Slip n Slide


It was snowing on my way to work today, this photo fits.

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70 Captions for “Slip n Slide”

  1. Larry

    The first ever polar bear break dancer…

  2. boney

    News Flash: Santa’s Teddy Bear watchman caught sleeping on the job

  3. stevejust

    I heard polar bear illiteracy rates are reaching record highs, but I never understood the problem until now.

  4. spat

    Who says he’s slippin’…?
    I think he’s sleeping.

  5. spat

    Finally the bear reached the place where they traded watches for ice.

  6. sitaifun

    Silly sign; don’t watch for ice — watch for playful slip-slidin’ polar bears!

  7. me

    “weeeee! this is fun!” ::looks up:: “oh jesus…. awwww shit…. I’m headed straight for it!! look ooooooout!”

  8. dzine

    Natural selection hard at work to eliminate illiterate polar bears from the population.

  9. moogoo

    Polar bear teenagers typically taunt the park rangers with flagrant disregard before eating them.

  10. moogoo

    While the unsuspecting tourists were busy trying to avoid slipping on ice, the polar bears slipped in and had them for lunch.

  11. kumquaat

    WATCH for stationery metal SIGN at bottom of sledding hill.

  12. kumquaat

    An irresistable force is about to slide into that immoveable object.

  13. Les

    WHHHHEEEE this is…..OH SHIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jk

    Suddenly Harry the Happy Polar Bear was in danger of becoming Harriet the Hurtin’ Polar Bear, and Walt Disney was out 1.4 Million in potential earnings.

  15. mgoldsmith4

    (music)I’m aaah slip slidin’ away………….

  16. Ashton

    Precariously balancing to avoid cracking the ice, he suddenly felt a great rumbling fart about to rip!…

  17. s.chandler

    “Whew! Mexicans..not just for breakfast anymore!”

  18. jwd

    Tonya Harding strikes again, and the bear cries “Why me??”

  19. psycho

    He acts crazy because he’s a bi-polar bear.

  20. Drake

    The sign should have read “Watch for ICE BEARS”, but the sign was too small, or Larry painted the letters too big.

  21. chomp chomp

    Harry was having a great time until he ate his sled.

  22. benjamsandwich


  23. filkertom

    “Awww, man, yeah! Coca-Cola is f*@#!n’ GREAT!”

  24. filkertom

    “It looked good on paperrrrrrrr…!”

  25. filkertom

    This is JUST A PREVIEW of the THOUSANDS of HIGH-QUALITY JPEGs available at www.ThingsThatCouldRipYourHeadOffWhileYou’

  26. nurg

    “I got th’ friggin’ martinis already, sho where the hell’s th’ ice they promised?…Friggin’ retards… *barf*…”

  27. Reut

    Indeed the bear “Ice” is one of the most popular bears in our park..

  28. Pokejedservo

    The polar bear is really lying there confused on whether he should be shopping for Halloween or Christmas, what with the weather and all.

  29. Mike

    I got the sixty, but someone took off with my nine!

  30. kirilly

    its not just humans that turn the signs around!!!!

  31. Hunter

    Soon afterwards, the message on the sign was changed in “Watch for sliding polar bears”.

  32. lawrence

    Our great polar bear friend was recently caught laughing uncontrollably after he reads the sign and questions…where ISNT there ICE?

  33. Clark W. Griswold

    Dominick Hasek makes another incredible save.

  34. Lisa

    The effect of adulthood tell us ICE just isn’t that fun any more. This adult strongly disagrees!

  35. Maxx

    “Hey man, gimme your lighter – I have to fart.

  36. paratrooper

    You know it would have helped if someone turned the friggin sign around to where I could actually read it, before i hit the ice……..

  37. Stu

    Half a ton of pissed off predator sliding my way,who gives a toss about ‘Ice’?

  38. Mark Smith

    After taking the picture the man was trampled and then eaten by the polar bear.

  39. floridapilotbob

    I had (hic!) so mooch ice in my martooni dat I had to (hic!) lie down here. Dis is all very verrry funnnny!

  40. SisteroftheSun

    And they said this was good for constipation.
    If ya ask me, all I’ve got is a frozen butt.

  41. pangie

    dang it’s cold out here.

  42. bugjuice

    Just as the bear was about to maul the village people, someone turned on Jerry Springer.

  43. rw

    This stunt is by professionals. Don’t try this at home

  44. Andy and Aria

    why is there a polar bear anywhere near a street sign?

  45. ace

    bear + a bear turned over = limp penis

  46. godo

    ah ah

  47. Becky

    Okay, who spiked the Canada Dry?

  48. toad

    “Date Rape” No longer are womens the victims. Special Report tonight at 10.

  49. toad

    Inspired by a Tom & Jerry cartoon, the “Snap Back” sign gag is still by far the most popular means of abuse of polar bears by the Mean Kids up North.

  50. Vera

    watch for icebearballs

  51. Atrocity

    Johnny the Polar Bear re-enacts the Rodney King beating.

  52. Lunachick

    Take me! Take me now!

  53. Gentaur

    A lawyer was quick on the scene. So quick, he fell also and his client took his picture for evidence.

  54. Chris

    Little did the poor polar bear know, but during the Coca-Cola commercials the crew had told him it was Diet-Cola, however it was Beam and Coke…

  55. Robbie

    And where is Greenpeace when you need ‘m?

  56. Herb Kornfield

    Last time I try this skiing shit out

  57. meg & ange

    I just can’t bear ice skating!!!

  58. meg & ange

    “I can’t read dammit!!!”

  59. meg & ange

    This polar bear was laughing when the sign went up….but look who’s laughing now!!

  60. carlo


  61. Jimmy


  62. Peachy

    Weeeeeeeee What a fun slide hey guys come join me i’ts so F**** F-U-N (drunk bear)

  63. Alon

    to much vodke…

  64. whatever

    this is the one,i’m coming home elizebeth.

  65. dede & court

    Aaaawwww… come on mom its really fun… except when you crash or when you fall or when you hit the sign….

  66. John

    Pingu finally had his revenge…

  67. Ben

    Augh!!! That’s goin’a leave a mark

  68. Ed

    This one needs no caption.

  69. Ron Lovelace

    A Payne in the ICE!

  70. Chris Wood

    And here we see the great solitary polar bear , and animal of such grace and dignity ..and….HEY YOU CUT IT OUT!

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