Slash? Slash who?


As I said before. What the hell was this guy thinking.

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159 Captions for “Slash? Slash who?”

  1. Alex Kaseberg

    Ladies and Gentleman, the world’s first rock guitarist who couldn’t get laid to save his life.

  2. Jowy

    Nice paper bag man.

  3. Justin

    “It all about the music man, the goddamn music!!!!!”

  4. CatShoes


  5. Anonymous

    i am holding this guitar with two stalks to hide my inadequate genitelia

  6. LM

    Check it! I made the hat myself!

  7. CatShoes

    How to not impress your girlfriend…

  8. peter/man

    I got twins, I am trying to make triplets

  9. Broken

    I wrote a song about it!
    Like to hear it? Here it goes!

  10. pejamo

    As a young man, David Hasselhoff found gaining the approval of his parents more and more difficult.

  11. Mike

    It’s music, people – music! Damnit, no one understands.

  12. brian

    Next week on The Osbournes.

  13. Patrick

    Just after his split from Britney, Justin Timberlake hit the booze hard and decided to go solo.

  14. alex



    YEAH……. I’m…. IN MY BOXERS….

  15. Sadie

    The fact that he had no amplifier was the least of his problems.

  16. CatShoes

    …and this is why drugs are bad…

  17. V-DOG


  18. Desiree

    “What, you don’t think the chicks will like this.. Maaaaaaaaaan I am Hot!!”

  19. Miguel

    … it’s C-O-R-G-A-N … Corgan … with a “C” … right … yeah … a “C” … okay, okay … sure, I’ll hold …

  20. Cynthia Cedergren

    If it weren’t for this bag I’d be a dead wringer for Meatloaf!

  21. julia

    this says… “tiny spandex” to me.

  22. Anti

    The curtains are the best thing about this photo…..and they’re crap!

  23. Anonymous

    Let’s hope it’s terminal cramp in his right hand

  24. Cay

    at least he shut the curtains!

  25. Anonymous

    Axl: – Man I was Reaaaallllllyyyy dronked when I did it…

  26. nacio

    I think that I have that Mickey Mouse pillow case….

  27. Furry

    I swore off drugs after that, kids, don’t ever mix them with micket besheets and guitars…it get’s nasty..real nasy

  28. (pdw)

    Goddamnit!, I said: FOUR guitar necks!!!!!

  29. Anonymous

    ….Berklee College of Music

  30. Kelli

    What??? You don’t like my idea of hot foreplay??

  31. Joane

    oh my GOD I have to call Billy, omg, SHERYL proposed!!! OMGGGGGGG!!!I just have to do a lil’ dance. Sing a lil’ song. Get down tonight, woooo!

  32. Slow Burn

    I use three pseudonyms when I post messages to myself at Free Republic. But, a tinfoil hat is better protection than a guitar.

  33. Andy

    …. And this is your brain on drugs.

  34. fisher

    Years of TRL and Carson Daly have led the few surviving fans of real music to take drastic measures in the quest to preserve their way of life.

  35. Kevin

    Now, under normal laboratory conditions, white people and guitars mix quite nicely; however, there is always room for error, in which case the result should be promptly destroyed…

  36. corym

    for sale : 1 skull and cross paper bag hat. only worn once. VGC. $30 O.N.O – see photo.

  37. Geo

    I am Angus! (if you don’t look too close)

  38. Lay-Z

    …and that brings me to my next thing: DONT SMOKE CRACK

  39. vespa boy

    Next on Behind the Music…Sting hits rock bottom…Is this the end?

  40. Christy

    “…you think you know…but you have no idea…this is the Diary of Angry Bag Boy”

  41. cari

    After taking a crap in his milk-crate, Skippy absent-mindedly put the paper bag on his head. This warrants the look on his face and the hand gesture but I’m afraid I can’t explain away the guitar.

  42. David Hview

    ‘I’m not Nekid, I got this F*ckin’ ring, baby! the f*ckin RING OF POWER!’

    once again, joe demonstrates Why not to get drunk

  43. Chet

    Despite the success of rock operas in the past – Rockin’ Shakespeare never took off.

  44. SailorBob

    After a long night of rocking out, Steve realized that his amp only went to 10…not 11.

  45. Jordan Woll

    Introducing Spanky McGee, Champion of the West Virginia air guitar–invisible-pole-dance-circuit!

  46. Ed Walsh

    Ed Walsh wants to have sex with men.

  47. Anonymous

    There’s nothing worse than a hand cramp in the middle of a marathon jam session!

  48. Estelle

    “Paper bag and marker to creat skull hat, $5…guitar, to pretend to be a rock star, $560…immortalization by being on this website and having all these crazy captions created about him, PRICELESS.”

  49. Loonquawl

    The record company had agreed to supply a personal trainer, but unfortunately the brain-care specialists were all busy convincing the Backstreet Boys that they were not, in fact, gay.

  50. harry_k

    Hey Man! I swear these are not my fingers…Seriously, Man!…Dude, this is not my hand…

  51. Maxx

    Dude, be in my band. It’s called Tiger.

