Running of the Bulls


The moment you realize heals was not a wise shoe choice.

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107 Captions for “Running of the Bulls”

  1. Mascot

    Sean Penn dresses up as a bull…attacks cameraman. Film at eleven.

  2. Fartman

    A picture of Martin the bull, being brought down for stealing the presidents underwear.

  3. s.chandler

    “because men are extremely stupid”that’s why!

  4. Trashbot

    Hello Viewers!!!

  5. clorox

    thanks for the drawers asshole

  6. Depends

    Boxers or briefs?

  7. Ouch

    That bull “taurus” a new one!

  8. jwd

    “Do you want fries with that?”

  9. publicist

    With Konica film everyone wants to be in the picture…

  10. Yo-guy

    When drunk bulls attack little midget villages… next on FOX!

  11. anon

    I had a romp with Darrell Issa!!!!!

  12. filkertom

    “Hello? Yes, I’d like to lodge a complaint, please. I’ve tried your product, and I do not feel smooth, silky, shapely, or sexy….”

  13. DOUG

    “Hey camera man, this free horn is for your tighty-whitey’s if you don’t record me from my good side!”

  14. TJ

    It was at this moment when I realized “Extreme Photography” was not for me.

  15. Gentaur

    On Wall Street today, the trading turned from bullish to a bare market…

  16. Gentaur

    The first bull fast enough to capture a clean pair wins.

  17. cybbis

    Roll, Rover, Roll!

  18. Arnold Gubernator

    What’s the best underwear to wear when a bull attacks you? Depends.

  19. Josh

    Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!!

  20. BG

    was it you who accused me of bullsh$%#ing?

  21. mb

    Francisco had passed out drunk earlier that day until he suddenly awoke to a loud noise and opened his eyes.

  22. Schlitz

    Okay, who opened a malt liquor?

  23. lawrence

    HEY>..if you look up on the second floor on the right thats ME….I’m WAVING….SEE MEEEEE??

  24. Conan


  25. Rob

    I think he’s gunna fart.

  26. jk

    Sadly, Pablo was never seen again. His stained white drawers are all that is left of the 24-year-old Spaniard’s legacy…

  27. hunter


  28. DUCK


  29. Les

    The view from Bugs Bunny.

  30. Gentaur

    The bull’s prize was so heavy with brown fear that he lost his balance and fell over.

  31. pT

    Hey,… I said MOOOOOO-ve!!!!!

    (couldn’t resist)

  32. Jennifer

    Have you had your V8 today???

  33. Pmacca

    Only you can prevent bull fights.

  34. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    HEY MA i’mon tv.

  35. Michael Jordan

    Wow, that nice bull is returning my shirt to me.

  36. Impfac

    Only a fortuitously placed marble saved Carl’s life

  37. Amir Blumenfeld

    “I dont think its such a good idea you bring your RED camera today” said the cameramans friend, minutes before the running.

  38. Amir B

    “Wow, is that a fish eye lense on this canon GL2??” Thought the world smartest bull.

  39. Coopie

    Camerman: OH SH*T!!

  40. jwd

    That was one serious wedgie!

  41. Newt

    This was the view of the drunk guy right before he started making out with the bull.

  42. 3rd Primate

    For Whom the Bull Tolled.

  43. Joe

    This bull is a faggot sodomite.

  44. conan o'brien

    up next, When Presidents Attack! here on Fox

  45. 2Hip4u!


  46. Impfac

    Too much bull, not enough running.

  47. dtrf

    thats a shit photo

  48. jayhoo

    We all can’t get enough of Pepe the local breakdancing bull

  49. Gentaur

    Russell Crowe sees a papparazi.

  50. Bjoern

    Looks like a penis, just smaller.

  51. Bk

    And you thought your day was bad.

  52. Bk

    Tag! your it.

  53. KD

    Buuull Runnings.

  54. Mitch

    Bull smells cousin cooking, charges at barbeque.

  55. Stranger2000

    Run, Forrest, Run?

