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70 Captions for “Rocks”

  1. ZZ

    God put that rock there for a reason Mikey and I think you should leave it there.

  2. britishbabe

    *God*- HEY!! i didnt know i could throw that far!!!

  3. jwd

    Prehistoric SUV

  4. ZZ

    Paul Bunyan’s Pet Rock escaped today…

  5. trinawoods

    How God gets his rocks off…

  6. rreal

    Hey! I thought you said this was the route to Hard Place!

  7. Mr. Blackwell

    To the relief of everyone except the road crew, film-maker Michael Moore finally passed his kidney stone.

  8. trinawoods

    If you’re thinking of moving to Boulder Colorado, think again.

  9. Shadowbat

    After years of taking HGH tablets, the now gigantic Mr. Potatohead went insane, renamed himself Taterzilla, and went on a destructive rampage. The only one who could stop him was Larry the Cable Guy in his supersized Tonka toy crane.

  10. trinawoods

    Preparations are well underway for construction of the new Bush double Memorial now that the perfect ass-shaped boulder crapping out an insignificant turd has been unearthed.

  11. trinawoods

    Okay boys, that’s it. No one gets in or out of Neverland now. Let’s pack it up and…oh shit!

  12. Sandhurst

    Man, was I stoned last night!

  13. SimonHawke

    Days after the attack of the genetically enhanced giant super rabbit, clean up crews were still working hard.

  14. Darin Madden

    Found in the “Book of Bushism’s, a pray to God: “Uh, God, it’s me again, listen, uh can you throw over “A” Rock. Of course he meant to say “overthrow Iraq” but as you can …

  15. henry

    “If this doesn’t stop that tsunami, nothing will!”

  16. binky

    This is what happens when you curse God, Billy…you idiot. Now we can’t get out of the car, and i drank a lot of Keiser beer!

  17. trinawoods

    Someone’s been tapping into Robert Downey Jr.’s cocaine supply.

  18. stacy chandler

    Godzilla pies!

  19. trinawoods

    Fred and Barney stop for a cold one at the Hard Rock Cafe.

  20. trinawoods

    Stones concerts don’t excite me like they used to.

  21. trinawoods

    A spectacular geomorphic specimen demonstrating the volcanic strata of the horst and graben structures transecting California’s unique topography. In other words, a big-ass rock.

  22. Smitty

    Police discovered more evidence that Godzilla exists, leaving a 2-ton terd on Route 41

  23. jim

    blub blub blub bing bing blub blub, leave me alone i am trying to learn to cath myself blub in tin can.blingblong.

  24. Total Nomad

    I told Little Jimmy not to stand by side of the road…

  25. trinawoods

    Sure, we may be living directly in the flight path of the new Airbus A380, but hey, we’ll never need to buy fertilizer again.

  26. Jimmy

    That was one big elephant

  27. trinawoods

    Moral of the story? Never take Mother Nature for granite.

  28. Carol

    The result of not taking fiber once a day.

  29. trinawoods

    Crews ready the set pieces for the Academy Awards Tribute to Jennifer Lopez.

  30. Max

    I wish my ball was that big!!!

  31. Lawrence

    Dude, Where’s my boulder?

  32. trinawoods

    “Look! It’s Publicus Sociale from Portugal Europe under the rock!”
    “Ah, let’s leave him there.”

  33. Kenny

    Uncle Fred’s severe sinus infection, finally pushed the edge on his world famous buger ball.

  34. Me a Mofo

    Where the hell is my hash pipe damnit?! I wanna smoke all dat shit!

  35. fanman

    as he walked down the dark road and heard a loud thud he thought …….OOOOHHHHHHH

  36. Anon

    Little did the firemen know that it was just the blocking turd, the last night’s curry was still to come.

  37. Dr.R

    The turd that fell from grace with the sea…

  38. Dudly

    Darn! I hate it when that happens.

  39. Mark Daly

    Welcome to Boulder.Enjoy your stay.

  40. teh_guy

    Timber?? No, that’s not it…

  41. Anchor

    2005 update: Indiana Jones boulder still rolling, last seen on I-95.

  42. Jemn

    Well, at least it didn’t block my way, oh crap, it did.

  43. Mrpogie

    Researchers today were sad to annouce the intergalatic space object was really just Alien Fecel Matter (AFM) one researcher said ” you can tell if you look really closely that somebody had corn”

  44. Kenn Young

    At first, Bob was delighted that he had been able to cut such a good deal with the Hardrock Cafe over his franchise location. However, on inspection of the site, he was not so sure…

  45. Daniel Flynn

    Wylie Coyote strikes again.

  46. Tiny

    Canadian miltary congradulates itself on successful launch of it’s newest ballistic weapon.

  47. El Tardo

    For the last time, Mr. Banner, you have to stop kicking, skipping or throwing stones.

  48. Uncle Fester

    Airbus 380 takes a dump

  49. Woody

    The granite rutting season is a dangerous time for many road users

  50. Woody

    Those who live in glass houses should not drop Immense boulders

  51. Ian

    It looks like the sky took a crap!!

  52. BILL


  53. Andy

    Granny’s scones were notorious for their ability to crush cars!

  54. sammy

    how did this rock get here?
    buddy that aint a rock

  55. Ed Z

    After their first failed venture, Granite Ballon Rides Inc. changed their name and then launched their new “monofilament line jumping” effort.

  56. edith





    hey i thought bed rock was is the cartoon called flintstones !!

  59. half-life 2 luver

    God:(walks in drunk,takes a crap)WHOOPS!!!Missed agai-BBBAAARRRFFF

  60. half-life 2 luver

    | |
    | OUCH!!! |
    | |

  61. dawn sharp

    Stoned in Boulder…rock on!

  62. NooSweat

    To find his way back home, little Jack left pebbles on the road

  63. NooSweat

    If this is Pebbles, youu should see Bam-Bam !

  64. Jig

    Dick Dastardly and Muttley pull out all the stops to win this race.

  65. some1

    fork in the road i meant rock


    That Double Decker Airbus A380 carries 470 passegers, thats a lot of poo out of one plane at one time. I hope they don’t fly over my house !

  67. Chloe

    ..and that is how the giants play baseball…

  68. Ronan cole

    ok, who is competing for world’s strongest man?

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