

    Thats nothing, i caught the loch-ness monster

  47. Robert

    Within a month after being injected by Jose Canseco, this fish went on to hit many homeruns.

  48. Matt Reed

    One man. One million fish sticks. One dream.

  49. Sean

    Proof that people indeed look like their pets.

  50. Gian

    woah! is that the fish in the “The Big Fish”?

  51. luke mcintyre


  52. saturday

    The night Bubba brings home his girl friend to me his parents and tell them hes going to be a dad.

  53. Daniel Flynn

    Where did you catch that ugly thing? I caught him at the True Value Hardware Store. He was buying a new pair of black rubber gloves.

  54. NooSweat

    Allready got a big pussy… just needed a big fish to satisfy it

  55. NooSweat

    “It took me 8 hours to catch it. And now I’m going to throw it back.”

  56. adam h

    redneck compensation

  57. Zinc443

    He never knew the human would take the bait

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