  56. Schlitz! Baby!

    Schlitz! Baby!

  57. Gentaur

    A missing scene from “Bully for Bugs”, where matador Bugs Bunny tricks the bull by tossing him underpants filled with anvils.

  58. Jimmy


  59. cortney

    never piss the guy next door off!

  60. alan seaton

    One look at video footage from Pablo’s “ass-cam” revealed the worst.

  61. Gentaur

    Ferdinand didn’t pay the blackmailer, so now we get to see him stoned at a street party with an “unknown friend’s” undies on his head.

  62. fortune


  63. Alan's Woman

    Think your consitpated now? JUST WAIT!!!

  64. Gentaur

    Where will you be when your laxative kicks in?

  65. Pokejedservo

    Want to be able to tell if someone is suicidal? Easy find anyone who’d honestly love to be on the receiving end of this bull.

  66. Sumac


  67. Machiko

    After startling the bull with his camera, the mouse ran

  68. Brett Rudduck


  69. Billy Bass

    Hmmm. I could go for a milkshake right about now..

  70. sivan

    “Hey,do i have somthing in my nose?”

  71. yaniv

    now i’ll have you on MY plate…….

  72. just me

    NO! This is NOT a “Merrill Lynch” commercial you idiot!

  73. Fire Frog

    Alls fair – after all, when the Running of the Bulls is done – ‘you guys’ will be skinning ‘me’.

  74. Bill Kozy

    Honey I can’t see through the lens, I…oh wait I left the lens cap on, okay just a sec….

  75. Mark Beular

    After gorging a fat man the bulls prized under wear it had now retained on its horn changed the name to”Running of the bull with the briefs

  76. _

    give me a sMOOtch

  77. Nik

    Hey! That’s not really a raging bull! It’s old man Withers who runs the haunted guest house!

  78. hamsterman

    Shortly after, the cameraman was pronounced dead.

  79. hamsterman

    The sequel to If You Give A Moose A Pancake:If You Give A Bull Some Beer.

  80. hamsterman

    CAMERAMAN: I must be seeing things. This is bullsh@#%.

  81. game freak

    I like my head on the picture, not the plaque.

  82. That Guy

    Notice the wonderful grain free prints…

  83. k


  84. Whittaker

    “What did you say about my butt?”

  85. Britt

    Digital camera for sale…

  86. curmugion

    Just before impact, Mike experienced a moment of zen just before his ying was permantly indroduced to his yang.

  87. ned


  88. Morley

    Left a bit…
    Right a bit…

  89. jcw

    who was it that used the mop and glow on the concrete. making me look bad

  90. Rossa

    Danger, danger, Brown Alert


    Come here you sexy beast


    Horny bastard

  93. Derrick

    For Sale: Digital Camera

    A friend of mine told me to sell his camera, he could not do it him self because he had an accident in Spain, which has put him in the hospital.
    It’s a very good camera, and to proof that i’ll attach the last picture taken with it.

  94. BB

    Bull: Here’s a tissue to wipe your ass!!

  95. Grizzlychicken

    These red cameras aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


    its okay to grab life by the horns JUST DONT USE YOUR ASS!

  97. Samantha

    Well can you see me yet????

  98. Karla Norr

    Hey mom–We’re gonna have a great time!!! Hopefully see you soon

  99. Nic Simmons

    The latest rap sensation poses for the camera

  100. Nic Simmons

    “Oh man, I’ve got something in my teeth.”

  101. Jemn

    Umm… What the hell?

  102. Daniel Flynn

    I said blow my nose, not my horn.

  103. Audiodoode

    Wait till they get their Hanes on you.

  104. Hugh

    Hey what’s that funny looking thing rocky?

  105. emo kid

    well his life better be flashing in front of his eyes pretty quick cos i dont think hes got long!

  106. Rollschue

    Spanish police’s new crowd control tactics branded “immoral” by the U.N

  107. Zinc443

    Tonight!, with trevor mcdonald

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