Say Ahhhhhh!

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66 Captions for “Say Ahhhhhh!”

  1. DavidLee

    I never knew momma would take such extreme measures to make sure that I have brushed my teeth.

  2. SimonHawke

    Just another example of the man… uhhhh… robot… keeping a young brother down.

  3. johnny midnite

    NEW -Government cheese distribution program. on yer knees ho !

  4. Sam

    Machine Equipment: $600

    Rope to tie his hands: $6

    Trailer to tie his hands to: $10,000

    Shoving Tiger Woods’ balls down his throat… priceless.

  5. Rob

    Some of the anti-smoking activists may have gone a bit to far this time.

  6. Sjoerd

    Micro-computers can clean your teeth without any hassle these days.

  7. -Mascot

    “What? Munition chips?? Crap…I thought you said to use dentition chips in the new robots!”

  8. trinawoods

    The Catholic Church, in collaboration with the good folks at NASA bring you the Archbishop 5000; Delivering salvation to you in record time without the annoying Sunday Mass to attend.

  9. Fartman

    It was the weirdest thing jung ever threw up

  10. =corym=

    Behind the scenes footage shows Johnny 5 in the next sequel to Short Circuit.

  11. Dave Robicheaux

    When bad breath goes BAAAAADD!

  12. Shadowbat

    The Archbishop 5000, eh? Finally proof of weapons of mass devotion!

  13. Kenny

    Rodney King just can’t seem to break the cycle as LA’s newest robot cop starts the rectal search at the wrong end…. film at eleven

  14. Kenny

    The spectators and sponsors were totally horrified after Carl’s battlebot took control of its own remote control and shoved an opponent down his throat on Tuesday.

  15. Gentaur

    Ralph wouldn’t have minded so much, if it hadn’t done a cavity search first.

  16. Gentaur

    Robot weed is so powerful, most humans have to take precautions before trying it.

  17. Gentaur

    “It’s not so much fun when someone sticks something in YOUR face and tries to get money out of YOU now, IS it, meatboy?”

  18. Jessus

    Raheem wondered if there wasn’t a better way to repay his student loans than being a robot’s submissive little ho’

  19. Darin Madden

    Please, put down your weapon. You have twenty seconds to comply.


  20. -Mascot

    Wisdom tooth removal while you wait.

  21. sdfe

    I Didn’t Do It!

  22. SimonHawke

    Immediately after the “lip pinching affair” as it had become to be known by the NAACP, all white law enforcement robots had to watch their asses because of the actions of a few bad apples. The Mexican remote vacumn and lawn mowing robots were unaffected by the incident.

  23. dogma

    But doctor, can’t I just use those whitening strips?!

  24. Reynard Muldrake

    Seriously… what the hell is that?

  25. Darin Madden

    The Harmonica-bot, shown here, let you play the blues in any situation. “Mamma, I’m chained and broken, but I gots me a clean hat…gave me a music box, next they’ll be beating me with a bat…love em and leave em, never let em see ya…take it to the river, and blow a sweet tune.. And the colored girls sing – doo da doo da doo da doo doo doo doooooo.”

  26. Gentaur

    “Good boy! Now roll over!”

  27. trinawoods

    Habitual wallet-losers should never date a girl who’s a scientist.

  28. Vizman

    The local SWAT Team was shocked when they discovered Tiger Woods stealing golf balls off the driving range.

  29. Jorre

    That day Billy’s worst nightmare came true: The return of the uvula snatchers!

  30. s.chandler

    S & M or B & D 2005!

  31. Scrubby

    Gary Coleman soon rued the day he gave up model trains for an Erector set.

  32. s.chandler

    What you can upchuck if you truly are a non discriminating eater.

  33. Jarett Bryant

    R2-D2, do you know how to use the Force?

  34. Ben

    I miss my old dentist.

  35. dave

    this will keep the swelling down..and give you smaller lips…

  36. Madden

    After hours of struggle, Jerome finally gives up the stolen rib bone.

  37. Rusty

    The newer robots have no perception of the “smell my finger” game

  38. Joe

    “I Think You’ll Infact Find I Am A Breathing And Bot In Hospital”

  39. Rayzor

    Bad Boy, Bad Boy, watch you gonna do now?

  40. Rayzor

    Now turn around so we can complete this cavity search. Oh…we did that already.

  41. Gentaur

    Pepsi decided the Pepsi Challenge wasn’t challenging enough.

  42. bla

    …More disturbing photos of Abu Ghraib have recently come to the surface…

  43. saturday

    Yes! you do taste like chicken.

  44. raul

    “HANDS UP!!!!!” the robot says.
    “oh no not again”

  45. mezzb

    Army Special Forces Sargeant Andre Dupree demostrates the X5000’s unique ability to detect loose fillings.

  46. Kenny

    Now, who did you say looks like an erector set, bitch!

  47. Ian

    I can’t believe I puked up this whole thing!

  48. Jason

    When I asked if you swallowed I didnt mean the whole thing, Now give it back…Bitch!!

  49. Mike

    After the robots took over the human race they elminated the whites and abolished all the laws against slavery.

  50. fred

    lasey man. cant even be botherd to move his jaw to eat

  51. stuart packer

    the USA’s denatal programme is working well, no complaints because nobody survived

  52. dawn sharp

    Another “green” activist proving halitosis is a viable substitute for gas.

  53. adam h



    Poor OJ they are trying extract the truth from him again and again and again and again !

  55. Chloe

    giving a robot head

  56. Kennny

    I think your Grill was made outa one of his brothers.

  57. tev

    Radio Shack Really Wants Your Zip-Code

  58. sops

    HE STOLE MY LOLLY-POP!!!!!!!!!

  59. Lucy

    Jeff never liked the dentist

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