Sept 11th 2001


Because humor at a time like this seems, well, unpatriotic; I thought I would use this image. Post what comes to mind.

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120 Captions for “Sept 11th 2001”

  1. Tim

    God bless America!

  2. Jon

    We will survive. We will prevail.

  3. Mike

    We are gonna hit them so, so hard…

  4. Anne

    This should never have happened to us, this could never to us, but it did.

  5. Jako

    Why won’t I cry?

  6. Julie

    The images my eyes have seen the past few days (this one included) have been the most overpowering in my life. Amazing.

  7. Markus P.

    I think we should shove that flagpole up Bin Laden’s Ass!

  8. Wendy

    We have been and always will be the UNITED States of America.

  9. Allison

    The power of the us military will soon be felt. I need my revenge, my sense of securtiy.

  10. Anonymous

    Taliban, what taliban. hehehehehe

  11. Ev

    I still morn the loss of my friends and my sense of security.

  12. mrzebra

    Man, just think if the CIA hadn’t trained and funded Bin Laden, none of this would have happened.

  13. Anonymous

    They better not make a sculpture of this moment and portray us as anything besides 3 white men because our white ethnic identity is what really matters to us right now.

  14. Anonymous

    There is always hope

    All nations on the planet

    Let it begin now

  15. draco

    Let freedom ring!

  16. John

    Feel that warm shivery feeling inside? That’s patriotism. Okay, so I’m English, but…

  17. Cletus

    “let’s roll”

  18. Eric


  19. AJAX

    doesn’t that look oddly familiar to a certain u.s. army picture? …conspiracy.

  20. Anonymous


  21. Anonymous

    Wait until I shoove this pole up Bin Laden’s anus.

  22. Invisagoth

    God damn it Joe suck it in!

  23. Bush is a terrorist

    9-11 was a tragedy.
    But it was the fault of the U.S. Government.
    The U.S. Government are terrorists.
    Check out or read William Blum’s ‘Rogue State’.
    See for yourself.

  24. xrayvision

    maybe we should take this down?
    if we tried to see the world through the eyes of humanity instead of through patriotic or religious zealotry we might see with compassion instead of revenge.

  25. Zoinks and away...

    I hope this is how you signal Captain America ’cause we could really use him right now. That f**king Batman never showed up.

  26. Stop

    God bless America. The person who goes by the name “Bush is a Terrorist” can go to hell, right where Bin Laden is going to go. Leave my country, now you heartless pig!

  27. hehe

    How many firemen does it take to raise a flag pole

  28. Dishwalla76

    Some say a picture speaks a thousand words. I say a picture speaks volumes. Nothing else needs to be said.GOD BLESS THE WORLD.

  29. goobs79

    To Bush-Is-A-Terrorist. True, our government may not be perfect, but no government is. Our country went through a devistating tragedy and I believe if you had a family member who was lost or injured you wouldn’t be laughing at this. This country is based on freedom, and if you don’t like this country, you always have the freedom to leave. I jsut ask one thing of you and that is have some respect for those who lost family and friends.

  30. grey

    Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

  31. Anonymous

    United we stand.

  32. Anonymous

    The tomahawks are coming and we will smoke your sorry ass bin Laden!
    To “Bush is a terrorist”: if you hate this country so much, why don’t you just take your fat ass and go somewhere else. If the US is so horrible, go live where it is better; now go and make this country better by removing yourself from it. ASSHOLE.

  33. Anonymous

    **AMEN**…To all the people who draw inspiration from this tragic scene! I can’t beleive ANYONE could have such little regard for humanity, as these fanatics do.
    And in the name of their *GOD*, no less. I can’t imagine their God condoning such actions.
    I am a Canadian Firefighter, but I am strongly united with my neighbours to the south.
    God Bless America!
    God Bless Humanity!

  34. C-Mo

    1….2….3…..4 stars…5…..6….Ah dang it Bill i lost count!

    A beautiful site indeed. God Bless America, from a 12 year old. I got patriotism too. The Youth of the nation stands strong. God Bless!

  35. Osama

    DAMNIT! I forgot the Afgan flag! I guess we’ll just use this one! I found it up my ass…

  36. richard

    Firemen raise the flag at the opening ceremony of a completely unrelated event, using the event to make a political statement.

    Hmmm reminds me of Hitlers Olympic games..

  37. richard


    Where the hell are all the firemen?

  38. Indy

    “hey you guys i found the flag from the World Trade Centers screw that one.”

  39. Anonymous

    59% of all canadians are pedophiles.

  40. Furry

    There comes a time when humor is needed…this is one of those times….

  41. Smiley

    Can I have the guy’s number on the far right??

