Sick of leaves


Even bears get sick of wiping with leaves.

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63 Captions for “Sick of leaves”

  1. Anonymous

    A hole to the girl-bears showers? COOL!

  2. Reut

    “Wohhaa dizzy, got up too fast, where am I anyway?.. shouldnt have trust that guy called himself “george W. something..”

  3. Reut

    I wonder what people do in places like this? hope i didn’t kil that poor guy that “exposed” himself, how rude!

  4. onebad427

    SON-OF-A-BITCH, they DON’T do it in the woods after all!!

  5. Kevin

    the other ones were too tall and too short! this one is just right.

  6. Anonymous

    “Urine the money! Urine the money!” sings Wall Street bear.

  7. Drake

    Henry really had to pee, and then he realised the bear suit didn’t have a zipper.

  8. Waaaaaassup?

    “Okay, they’ve put me here for a funny picture. So I will stand here peacefully for a while. And then, will I first attack the photographer, or that idiot that calls himself my boss after he caught me in the woods as a baby?”

  9. Kereltje

    Balloo just thought up a funny quote, but sadly he has forgotten a pencil.

  10. FR

    As Brute the Bear was imprisoned, none of the inmates dared to take him “from the back”.

  11. Joke Jockey

    “Oooh, if I hold on to this thing maybe it won’t burn so much. Jeez, I gotta be careful during mating season.”

  12. Anonymous

    Dear God! Those animal rights activists have really gone too far this time!

  13. hughbertius

    With civilization continuing to encroach into formerly pristine wilderness, some behavioural changes among the animal population are to be expected.

  14. BoMoFo

    With all the campers around, Smokey couldn’t BEAR to hold it one minute longer, so despite the embarrasment of being civilized, he peed inside.

  15. Wrigley McGoots

    Hey Pal, it only says we have to shit in the woods.

  16. joy_n_sorrow

    but seriously, what’s with the crazy grinning skull image by the bear’s feet?

  17. Uncle Mike

    It’s like this- I’ve been watching you guys piss in MY woods, so I thought I’d piss in your bathroom.If I see you do anything else, well… better have a plunger ready.

  18. Crunchy

    Mmmm. These dishes are shaped funny, but those big pink mints sure hit the spot.

  19. SFC_in_Korea

    Smokey the Bear is amazed to find just how far the mandatory drug testing program for ALL federal employees has gone.

  20. Henry Red

    As Mowgli had been civilised, Balloo wanted to catch up.

  21. aimitatme

    Humphrey bear has decided to assert himself in a new way!!

  22. Shocky

    Sometimes it can be intimidating to use the urinal right next to a bigger guy.

  23. Shocky

    Okay, I’m gonna finish puking, take a leak, and go back out into the bar and say goodnight to my friends and then take a cab home. It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real.

  24. Anonymous


  25. Anonymous

    A very bad case of beer goggles.

  26. Ron

    Hey BooBoo!! When I’m done pee’in..We’ll go get us some picknick baskets!!

  27. Les

    Does this mean the Pope ISN’T catholic?

  28. Smokey

    The scary thing is that it’s a female bear!

  29. tedx

    “I used to be able to put out forest fires like this”

  30. Anonymous

    At least the woods are cleaner than this restroom!

  31. Anonymous

    Here we see the Black Bear in His natural surroundings…

  32. mrchipps

    From the stall: “How bout a curtisy flush buddy, smells like a bears ass in here!”

  33. Mayhem

    #if you go down to the, erm toilets today, you’re going to get a suprise. No really, a big ass suprise.

  34. dork with no imagination

    Bears don’t shit in the woods. Hahahahah….tooo funny….

  35. Pop

    Hey Boo Boo check me out. I don’t think Mr. Ranger is going to like that, Yogi.

  36. Julia

    “Hmmm… Call 1-900-BIG-BEAR for a good time, eh?”

  37. spacetruckennam

    97 98 99 ok ready or not hear I come

  38. fishamaphone

    The bear’s fine and dandy, but does anyone else see the human skull on the floor?

  39. rob

    I hate Halloweeny.

  40. Out of Place

    There’s a female bear in the men’s room! There’s a female bear in the men’s room! And, she’s cleaning! AGH!

  41. Lay-Z

    This is what happened when Yogi broke into Ranger Smith’s keg party last night.

  42. Anonymous

    Funny, this aiming thing isn’t that difficult!

  43. alan seaton

    Arnold found it tough to “bear” prison

  44. Dan

    See, BEAR isn’t bought, it’s rented.

  45. Anonymous

    Needs some cleaning up, thought the bear and he shitted on the floor.

  46. Anonymous

    Do bears shit in the…well there goes that saying.

  47. Rebecca

    So, don’t use MY TREE!

  48. Datz It

    Ranger Jim Responded to the writing on the bathroom wall that said “tall, black,strong, hairy, lives in beautiful home in the bush”, only to realise it was his ex-wife.

  49. cannelle

    Hey, don’t look. I can’t pee, I get shy!

  50. Steven Chapman

    Man in bear suit squints to read very small writing on bathroom wall.

  51. Mike

    “I could have sworn I saw Goldilocks come in here”

  52. Anonymous

    …a night out in town with the local mad man… priceless!

  53. Mark Beular

    They always said that u can’t teach an old bear new tricks
    THey did to pee on the floor and not in the toilet

  54. Matt

    The Labatts Blue Bear after his 6 pack

  55. mike

    Well maybe the bears have matched our technological advances with plumbing systems and cameras, but we have infrared sensors on our toilets. Try again bears

  56. Robbie

    Now that’s what I call INTEGRATION!

  57. leloup

    How can those Humans stand this horrible smell… ouffff!

  58. canadiana

    you dont need leaves any more with… Cha-Cha-Cha Charmin!

  59. JimmyFunk

    What? Have you never seen a “Bear” Ass before?

  60. dustin cobwebs

    does a bear shit in the woods?

  61. Audiodoode

    “I hate to burst your bubble, but yes, we do still shit in the woods”.

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