Scary Circus


Clowns and such are scary.

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60 Captions for “Scary Circus”

  1. Mr. Ramon

    The new “Marlboro Monster” character turned out not to be as popular with the kids as good ol’ Joe Camel.

  2. lokiseven

    That isn’t a cigarette in his mouth — its the bones of the kid’s mother.

  3. Anonymous

    While on vacation, Barney didn’t think he’d be recognized without his purple makeup.

  4. Anonymous

    Rakesh always knew he was unattractive, but he never though he’d make children cry.

  5. lokiseven

    Tobbaccor, the God of Yellow Teeth and Red Eyes, demanded the blood of innocents to ensure a good harvest.

  6. Anonymous

    To cure little Timmy of his Ogrephobia, his dad thought it a good idea for him to spend a day with Ogre.

  7. Anonymous

    The ghost of Brezhnev mysteriously appeared at an Indian festival.

  8. mugwump

    DADDY ..DADDY ..I’m not constipated anymore !!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    The fans were clearly shocked and disappointed at the news of J.Lo’s breakup.

  10. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, the recent Phillip Morris cigarette recall didn’t reach everyone in time.

  11. Jimmy the Fish

    Bob was never a morning kind of guy.

  12. Anonymous

    Father McMurray immediately recognized his mistake in cutting corners with discount carnival performers for the parish picnic.

  13. narcosis12

    Monster? What monster?

  14. bgray

    A loving father attempted to show his son what happens to people when they smoke too much.

  15. Anonymous

    The child was visibly disturbed to learn who REALLY played Barney the purple dinosaur.

  16. spat

    smoking causes tears.

  17. Mike

    The Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man was never the same after “Ghostbusters”.

  18. Anonymous

    What Ronald McDonald looks like without his red fro and makeup

  19. chump

    Not with out my doughter !

  20. Anonymous

    FACT: “Tobacco makes little children cry.”
    brought to you by

  21. Helniev

    A 27 yr old teenager finally moves out of is parents basement…

  22. GW

    Bin Laden at China Festival.

  23. Harvest

    Man: “Yes I know he looks ugly, but he will really be a good new daddy!”

  24. hansie

    From then on, every night of every winter, the kid woke in tears after dreaming about the Bad Smoking Snowman that would eat him.

  25. Drake

    It weren’t the eyes, it weren’t the teeth. It was the horrible haircut that made the kid cry.

  26. onebad427

    The Michelen Man’s long lost crack addict brother, The Firestone Man

  27. Anonymous

    A child’s first encounter with a white man.

  28. Anonymous

    Man: “Hey, don’t cry. Say hello to your foster dad.”

  29. Alex Kaseberg

    That thing is scarier to kids than Michael Jackson in a priest’s collar

  30. Toto

    Ugh damn it, honey could you let go of that ciggarate for a sec and hand me a diaper?

  31. ju

    The Pillsbury Doughboy of the next generation

  32. L.F.


  33. firebexar

    Pipe down, Pedro! He’s just taken one drag, then he’ll give it back.

  34. Anonymous

    and we wonder how they test weather or not the cartoon charectors will be a success or not!

  35. Bill R

    Ramesh knew it was probably just the homemade LSD, but when a 10-ft ghost with the voice of Mike Tyson tells you to bite the ear off of a kid … you do what you’re told.

  36. kenoath

    Mike Tysons copycat ear biting antics a hit at local fun fair.

  37. George

    So, no one has any Visene?

  38. jwd

    For some reason the toothbrushing demonstration for kids was a complete failure.

  39. Anonymous

    “when I was a kid Heat Miser was an upstanding cartoon character …heat…you bastard!! WHAT THE &^%$ HAPPENED!?!?”

  40. FrozenDragon

    Lil’ Eddie still don’t want to kiss his Aunt Bunnie.

  41. Skeletor


  42. roosevelt

    Welcome to Seminary! We’re really gonna have fun here!

  43. Anonymous

    The boy cries while trying to persuade his father to buy him a cigarette. The father eventually surrenders considering getting cigarettes for the boy is cheaper than buying toys.

  44. Les

    Well, this is what happened to Schoolhouse Rock’s “I’m just a Bill” character!

  45. Anonymous

    White Tourist: i never should have gone on vacation without my tootbrush…Now, I can’t ask where to buy a stupid toothbrush without the locals wailing and squealing because of my bad breath!!!

  46. alan seaton

    It wasn’t so much the 7 ft. yellow teeth laden white beast that scared Rogelio, as much as it was the realization that his eyebrows would grow the size of his dads head when he hit puberty.

  47. Philip

    “AAAAHHHHHHHHHH…It’s the 2006 olympic mascot…

  48. hughbertius

    Smoking will make you grow up to be big and strong. Look at me…I’m living proof.

  49. BillyJoeBob

    Yo, yo, yo, fechizzi my crack whore.

  50. lawrence

    DADDY DADDY…the bad man stole my reefer!!!

  51. Mark Smith

    look its the tobacoo fairy bring the crack he will give us cigerettes

  52. Bishop

    Some theme park charactors just aren’t team players.

  53. MeeMah

    The reality of ‘big tobacco’

  54. George Bush
  55. dustin cobwebs

    in a crack induced rampage casper the friendly ghost steals eugene levis eyebrows to scare inocent children

  56. Stuart

    It’s ok son, I’ll get you another cigarette

  57. Panda Tanda

    I wish I was a taco! No dad! I want to candy.

  58. Fleety Noppi

    This site is totally gay

  59. Fanta Man

    Dad:i know hes scary but don’t tease your teacher Kid:hes not my teacher hes MJ(michael jackson)

  60. nick

    But daddy! I want to live with HIM!!

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