Run for you life


This is a photo of an actual sign, what it means is up to you. [uploaded by: Dave]

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51 Captions for “Run for you life”

  1. (pdw)

    The way to the toilets in the famous Indian restaurant ‘Gandhi’s Revenge’

  2. dug dugdugie

    Only people persued by a disgusting fifty-eyed alien can run in both directions.

  3. alan seaton

    One can still see relics from the famous Harlem riots of 68′

  4. alan seaton

    when the UFO’s starting attacking,
    Rod & Todd,the siamese twins,decided to fend for themselves……

  5. Anonymous

    The Bisexual Wellbeing center, “Where our flammer go both ways!”

  6. nurg

    Christ, we’re in Japan trying to find the toilets again, aren’t we?

  7. nurg

    Sign means: “In case of Self-Immolating Buddist Monks, exit here and here.”

  8. Mr. Ramon

    Sadly, the AOL icon man was incinerated when his struggling AOL Time Warner bosses decided to burn down the company to collect the insurance money.

  9. anon

    in an asylum for the mentally unhinged: “we would appreciate if all psychotic fire-covered lunatics would please run maniacally in these directions”

  10. spat

    Actually the sign was turned by the photographer, originally it showed up or down directions.
    Do you really think there’s more choices when your on fire…?

  11. leCopter

    International sign for “Caution: There are Morons ahead Lighting themselves on fire and running about for some dumbass extreme reality joke stunt “Hey I’m wicked cool” TV show ahead”

  12. armand

    People who had the chili can use both toilets in case of emergency.

  13. Anonymous

    In the event of a fire, the company wanted to make certain that employees with split personalities would exit safely.

  14. disco stu

    Dance instructions at the “Disco Inferno”

  15. dbcooper

    AOL’s new Mexican restaurant chain never took off. Perhaps it was this sign, and their tagline: “You’ve got diarrhea!”

  16. Les

    In case of fire, marshmallows are ready at both exits

  17. Ashton

    The age-old agade, illustrated: Women are flammable and men are combustible.

  18. Da Captain

    Flaming passengers may use the wing exits to vacate the plane.

  19. it burns

    Exit sign at the Preparation H factory.

  20. s.chandler

    use either entrance for the spontaneous combustion seminar!

  21. hi-lo dude

    At a recent Sex convention, this sign appeared: “In case of excessive friction due to amateur ignorance, please consult these easy-to-read ‘Please put out the fire on my ASS!!’ brochures. Thank You and have a wonderful experience.”

  22. Ron

    The new logo for the Burning Man Festival.

  23. dunno

    in the case of Schizophrenia please exit here and here

  24. Anonymous

    If on fire, you may exit on the left but only if someone exactly like you is leaving on the right.

  25. yarivon

    in case of fire, you may run to both ways, but please do it quitely because there people trying ot get sleep over here!

  26. Kelli

    We at ACME Sign Co. believe the whole Stop Drop and Roll idea is just a bit ineffective. So now, if you spontaneously combust into flames, don’t stop drop and roll, run around and let the oxygen put out the fire…

  27. Reut

    “Bald people farting on eachother on your sides.”

  28. Avoidance

    Crosswalk for CEO’s in the year 2002

  29. Hannah M

    Warning: gasoline fumes. Do not light a match. Do not start a bonfire. Run. Run, as fast as you can.

  30. da Konz


  31. Waaaaassup??

    This sign is useless. When the place burns down, you can’t even see it through the smoke.

  32. Anonymous

    I told you a hundred times, lighting farts with matches is dangerous!


    Damn Flamers!!

  34. Anonymous

    Caution: No farting zone.

  35. Fire Frog

    You can run this way, or you can run that way. You’re gonna die whichever way you go. Have a nice day!

  36. mgoldsmith4

    Artwork by Micheal Jackson…….

  37. Anonymous

    I think i’ll stay right here then…

  38. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    The game ‘Liar Liar Pants on fire’ is not to be taken lightly at Zweinstein’s school for magic

  39. Dan H

    In case of a fire

    run around like mad

  40. Mark Smith

    Either way u go u r toast

  41. Atrocity

    Johnny Knoxville’s tombstone.

  42. mike

    The exit sign for the undergraduate chemistry lab

  43. Jennifer


  44. meg & ange

    Run don’t walk! The Flame is coming!!!

  45. Jontar

    Psychologist: “Tell me what you see.”
    Patient: “My mom and dad.”

  46. Peachy

    The roof the roof is on fire!

  47. Audiodoode

    At last! That little AOL bastard got what he deserved…..

  48. George Bush

    Terror Alert Purple

  49. dustin cobwebs

    flaming homos this way

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