  42. Quique

    Why does everyone say God Bless America? It seems to me that nobody gave a shit about God until we were in a little bit of trouble. God HAS blessed America, more than you can ever appreciate. Boohoo. 3000 people died. 500,000 Iraqi children died in the Gulf War because the US cut off food and medical supplies to Iraq and allied countries. I’m not saying Hussein is right, but we sure as hell aren’t right either. The Christian god is supposedly a God of peace. Don’t go around proclaiming his name and bombing Afghanistani children.

  43. fisher

    Bush to war commission: “Allright guys, the American people still aren’t buying the whole World War II analogy thing. Can we come up with an Iwo Jima picture or something?”

  44. Anonymous


  45. Invisagoth

    “Worship the Christian god, because the bad guys’ God is bad!” BOW DOWN TO THE FLAG!

  46. Anonymous

    America is too young to know true pain

  47. Dan

    If one of these guys turns out to be gay, can Jerry Falwell take their place in the picture???

  48. d.


  49. drew

    this picture is not a conspiracy, this picture has nothing to do with any god, this picture is the best of what humanity and the citizens of the united states have to offer.

  50. drew

    one more note, the US had nothing to do with 500,000 children dying … saddam used chemical warfare to kill those children and adults (read up on current events dude). the lack of food from the US could NOT kill, and if it were possible, the US would NOT allow it. we are indeed not perfect, but we are not evil in any respect!

  51. Fat twat

    Get over it, it’s gonna get much worse before it gets better, and anyway it’s about time the US started to grow up. You can’t bomb the crap out of remote countries and not get some back, you have had it to good to long – Wakey Wakey!

  52. Real American

    I think it’s time to kill the muslim animals…

  53. Mr. Ramon

    Why are we hangin’ the flag from this big pole when we could be hangin’ dumb terrorist defending cock suckers like “mrzebra,” “Bush is a terrorist,” “Quique” and “Fat twat” from it?

  54. Shocky

    “Quique”, “Bush is a Terrorist”, “mrzebra”, “Fat Twat” and the others need to be MAIMED in of one of these terrorist attacks before we’ll truly see how justified they think they are. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go kill some more children from some random country that’s never done anything wrong…Oh, that’s right this is the REAL America, so I’ll go to work.

  55. Steve

    I love my country enough to be critical and challenge its kind and generous citizens to demand more from their government. As long as we continue to treat the nations and people of the world so poorly, we will always be vulnerable to terror.

  56. mehljo

    I love this picture, it’s on all my quarters.

  57. Shocky

    I’m just glad we treated the Nazis “so poorly” or people like Steve would not have the freedom to post such “critical” statements (in german).

  58. Iwan Sjokotov

    Well, the towers may be gone, but the flagg will stand !!

  59. Hecata

    Hey..I can see for miles now that the twin towers are’nt in the way!

  60. Bloodthirster

    This flag matches the design of the surrounding scenery

  61. Don Mat├ło

    America lost the game of flag-tag with Afghanistan.

  62. Curly

    america sucks, i’m ashamed to hang this flag, lets hang america

  63. Belle


  64. BABU

    HEIL BUSH!!!

  65. meniak

    Six months ago today, the world was horrified by the devastation in New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania. Since then, it has been doubly horrified by the Bush Administration’s exploitation of a few thousand tragic deaths to set in motion a series of policy decisions, based explicitly upon an aggressive desire for military domination of the world for up to the next 50 years, that if pursued for any length of time will unquestionably kill tens of millions, including many of us. George W. Bush is no different from Bin Laden

  66. Anonymous

    I’m still wondering how the flag got taken down, during business hours, it would have been up.

  67. Anonymous

    made in america

  68. chris

    To all it may concern: This picture shows humanity at its best. Its not about race, sex, or any of the other things that people have been trying to pretend it is. Its about courage, hope and bravery. Oh, and if you make fun of this, there is something, SERIOUSLY, wrong with your sense of humor

  69. chris

    A Sleeping Giant Awakes

  70. hahaha


  71. Mr. Pickles

    Let’s dress Bin Laden in a sailor uniform and put him in the biggest, gayest prison in the world.

  72. Jimmyhat

    Is it just me, or are a lot of you people at the bottom towel-heads? (no offense to any honorable arab person).

  73. jandyg

    if i had known this was going to be such a famous picture, i would have sucked my gut in.

  74. Fenris

    i agree, you people are way too patriotic. you know there is a world outside your bubble. (no offense)

  75. Ellislg03

    you all need to jut chill, all the comments i read in here are either god bless america, or its the gov’s fault or what have you. You all need to realize we the people ultimately decide what happens, and the U.S does not kill innocent children. If we would just pull out of every country, stop sending aid, just take care of the U.S and all our problems, you’d see alot of nations that would have a hard time surviving without the *Great Evil of The West*, since we are the only peace making machiene in the world that has any effect. Why? because all our money goes to other countries as forein aid, instead of back into solcial security and national debt and what have you. Just let us take care of ourselves and not everyone else, and you’ll see all kinds of nations begging for for help from us.

