Santa may be late


Looks like santa is going to be a little late this year.

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52 Captions for “Santa may be late”

  1. andrew

    sing: Santa got run over by an airplane
    Flying home from London Christmas Eve….

  2. Lisa H.

    I thought it was just turbulence. I sure hope Rudolph’s okay!

  3. Lisa H.

    Tell the boss he needs to rethink his Christmas list this year.

  4. nebelung

    Grinch Airways


    Mrs. Claus secretly always feared her husbands’ fondness for overtly large phallic symbols would end badly.

  6. Mr. Poopy

    Pilot: Sorry about that, Santa! I was aiming for that lazy dork riding the Segway!


    Santa reflected on how lucky he was to have escaped the collision with only a few broken ribs as he watched the mechanics hose out the Blitzen bits from one of the turbines.

  8. stylz

    AND THAT’s for the PINK SLIP!! @*%$@


    “Ground Control to Major Tom, to hell with naughty, you’ve just made Santa’s sh!t list.”

  10. stylz

    Airbase, negative on the unidentified flying object threat… OVER!!

  11. stylz

    Unsure Santa looked down for one second to verify if he had delivered to little Johnny’s house, when…

  12. (pdw)

    Terrorist: ‘what? I thought they said Santa Claus. You telling me now we had to crash on the White House?

  13. stylz

    — MEDDS —
    Maliciously Ending
    Dreams Delivery System

  14. stylz

    The pilot can now be seen on ‘DR Phil’s Show’ confessing his guilt for accepting the victory drink from a bet.


    Children the world around all wept as the ugly truth of Santa’s untimely demise set in, but perhaps the true saddness springs from knowing Christmas will only be a celebration of Jesus… who doesn’t bring gifts.

  16. stylz

    All I want for Christmas are my two front nutz… My two front nutz..

  17. stylz

    OOHHHH! My sack!

  18. Knut

    Santa should have bring up Rudolph instead of Dasher.

  19. Pete Mann

    Tower, Thats a negative on that bogey, we dont see anything up here.

  20. Robert Barker


  21. Ashton

    Santa painfully learns never to cross the “family”, ever again. Capisce?

  22. onebad427

    dialog from “AIRPLANE 4”- “take a shortcut across the north pole, surely you must be kidding”, “no I’m not, and don’t call me Shirley”

  23. filkertom

    On the bright side, the missile defense technology does apparently work.

  24. nurg

    “Oh, you better not pout, better not cry…ha, I love that song…wonder if Rudolph’s still mad about the way we all called him a red-nosed freak. I guess he’s forgiven u– OH, JESUS CHRIST–!”

  25. jwd

    Moral: Never set your reindeer on autopilot!

  26. jwd

    “Well, that explains the reports of partially-digested milk and cookies raining down on Cleveland.”

  27. MrT

    “Flight Zero Niner to Tower – Controls sluggish..assistance required..over”

  28. DenverGuy

    What’s the last thing to go through Santa’s head when he hits an airplane?

    His ass!

  29. Pokejedservo

    From Fat to Flat: The TRUE Santa Claus story.

  30. Les

    Pilot: Tom did you hear that?

    Co-Pilot: yeah its just a cat

  31. Life’s good, Life’s good, Life’s good, DEAD!!

  32. rob

    What’s the last thing Santa saw before he hit the plane. His a’hole

  33. meg

    Faster! Faster! Faster!

  34. Resisobilus

    The box with the red ribbons? Thats my X-Box, could you peel it off there for me? Thanks!

  35. spat

    Hohoho, well boys and girls, who was the one that asked for the plane? I got it for you…

  36. 4aDancer

    Is this the El Al flight? It doesn’t look
    like the El Al flight.

  37. lawrence

    Uhhh….Houston….we have a problem….


    I did not have sexual realtions with that airplane!

  39. lisa

    so much for flying the friendly skies

  40. xander cage

    ALL RIGHT GOD DAMNIT!!! Now Bin Laden has gone too damn far!!!!!!

  41. mrdee

    hold on tight santa

  42. Ewhizkid

    “You see that Rudolf? Thats probably your brother”
    “I dont have a brother”
    “Th Mgggghhhh

  43. HobbitOfMiddleEarth

    “ho ho hooaaarrrrghhh!! *SMACK*”

  44. Captain Joe

    Thats why we got those industrial strength windshield wipers installed on my plane

  45. nuno

    Desperate, Osama bin Laden aim for alternative western targets.

  46. Audiodoode

    Immediate openings for air traffic controllers. Competetive starting salary & benefits…..

  47. dustin cobwebs

    im sorry kids santas dead therell be no chistmass this year

  48. RRR

    oh oh ooooo shit!!!

  49. Anjelica Lopez

    dam people in air planes know how to get santa mad !!! I bet he has put all air planes on the nuathty list what never mine I already have!!!lololo hahahahahahahahah Love anjelica

  50. Anjelica Lopez

    santa baby pairs is coming down the chimny tonight !!!!

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