  52. Kate

    M I C – see, I AM a loser.. K E Y – WHY oh WHY did I get my picture taken? M O U S E pillow case.

  53. lyrcom

    Damnit! I forgot to ground the electrics.

  54. Paddy

    Goddamit I tried! But I cant get my trousers on over these Joe Satriani limited edition souvenir underpants

  55. Elf

    Er.. where you high?
    Because from the looks of it..

  56. Asmodius

    Dropping the morning want-ads in rage, Ooklah is in disbelief that no one wants to trade a guitar cord for his crusty milk crate.

  57. jere

    Zack Attack ain’t nothin’ compared to me.

  58. Adam

    dammit, if only my sister was here to shove her hand up my ass…

  59. Logik

    The future of Berklee College of Music Guitar Majors

  60. Mandy


  61. cecilia =)

    this is a stand-alone band, ready to rock the world wif its paper bag..

  62. wurk

    So when she said, “No, you can’t put lawn gnomes on the front lawn!”, I said “Fine bitch, you’ll have my authentic wanna-be rocker statue right here in the God-Damn living room!”.

  63. Kenn

    Putting on his Hat of Death, Lamar swore revenge against the departed band member who had stolen his clothes,trashed his house, and nailed the band’s only two guitars together. It looked like Lamar was going to have to play both rythem and lead guitar at that night’s gig. Fortunatly, it was to be at the nudist colony’s annual rockfest.

  64. Laura

    Hm.. let’s all put paper bags on our heads and pretend to be pirates and tell stupid jokes!
    Me first, what’s a pirate’s favorite food?

  65. Joe Smith

    This is a man with a paper bag over his head that has a skull on it. He is making a strange face and posing with his custom guitar.

  66. d.

    obvious comedy.

  67. Kassidy

    “I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me.” Yeah, right, you’re gonna tell me that paper bag was carrying a burger.

  68. Van H.

    After Joe had played a sensitive love-ballad for his boyfriend Bubba (who obviously couldn’t properly value this truthful expression’s of undying devotion) he was astounded at the sight of Bubba running like hell to hook up with his second cousin Billy-Bob, who at least didn’t wear jewellery…

  69. Led Zepplin

    Don’t mock me…

  70. Julie

    “Mom, I don’t have time to clean my room. I’m too busy starting my band.”

  71. maria


  72. Elli

    all the good quotes are already taken…because everyone seems to think its funny to make fun of druggies.

  73. Lay-Z

    In a related story, scientists say it is OK to marry your first or second cousin

  74. Anonymous

    Hugo proves yet again that ANYONE can get engaged.

  75. semi-

    he’s actually wearing blue underwear!

  76. Brian

    Angus Young falls off the wagon…

  77. herb

    Is that a double necked guitar or are you just happy to see me???

  78. Shelley

    P-Diddy (Puff Daddy)… in the making.

  79. Anonymous

    No cloning! Never, ever!! Need I say more?

  80. Anonymous

    I’m staggered that nobody has commented on his poor posture!

  81. Anonymous

    From the dark side of Treasure Island …Long John Shitforbrains

  82. Anonymous


  83. loteq

    He’s wailing on guitar. I’m just wailing.

  84. Jan

    Conan the Barbarian before he has had his medecine

  85. oggie

    New condom type not yet as functual as it should have been

  86. Jack

    Have Viagra. Need woman. Any women between 18 and 80.

  87. Samuel Clemons

    All who oppose me shall die…

  88. inked

    With little chance of sex and drugs, Billy concentrated on the rock and roll.

  89. Hecata

    Damn that retarded hand!

  90. magpie steve

    that be the dirty critter!

  91. Steven

    thank god this isn’t a scratch and sniff photo

  92. Anonymous

    And my folks didn’t think I was mature enough to live alone in my own pad!!! They are soooooooo boooooooooooooooogus man!!

  93. Bloodthirster

    Attractive,muscled blonde male with intrests in music and stylisch hats seeking woman of equal class for a romantic blind date.

  94. Don Mat├ło

    At first I tried to spank my monkey, then to choke my chicken, stroke the salami…… I play the guitar.

  95. babylon

    oh my god

  96. dh

    Speaking from experience, double necked guitars are kinda heavy. So how is holding it without a strap? . . . eww omg

  97. dudette

    “Guitarist seeks bandmates: have pro looks, gear and attitude.”

  98. essence

    Marc just knew he would get the job…who else?

  99. aphrodite

    Is that what you have to do if you’re the “three man”?

  100. zagood

    ARRRH! How I miss my sock puppet.

  101. Muzzy

    Regardless, I decided to never take LSD again.

  102. FrozenDragon

    …and Turdbeard the Pirate says, ” The guitar u ask? Aye, tis driving me nutz!”

  103. Sam

    Roommate 1: We really should try and get him off the drugs.
    Roomate 2: We did.
    Roomate 1: Ah. That means we’re stuck with a moron.
    Roomate 2: Can we get rid of him?
    Roommate 1: Nope, we ran out of detox yesterday.
    Roommate 2: Shit.

