Sinking feeling


Ugh. I can’t believe the corny lines I use on this site. Somebody stop me.

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152 Captions for “Sinking feeling”

  1. stylz

    Drive through car wash..

  2. stylz

    and she thought her kids were bad whenever they saw a puddle…

  3. poopie

    “Where the hell did i park my car?”

  4. Professor Kaos

    NEWS FLASH “Due to the D.O.T. workers strike, pothole conditions may worsen somewhat”

  5. Stewie Dogs

    Dorothy became stricken when she realizied her cell phone was in the car and she’d have to go several minutes without boring someone.

  6. Stewie Dogs

    Zoom zoom zoom? More like glug glug glug

  7. Stewie Dogs

    That will teach her not to let Ted Kennedy park her car.

  8. Les

    Maybe this will teach my husband not to piss me off when its my time of the month!

  9. Toad

    In total Shock, Beth watches in Horror as a car makes it’s Maiden Voyage on the “Hihgway to Hell”. Thus the Myth becomes a Sobering Reality

  10. jerrywasaracecardriver

    Vrrrrroooooommmm! F.

  11. filkertom

    Aah, dammit! Left the One Ring in the glove box.

  12. filkertom

    Dozens of tourists flock every year to the La Brea Car Pits.

  13. filkertom

    Marjorie softly plays “Nearer My God To Thee” on the harmonica as The Ol’ Grey Mer-Cury goes to his final rest

  14. nurg

    “Great. Now I need to find a REALLY BIG enchanted frog.”

  15. jwd

    Beth vowed never again to buy an “amphibious” car on Ebay.

  16. Bart the Fart

    A Fraternity Prank That Went Too Far

  17. Reut

    Don’t EVER let the woman drive..

  18. s.chandler

    “The street ate my car!” is WORSE than “the dog ate my homework!”My boss ain’t never gonna BELIEVE this!

  19. andy

    Jane Doe is the latest victim of the wacko-liberal environmentalist group whose latest weapon can melt evil automobiles into a green earth nourishing goo.

  20. peabody

    Seconds later the puddle monster drug the women down too.

  21. pangie

    oh, i hope this new car wash system works.

  22. Pokejedservo

    One of “Transformers the Movie”s’ weaker outtakes…

  23. jwd

    The first version of the channel tunnel between France and England was not very successful.

  24. Knut

    Fun, fun, fun till her Daddy took the T-Bird away…

  25. Blaarg

    Mary learned the hard way that with free valet parking, there’s always a catch.

  26. Jill

    on the phone- “yeah, I can’t believe it, Christmas Eve and a whole parking lot, completely empty, I wonder why?…”

  27. aseaton

    Tonight on an emotional Behind the Music, A band separated and torn after the Puddle of Mud tour in Moscow ends in a drowning.

  28. Who Daman

    When the said zero to sixty in ten seconds, she didn’t know they meant feet underwater.

  29. Jack

    No more family-style chocolate pudding.

  30. Pam Thomsen

    Fay knew he loved to fish for bass but she never dreamed he would actually drive for them!

  31. jordan

    Told you it wouldn’t float, now you owe me a buck.

  32. lawrence

    but…….where’s trixie?

  33. Mr. Big

    Marlon Brando spills his chocolate milkshake.

  34. Shmoopy

    Hello Caltrans. We need a Dip sign on Maple Street.

  35. p


  36. tabish

    Photoshop at its best!

  37. golfcourseguy

    Tonight at 11..the truth behind those buy 1 get 1 free deals!

  38. lecoptre

    Her car taunting her “Jump in with me the water’s fine” Jill remembers that cold day at the beach…

  39. Samantha

    Oh mum,mum yeah just wanna say that um that hunk of junk that you won in the McDonalds comp well I hate to tell ya this but the break line snapped,I missed a pole and landed in the pile of runny shit that the caravan park lets out once a month….

  40. Jason

    Friends don’t let friends sink and drive.

  41. Joe

    Lord, won’tcha buy me a clamp that bends. My friends sunk their porsches, and I must make amends…

  42. Mascot

    All cars out of the pool now…adult swim.

  43. Mascot

    When you slam on the brakes the front end really dives…

  44. Mascot

    When the sign said “Carpool Lane Only” I didn’t think they meant literally!

