Running of the bull


Poor guy seems to have gone off course, the running of the bulls is the other way.

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90 Captions for “Running of the bull”

  1. Anonymous

    Turn your blinker on you son-of-a-bitch!

  2. Anonymous

    Those damn heifers don’t know how to drive.

  3. (pdw)

    What? No tail lights?

  4. PEW

    The new Dodge Colt, now seats more passengers

  5. Moscow

    The cop didn’t feel real happy with the spell that the wizard casted upon him.

  6. Moscow

    Police cadet to his superiour : “Sorry Sir i just couldn’t find a pig suit.”

  7. Anonymous

    Ponch was in hot pursuit of the bovine.

  8. lilburro

    Shoulda’ made that left at Albequerque.

  9. lilburro

    Bessie had dreamed of this day for all her life. The day when she could run freely with those strange, round-footed cows she had watched longingly from the pasture.

  10. Drake

    Five seconds after this photo was taken, Bella exploded and became history as the first terrorist cow.

  11. adam

    Having seen “Back to the Futer II” far too many times, Bessie fancied herself a flying car.

  12. Maxx

    It was a night just like tonight, ten years ago to the day, when old man Bully got hit by a truck on this very stretch of highway. They say you can still hear his haunting moo, and some folks have even seen his ghost.

  13. T.

    “Siegfried’s custom cars” just went the extra mile.

  14. gram

    I smell Freedom!

  15. spat

    Rocky, the bull, preparing for his next rodeo.

  16. spat

    Bullbar testing circuit.

  17. cyen

    photographic evidence that cow’s hover 3-6″ and do not in fact fly.

  18. (pdw)

    Madeleine Albright’s morning jog.

  19. John

    Chevy Impala… Ford Mustang… Honda Cow…

  20. superfly

    this fat cow can’t drive for shit.

  21. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, Bessie then made the mistake of stopping off for a drive-in at a branch of MacDonalds that had just ran out of burgers.

  22. Anonymous

    the cheapest way to give your meat a smoky flavor.

  23. Anonymous

    Too late, Bob realized this was Pamplona, Texas.

  24. matt

    On first seeing the sign the cow hesitated…. what should i do! finaly understanding the cow began to levitate.

  25. spat

    * If I could only remember the adress of that hot cow-bitch *

  26. Cybbis

    Janey the cow tried to organise one-cow ‘No Cars Day’ but ended up being chased by the angry motorists.

  27. Farmer Jason

    As she saw her family speed off, little Maxi the cow never put two-and-two together that it wasnt an accident that she was forgotten at the rest stop.

  28. Mortius

    Running, when the car won’t start and your about to get the sack from the stud fark for being late again.

  29. janet

    thair’s ah kouw en tha ro-ad!! beef is on tha mooo-ve.

  30. det


  31. MaryAnn

    Would this be the cows COMING home, or LEAVING it?

  32. MaryAnn

    Would this be the cows COMING home, or LEAVING?

  33. Raymond

    No, Cow, this is for cars only!

  34. Maxx

    Cow… I thought that was a Yugo!

  35. Anonymous

    3000 miles to graceland

  36. Babylon

    Beef…It’s whats for dinner

  37. Charles Babbage

    Nathan knew he needed to brush up adding shadows in Photoshop, but until now just didn’t know how.

  38. Raw knuckels

    “No officer, my sister is at home”

  39. john

    i get excellent gas mileage on this baby, too bad top speed is 3mph.

  40. JoshEP

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail all over again

  41. massis

    daredevil john got a fit on the set of ‘cow, a milking life – the movie’

  42. cecilia =)

    just look at her figure, she must have been doing that for years! Grab tt bull; she’ll be the model of the year.

  43. quinn

    The modern cattle drive.

  44. Roy Cohen

    Moo-ving traffic in Durham, NC

  45. Jefro

    Sane lane gives way to Bessie Jane.

  46. Molly7

    YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: America’s first Runaway Cow Ramp.

  47. Brad

    The farmer soon learned to take the “Low Clearance” signs seriously.