  104. opusinfinity

    James Hetfield, Metallica frontman, moments before beng admitted into rehab…

  105. R2D2

    Am I a babe-magnet or what ?

  106. Babylon

    Mooooommmmm! Daddy is freebasing comet again!

  107. pebam

    Mom, WTF is wrong with you? Are you on drugs? You look like a MAN.

  108. Dave

    Seth vowed to never give up his dream of being featured at

  109. AliasMoze

    VH1 struggles to find the source of its drop in the ratings.

  110. honeybeep

    “finally the identity of the unknown comic revealed!!!

  111. Anonymous

    The Devil’s day job.

  112. Anonymous

    Poster boy for birth-control

  113. -=Ken.Mr=-

    while his parents are gone… joey likes to rub his penis against his father’s guitar… it makes him feel special…

  114. Anonymous

    light the sack. then stomp on it.

  115. emoscreamo

    Arrrggghhhh matey! Im no-beard the guitar toting, homosexual pirate. Now out o’ me way before you incur me wrath. Arrgghhh.

  116. rodney

    …once again proving my theory that David Hasselhoff is a rock-god in Germany…

  117. Fenris

    and this concludes my paper that rock is for losers.

  118. Anonymous

    a hand or not a hand.. nevermind THAT.. look at the important thing in life: I AM the ULTIMATE ROCKSTAR

  119. Anonymous

    another MTV homevideo in the making…

  120. JC

    I am the King of this trashy basement. All must kiss my ring!

  121. Anonymous

    In case you forgot…you’re still gay!

  122. jake

    Oh God, I think my bowels just let go!!

  123. jon

    i have no life just me and my guiter,
    my wife left me because i haven’t took a shower in a year and i finally smell what she left me for

  124. mdc58

    A young Bucket Head trying to find himself.

  125. Jessie

    owwww!!! the guitar bit me!!!

  126. Karl Marx


  127. Karl Marx

    Behind the Music: Tenacious D

  128. liam j


  129. Anonymous

    the paper bag with a skull on it in RED marker makes me look like a badass, thats the look im going for

  130. Johnny

    The love child of Ozzy Osbourn and Andy Dick

  131. MZIEN

    This is your Penus on Drugs!

  132. Anonymous

    Until I saw this picture, I was a guitarist.

  133. frog butt

    He all most had me conveinced he was hard core til I spotted those mickey mouse sheets

  134. Nerve Wrack X

    The lead vocalist, back-up vocalist, guitarist and bass-guitarist of, the little known one-man-band, “Douche Rockets”.

  135. Anonymous

    I killed three kittens today

  136. MISC

    Ozzy Osbourne’s Love Child

  137. cutetexasgal

    Next, on Behind the Music………….

  138. Anonymous

    Hey, isn’t that Jack Black of Tenacious D?

  139. ALiuzer

    “Thats not my hand holding up the guitar…”

  140. phenn

    MICHAEL?! Is that you?!

  141. Robert Fulton

    AC/DC’s Angus Young -The early years.

  142. Ozzy

    Grand prize winner of the Angus Young look-alike contest

  143. Resisobilus

    ONE! TWO! THREE! Kum-by-ah, my lord, kum-by-ah…

  144. Lawrence

    After Green Lantern became drunk on the power of his Green Lantern Ring: “I dont need you f**king Justice Leaguers…I got this ring see, and my coolio hat, and bangin music….I RULE!!. Cept for you Wonderwoman, I mean DAMN….you got some phat boobs.

  145. Pancho Villa

    The outtakes from the Spinal Tapes,nuf said…

  146. Mario

    Eu desejo do fundo do meu coração que vocês todos vão se foder!

  147. yogurt

    Their parents didn’t know who to be more ashamed of…Carrot top or Slash.

  148. Jeff Penney

    Son- meet your new mother.

  149. KEENAN

    Buckethead’s little brother; Bag-it-head.

  150. Swift Boat Veterans for Lies

    True, George W. Bush went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard after a drunken homosexual encounter with six fellow cheerleaders, but he did so to command a swift boat in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, where he served admirably and lost his left testicle in a latrine zipper accident while eating pretzels leaving a purple heart-shaped mark on his scrotum and nevermind these happened in different years because YOU weren’t there as WE claim to be so shut up already you swarthy Francophile manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction stem-cell killer reponsible for this recession how dare you challenge us in violation of the Patriot Act let’s see your library records you deserving-to-be-leashed-with-a-sandbag-over-your-head and savaged by Halliburton contractors who lost their pensions in a frenzy of Enron/WorldCom corporate abuse encouraged by me-first hands-off secret Dick Cheney adminstration policies let’s start a war hell let’s start lots of wars you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists and did you know that in French “trombone” means “paper clip” don’t worry about the deficit and don’t call Dubya a goober it’s Kerry who’s the goober it’s LIES, ALL LIES.
    The bigger the better.

  151. Dick Cheney

    George Bush, Yale cheerleader

  152. Tramadol

    Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again.

  153. grizzlychicken

    Where will you be when your laxative starts working?

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