Satisfied Customer


Another satisfied customer.

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64 Captions for “Satisfied Customer”

  1. steve just

    The gut in the Sept. 10th, 2001 photo really needs to visit this place. Maybe we could all chip in…

  2. steve just

    The guy in the Sept. 10th, 2001 photo really needs to visit this place. Maybe we could all chip in…

  3. (pdw)

    To replace the Wooden Indian in front of the store, the manager decided on the more politically correct White Dumbass.

  4. Cari

    Wax or “Whacks”????

  5. Moscow

    squeeeeel piggy squeeeeeeeel!

  6. Veshka

    …and I’m not only a customer, I’m the president.

  7. Maxx

    “I just like to watch, it makes me hot.”

  8. spat

    “Yeah, OK, I’m only a backwaxer… yeah, rub it in.”

  9. k

    “back waxing” yet another ambiguous term for “homosexual prostitution”

  10. spat

    “I use it on my back and my friend puts it on his front… yeah, slippin’ anda slidin'”

  11. kudmunky

    Yes!!! Finnaly a deal for Wookies!

  12. Anonymous

    Womens’ revenge for years of leg waxing.

  13. onebad427

    “…..and this one time, when I was at band camp…”

  14. POW2k2

    Yeah, and they all laughed when I dropped out of the porn industry.

  15. Patrick

    Who’s got two thumbs and likes S&M?

  16. Anonymous

    hairy men turn into othello chi(m)ps

  17. Anonymous

    This was taken seconds before Bill collapsed. He had lost too much blood out of his hair follicles.

  18. Anonymous

    It worked on my ASS too!

  19. Anonymous

    Happily no longer a uni-brow.

  20. Drake

    The Revenge of The Uncool, a new film by Nerdy Hankipank.

  21. SuPeR_BrOtHeR

    …Now I gotta work on my weight problem.

  22. Micah

    Back Wax for Men: For when “Chia Pet” is no longer a term of endearment

  23. KDawgTheShit

    “What was it that you stuck up your ass this morning Ted?”

  24. monkey

    no one knows I’m a woman

  25. Mortius

    Christ that hurt. I’m not going to be the only one to try it. I’ll just grit my teeth and pretend it didn’t hurt near as bad as the time I sat on the bike that was missing the seat

  26. monkey

    trust me, this beats the hell out of having a few drunen strippers shave your chest…

  27. iluvtoupees

    What do you think they do with all the hair?

  28. Anonymous

    I am a stupid man

  29. bitdamaged

    For an extra 5$ they did my balls too!

  30. Maxx

    Thank god I’ve found it. My ass looks like a dream catcher!

  31. Anonymous

    standing in front of signs advertising back waxes is NOT a chick magnet.

  32. monkey

    I flew 3000 miles with my friends, and all I got was insulted by the internet…

  33. monkey

    Ok, I’ll pose for the picture Sean, but first let me put on these classes and fake goatee

  34. monkey

    Hurry up and take the picture, I think I got the runs…

  35. Babylon

    Mah momma works here

  36. Raw knuckels

    “This is me before the wax – yak yak”

  37. Anonymous

    I can make my peeeeenis disappear!

  38. brian

    when i go to sleep, my penis goes into my stomach…

  39. Anonymous

    Other side of sign: Elvis hair clippings, $5

  40. john

    Bob was really excited until he found out that they left the wax on his back and stuffed a candlewick up his ass!

  41. G

    You’re very bold but are you also daring?

  42. Howard

    “Before, After…you decide”

  43. dzine

    When my wife mistook me for the family dog one morning in bed, I knew it was time for decisive action.

  44. Hoggrider5150

    Unbeknownst to the city slickers, OG was a Yeti before he went in.

  45. Ten

    “I love my job!”

  46. Anonymous

    Fooball ha been very good to me! I like fooball because … I like fooball.

  47. Anonymous

    Now I can put that hair on my head!

  48. BoMoFo

    After a few minutes of unpleasantness, Randy returned to the hotel wondering how he’d explain the fur candle he spent the wife’s souvenir money on…

  49. Donald Hatcher

    ” Just call me slick!”

  50. Kevin S.

    Tired of Han Solo getting all the chicks, Chewie resorts to drastic measures.

  51. Anonymous

    shortly after this photo, midwest tourist Dylan B. learned that his carefully-sculpted dorsal mohawk was in fact *not* all the rage in NYC.

  52. Anonymous

    shortly after posing for this picture, midwest tourist Dylan B. discovered that his carefully-sculpted dorsal mohawk was in fact *not* all the rage in NYC.

  53. Anonymous

    100% satisfaction guarantee or get your hair “back”

  54. Anonymous

    Tired of stopped up shower drains? Tired of dodging hunters in the woods? Tired of buying excessive amounts of shampoo and replacement hairdryers?
    Then come on in and let us melt your problems away!

  55. Anonymous

    Whose hair-backed idea was this?

  56. Anonymous

    Hairy on in and let us take the weight off your back!

  57. Anonymous

    Check out our fur coat specials too!

  58. tps

    And you thought Times Square was full of just filth and peep shows

  59. Quincy J

    No wonder the employees have such a high turnover rate.

  60. Les

    Dave only did this to please his wife, she wanted him to feel the pain as if he having a baby

  61. nebelung

    I’m not just the president, I’m a member too

  62. Clark W. Griswold

    Wax ON…Wax OFF

  63. Mark Beular

    If it worked for me it can work for u

  64. dustin cobwebs

    i cant read where are you guys takin me

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