  45. Phaeton


  46. ytj


  47. 456456t


  48. chunkybunker

    the longest piss i’ve ever had!
    ……….did i do that?

  49. Kari

    It came and sank. Now it shall live happily ever trapped.

  50. cambria36


  51. pmhagerty

    Now THAT’S a pothole!

  52. Cary Kingdom

    Built Ford tough.

  53. Punkmasta

    Ernie thought that he could drive to china. He was wrong.

  54. cannelle

    Maggie privately debates whether to confess the true fate of the family sedan or stick by original alibi of “What car?”

  55. Kyle

    The real end of Toonses the drving cat

  56. kingfisha

    Hi. My name is Harley Earl, and I’ve come back to build you a great ca…. Ah, fcuk it!

  57. The Deranged Smile

    Earlier today, Elise Sanders, stands in dismay as her car melted in the sweltering summer heat…

  58. MrT

    The car eating puddle monster claims another victim

  59. Cornholio

    After this picture a fierce windstorm blew the tree on her head and put her out of her misery.

  60. rob

    Honey, I washed the car.

  61. Thehusband

    How will I get my purse out of the car?

  62. paul reynolds

    OK….c’mon back.

  63. D. Hollingsworth

    Well Officer, muh girl friends always told me that a mud pac was great for a lift.. .. and it’s supposed to take away the wrinkles too.

  64. tim

    Hi is this Hertz Rent-a-Car. Is it too late to buy that “extended damage coverage” plan on the Honda … Oh, no reason.

  65. duhzon


  66. Mark Beular

    The wrong way to stir your milk.

  67. Dick

    Honestly, these Loch Ness photos are getting a little lame!

  68. downunder

    First the car, now a toothache. Debra thought today couldn’t get any worse, just before being struck by lightning.

  69. Gaffer

    Thats the second biggest puddle i’ve ever seen…

  70. DrewP

    New! This season on FOX! Totally Hidden Undrained Septic Tanks!

  71. bobdole

    Sinks “Like a Rock!”

  72. Datz_It

    Woman: Ma God George! Dat IS Amazin! Now Tell meh, where exactly did it go now!?

  73. Michael Meisels

    And thats why women are better drivers

  74. Michael Meisels

    Does my car look big in this???

  75. mrdee

    just pass me the radio harry

  76. mrdee

    no pool cars here

  77. mrdee

    james pond trys bmw

  78. mrdee

    what will my boyfriend say about my parking now

  79. mrdee

    what a waste( water waste)

  80. mrdee

    council try new parking penaties

  81. mrdee

    underwater, right mr wilson you have not passed your test

  82. MusWatcher

    Hello, sweetheart? I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is I discovered why they put that “No Parking” sign on Elm Street…

  83. geoff

    AHA!were finally here at the end of austrailias lomgest tunnel

  84. Hose-Be

    Betty stood and wondered, ” how will I get to my makeup and coupons now?”

  85. Izzy

    Well, it worked for 007…

  86. Izzy

    Dude…where’s my car?

  87. Fatpav


  88. batman

    The terrorists are back!!

  89. no name


  90. Gentaur

    Beth failed to read the fine print on the Tiburon commercials.

  91. Brian Thornton

    And in today’s news, Aquaman met his ironic demise…

  92. Brian Thornton

    Outside the etherial forces of Degobah, Yoda’s powers become significantly underwhelming.

  93. mullethunter

    i swear i was just driving along…

  94. E.S. Anderson

    In a related story, A Volvo sedan commited suicide after realizing it was a Volvo.

  95. surfmoc

    dumb biatch… sinkholes are for kids not cars

  96. Jack

    Can you hear me now?

  97. HobbitOfMiddleEarth

    oh SHIT.

  98. Jeff Padilla

    Well if that hole goes right through it will end up back in the country that made it.

  99. guiman3000

    “…We really need to do somting about all these pot holes and the rain isnt helping!

  100. guiman3000

    il never drink and drive again

  101. Atrocity

    A good enough reason not to tail-gate chocolate milk trucks.

  102. smioux

    darling, the reversing lights dont seem to be working

  103. Andrew

    what goes up must come down

  104. Arnold

    Ovcourse it was going down it was “black” wasnt it!!!

  105. Chunkz

    Oops, that can’t be good.

  106. Gentaur

    Aquaman decided he just wasn’t suited for an Aquacave and Aquamobile.