  76. Iron_Mike

    It looks crooked to me.
    Guy on the left

  77. Anonymous

    Caracas, April 12

  78. Anonymous

    Home of the brave.

  79. Iamwhoiam

    . . . Land of the Theif, Home of the slave

    I and I have been in Babylon too long!
    Read your Bible people, Revelations 18.

  80. Sensible Sam

    To: all the idiots.

    America is the one place where you can DESPISE the country and it’s government, complain until you are hoarse, and guess what? You get to stay. No death camps or political prisons. So for all the feck-uppedness of the country you get no repercussions from speaking out against it. That is except for the idiotic @$$holes who spout “if you don’t like it, get out then!”

    Don’t you realize, NIMRODS, that the one thing that makes America better than the rest of the governments is the ability to hate the place and stay!!!

    I just cannot abide that attitude of like it or get out. It should be America love it or hate it you can still call it home.

    O K the rant is done, and I leave you with this one word



  81. Davey

    I live in Israel. I put up with this shit everyday

  82. Anonymous


  83. Anonymous

    everytime you masturbate, God helps terrorism. please, don’t believe in god.

  84. Karl Marx

    You know they have a giant pinata just out of frame….

  85. Karl Marx

    What would freud say about this? Firemen…long poles….

  86. Karl Marx

    Oh my god….it turns out that people won’t just bend over and take it from America after all…, who saw that coming…

  87. Usama bin Laden

    Err… I’m flattered that you have given me the credit for it and raised a flag to me but it wasn’t me dudes. Sorry. UBL

  88. killMiddleEast

    Destroy Middle-East. How many nukes would it take?

  89. Anonymous

    Terrorists win

  90. Mahatma Adolf

    Terrorists win

  91. Mahatma Adolf

    Terrorists win.

  92. sdds


  93. xtc_cdo

    god is righteous, americans deserveed worse, and worse will come…

  94. alan seaton

    God Bless America, have some heart guys!! we rule

  95. Samantha

    R.I.P,what’s done is done,we cant live in the past.

  96. Anonymous

    Um .. Is it on fire? dang.

  97. Hitler

    Terrorists Win.

  98. mua

    (bin laden airlines slogan) WE’LL TAKE YOU RIGHT TO YOUR OFFICE

  99. nurg

    Just a little higher and we can reach that cat up there! C’mon, are we firemen or what?

  100. Anonymous

    Screw tolerance.

  101. Kit Kat

    Whaddya say we all chip in and make Afganistan one gigantic parking lot?

  102. paul bonser

    thats the dam plane that did it there

  103. opposing sam

    Message to Sensible Sam. Sorry to burst your delusional bubble, but it’s obvious you haven’t been to many other countries. It’s safe to assume that in almost every country you can speak against the government and not worry about being persecuted. There have been times in history for many countries, including America where that wasn’t exactly true, but don’t be stubborn and blind yourself from the reality of the world

  104. Al Qaeda

    Impressive, you raised a flag. Idiots

  105. courtnie

    to the people making fun of this pic: you all need to get some help because you have a sick sese of humor. remember: *together we stand, divided we fall*

  106. Farout

    there were no fires on september 11th. only complaints of unraised flags.



  108. amy


  109. lynn

    do you need a razor

  110. lynn

    honor the stars and stipes and remember all of those that lost loved ones.

  111. mike

    in god we trust

  112. HI


  113. Proud American

    I wonder if all you idiots who spouted all your anti-American garbage here would have the same attitude if the $$ that you get from MY country stopped flowing in. Your childish remarks and senseless ramblings show just how pathetic a country would be if it were run by people like you. I feel sorry for anyone who looks up to you, they are in for a rude awakening…you have neither the intelligence nor the strength to know when to just shut your trap. This is one of those times that you should just sit down, shut up and grow up.

    God bless America, we are proud of our heroes…past – present – future – always.

  114. Andrew_Anorak


  115. Andrew Anorak

    If this was England, some PC nazi would order it to be taken down as it’s “Offensive to Muslims”

  116. Bob O Maximus

    “Ah, Fuck the bet on how many stars are on the flag, boys – I can’t count that high anyway. Besides, I’m an American, I don’t need to know anything beyond the fact that we are the goodies and the rest of the world are the bad guys. It’s so much easier to see things purely in terms of black and white. Speaking of which, its a good job there’s no niggers in this picture. God Bless America.”

  117. andie

    who farted?

  118. SPC Anderson

    Whether you agree with Bush or not, to make fun of 9/11 is a sinful act. Many innocent people died that had nothing to do with our government or our president. Babies, children and women and men all died on that horrible day and to make fun of a picture that brought patriotism to a lot of americans, is just wrong. You are free to have your own political ideas but to make fun of senseless deaths? Its really just despicable. Ecspecially since my fellow soldiers are over there dying every day to support your “freedom of speech”.

  119. decay

    Oh, I get it, they fucking hate us.

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