  48. Fat Seanny

    The new Hover-Cow goes for a test drive.

  49. Casey

    Ive been following this white line for weeks and i havent got anywhere

  50. Anonymous

    Hey, diddle, diddle,
    The cat and the fiddle,
    The cow jumped over to the Mitsubishi Montero.

  51. mantralord

    Impossible! Cows do not have wheels…

  52. Anonymous

    “…’nother cow!”
    “No… i think that’s the same one!”

  53. DragonGirl

    Bessie thanked the witch than floated on down the highway searching for more of her light footed kind.

  54. Annoyance_Bot_Prototype/2

    Finaly a bovine with some real balls

  55. Anonymous

    Farmer Joe! Wait, Don’t leave me!

  56. BgHead1

    It was no good… Bessy would never see that milk truck again

  57. john

    Even though the Welcome sign was missing, Bob was confident that he had just entered into KENTUCKY!

  58. Roadcrew

    Trying to ease traffic, the powers that be open the nations first ‘cowpool lane’ in Omaha, Nebraska.

  59. Anonymous

    The prancing horse can pull over and let another one win if it wants but that chequered flag is mine, baby!

  60. joon

    Reporter: OJ has just leaped from the white bronco…

  61. Passerby

    Darnit! I knew I shouldn’t have taken that left turn at Albequerque!

  62. Madhur D'silva

    Get out of my way !!!! I have no HORNS !!! ……Mooooooooooove

  63. neo

    Wait, you didn’t pay for the milk!!

  64. hols

    got beef?

  65. Hoggrider5150

    Gertrude the cow, ran like hell when she realized that horny farmer Jimmy Joe Bob Billy Bart’s wife had left him forever.

  66. greymous

    After escaping from the Bovine Psychiatric Institute, Bessie who believed she was a sports car took to the open road.

  67. Ten

    Who ordered the Colt 45, wait…I think I see Billy Dee Williams.

  68. kandes lee

    Despite her slight wobble on the landing, Daisy earns a perfect “10” for the Bovines in the moon jump competition.

  69. kandes lee

    Despite her slight wobble on the landing, Daisy earns a perfect “10” for the Bovines in the moon jump competition.

  70. Panoz

    “One burger to go, plain no fries>”

  71. Dave

    Time for your drive home traffic report. Livestock loose on 59 South, so be sure you “moo-ve” to the left and “steer” to the right.

  72. Donald Hatcher

    “Hey, wait for me, I don’t have a map of how to get to grandpa’s farm…”

  73. Kevin S.

    After years of tipping, Bessie finally snaps and decides to exact her revenge on those damn frat boys.

  74. mae

    After seeing Farmer Brown’s dog chase cars many times, Bessie finally thought, “Why can’t I?”

  75. tps

    Pamplona, California.

  76. Mikomadness

    There’s the beef.

  77. Anonymous

    Cows on Parade hits the I-5

  78. alan seaton

    Brutus was facing the dilemma of his short life: head to milwaukee or graze in the luscious pasture of the freeway divider?

  79. Samantha


  80. Smiley

    That horse has enough butane gas to get us all to Texas and back!

  81. Newt

    Bessy always wanted to go to spain

  82. nurg

    Oh, crap, this is exit 61 SOUTH! Son of a…

  83. nurg

    WOOOOOO! Yeah, kiss my ass, Farmer Kaminski! Take your stinkin’ “Prime Cuts” stamper and stick it where the sun don’t shine, I am OUT of here!

  84. Mark Beular

    soon after this picture a large 18 wheeler ran over and put bessie in three peices

  85. MeeMah

    Awww, poor old gal ust wanted a manicure!

  86. Capcom Freedom

    Freeeee! Freeee! Bessie ran and ran until she was obliterated by a drunk driver in a fricken house sized 8-wheeler.
    TRUTH. Dont drink and drive.

  87. dustin cobwebs

    the milk mens strick promted the city to take drastic measures

  88. Four by Four

    Dodge this.

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