  107. Bisquitlips

    Honey….our house was just swallowed by a sink hole. Our car floated out of the garage though!

  108. Stephen Metcalfe

    Well honey…I’ve just sunk to the bottom of the gene pool!

  109. Poncy

    There There honey, many people have survived in smaller airpockets . Just don’t blow the phone! You are in enough S*!# as it is.

  110. Crashinoz

    Mechanic’s Diagnosis:
    Water in the Carburetter, Distributor and Glove-box

  111. Crashinoz

    A water-flooded “bomb” crater

  112. Justin

    And that’s why we should have metal tops on the septic tanks.

  113. Havasay

    I wonder what kinda bait I have to use?

  114. Dave Wright

    Lisa got tired of hunting for a new car and decided to trap one instead.

  115. HavaSay

    Hmmmmm. And I didn’t even get wet!

  116. HavaSay

    Oh dear .. now I’m really sunk!!!

  117. firestarter

    mary finds herself once again in deep DO DO!

  118. magda

    Whatever you do, no NOT flush!

  119. Gentaur

    First I backed up, then the septic tank backed up… Now we’ve got a stinkhole.

  120. Jason

    Here in the bush, a species commonly known as the Honda-dactle, waits patiently in perfect stillness for its pray to approach the waters edge.

  121. Robert Falen

    And we thought Penn.D.O.T. was bad !!!

  122. charlie

    So now you tell me that I was supposed to make a left back there to find the new car wash!

  123. Pati

    Can’t be my car…because my car was car-jacked, with my two kids inside!!!

  124. tjinpa

    Hello – Triple A?

  125. Bonnie

    The next item on David Letterman’s, “Will it float?”

  126. Buzz

    Hey honey…good news! I just found your exwife’s car!

  127. P S

    my husband is not going to believe this

  128. Cleo

    Where did I leave that car?

  129. Inoracam

    Carpool Tunnel Syndrome

  130. JimK

    Hi Honey. Can you come get me? I can’t start the car, I think I flooded the engine?

  131. Hava-A-Say

    I wonder what Sir Walter Raleigh would have done?

  132. Allison

    Lindsey knew her excessive diarrhea was going to her in trouble one day.

  133. Petey Pab

    Wait turn left when…? Oh damn.

  134. yogurt

    America’s first tunnel to China hits a glitch

  135. etl

    how am i going to explain this to the insurance company?

  136. Robbie

    The CAR of Logness…

  137. Susan

    hmmmm…good excuse not to attent mom-in-law’s 70th birthday.

  138. Susan

    hmmmm…good excuse not to attend mom-in-law’s 70th birthday.

  139. sdb knox

    “Hello, honey. Somebody stole our car. No…I don’t know where it is…”

  140. Brandon

    That puddle was deep. I’m glad I escaped from my car before I too was overtaken by the water. I am fortunate to be alive and am happy that I have car insurance. Meanwhile, my car is just a piece of property.

  141. Audiodoode

    Chappaquitic Avenue.

  142. one_liner

    And today in local news… An abused car decided to takes its own life when the owner mistreated it one too many times.

    “It’s just tragic.” said one witness. “She was yelling and screaming profanities at the the poor thing while beating the dash and steering wheel with her purse. The poor car must have just decided enough was enough, and drove right in. Maybe it was trying to take her with it.”

    A memorial service is tenatively planned for Tuesday and Joe’s Wrecking Yard. In leiu of flowers please donate new cars.

  143. Douglas Souther

    It seems the Giant car eating Robot has just passed and left this behind More News at 6:00

  144. GrooveSamurai

    Lady of the Lake 2004

  145. Grizzlychicken

    No worries…It was a Hyundai

  146. dustin cobwebs

    damn flooded the engine

  147. gapa

    Honey, there’s some water in our carburettor

  148. Wiggy UK

    Oh shit, I’m always getting things the wrong way round – he said “put some water in the car” !!

  149. zendo

    Honey, there’s some water in the carburettor…

  150. Car insurance policy

    In an unfortunate twist of fate, Jane finds that chocolate milk puddles are deeper than they seem.

  151. cm

    IF only it was a mustang!!!


    Bob “DONT SHOUT AT ME AND CALL ME STUPID” I knew what I was doing the dam engine was over-heating I had to do something , anyway the D and R where always too close together !

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