Smile kids


Awww, it’s family photo day.

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63 Captions for “Smile kids”

  1. jwd

    Al Gore and family pose for their annual Christmas card photo.

  2. Anonymous

    Dummie Bin Laden poses with his family the day before he plans to drive his mini-van into a stationary object.

  3. benwood

    Federal Witness Protection Program: WeĆ­ll protect your family, and we’ll guarantee new employment at Ford Motor Company.

  4. tabby

    Rastus Jones doesn’t speak to Ruby after the birth of her last two kids

  5. bw

    Look honey, I can blow smoke out of my left ear!

  6. Anonymous

    They can put clothes on us, but can’t give us hair?

  7. Anonymous

    Mr. Test-dummy became curious when the complection of his last two children began to resemble his arch enemy, Dr. Smith, their crash test engineer.

  8. ferkee

    Father Dummy lets off a little steam.

  9. Anonymous

    The truth about Rosswell…

  10. onebad427

    “You can learn alot from a Dummy”

  11. Pokejedservo

    The new “Alien Nation” series is not looking all that good isn’t it?

  12. o

    The blended family knows no barrier.

  13. spat

    (kids nagging) “Are we there yet?”

  14. (pdw)

    Dad says: sit still and watch the nice car coming towards us.

  15. Ashton

    Only dummies would pose for overpriced professional photos!

  16. Anonymous

    “Just one more second kids, and that good man will take us to our new car!”

  17. Les

    Wow man, your Sims are so life like!!

  18. Reut

    Wait wait wait… black family and two white kids? I think dummyman is a dummy…

  19. Ford

    Crash Test Dummies: The Family Years

  20. Lawrence

    The Terminator family finally sits for a family albumn before going back out and searching for a face for little Dx3 and Dx3a.

  21. Anonymous

    After several reported unfortunate accidents, camera manufacturers are now required to perform safety tests on their flash units. (did it go off?)

  22. filkertom

    The Constantly Evolving Mushroom Head family is unnerved at little Timmy (extreme right), whose dream of surpassing them all and becoming a 2001-ish Star Child seems within reach….

  23. filkertom

    They’re creepy and they’re kooky…

  24. TDFS

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhmmmmmmmmmm onceeeeeee we had this band….

  25. mgoldsmith4

    Family night at the x-files convention.

  26. billy boy brandy

    This caption sucks.

  27. paperycow

    shoot! i think i blinked. TIMMY! hold your head up!

  28. nebelung

    We are not going anywhere until each and every one of you put on your seatbelts.

  29. armand

    Everybody put all his limbs on?O.K.,now look at the camera.

  30. Kelli

    You’ve seen the movie “The Stupids,” now for the uproarious sequel, “The Dummy’s”

  31. Anonymous

    “Just relax folks and look natural”, but Jimmy had his plastic smiley face on.

  32. filkertom

    Yeah, yeah, Domo Arigato, my left nut.

  33. Alex Kaseberg

    Junior, for the last time, stop playing with your peg.

  34. Anonymous

    I`d like to see them after a test …

  35. Anonymous

    Because of his heavy drinking, Johny was demoted from a window dummy to a crash test dummy. This is his last family photo before he was killed by a Ford Focus.

  36. resisobilus

    1.Save picture to your disk. 2.Open in PhotoShop. 3.Overlay your family’s faces on the dummies’. 4.E-mail to relatives. No fuss, no struggling to keep the kids tidy at Sears. Merry Christmas.

  37. Anonymous

    The Crashes are pictured here before their field trip to the Chrysler plant.

  38. Ron

    Lex Luthor and friends

  39. Anonymous

    Hold still…

  40. alan seaton

    The Drakoff’s needs you help. Please consider donating to the severely depleted German gene pool. Because it’s one thing to not be able to speak English, but to go through life without a face-now that’s just wrong. Help change Ivan’s life….today. Do your part.

  41. alan seaton

    Things went smoothly at the annual
    “Big Skull” convention

  42. Anonymous

    Honey, why don’t you ever smile for pictures?

  43. Maxx

    That’s my Bush

  44. Crunchy

    Even though Baby Susie had no face, the Crashinski family always included her in the holiday portraits.

  45. Lauren

    “Photography for Dummies”

  46. Lisa H.

    Father looks at family photo and realizes he may not be the father of his two youngest children.

  47. babylon

    o.O.. you think they have porno pics too?

  48. Joe

    Little that you know is Will the father is a raging alchocalic who beats his children, Elanea, the wife is having an affair with the ford engineer, and suzie, sammy, and tanya, the children, are addictied to polyurathene, and a hard core sex and porn backlife

  49. yarivon

    Smile dummies!!!

  50. leo.6

    For gods sake, don’t just sit there like a dummy…SMILE!!!

  51. emilio

    thank you very much, oh, mr. roboto.

  52. travis we

    “move over u stupid dummy,or i will test my fist on ur driver seat!”

  53. jill

    The image of family tranquility. Who would ever suspect that Jonnie Mannequin would end his life 3 weeks later at his place of employment,as a crash test dummy?


    Please, please, please, America. Do not vote a man like this in for president NEXT election.

  55. mike

    This photo was taken only 5 days before the dreadful accident of the Duuhmei family. It was also taken 9 days before the 2nd dreadful accident. Oh, and 11 days before the other 2 accidents.

  56. Gentaur

    Blue Man Group without the makeup.

  57. me

    sit still!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. happy

    “Wish he’d hurry up and take the picture. My back is getting really stiff.”

  59. Therus

    Testing the new Pentax with 1000000x zoom lens.

  60. dustin cobwebs

    dangerous new radioactive flash tested on crash dumies…

  61. Zinc443

    News just in… Michael Jackson sews family of 5 with lookalike copyright claims

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