Soccer Skills or Super Powers

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41 Captions for “Soccer Skills or Super Powers”

  1. trinawoods

    A scene from “Harry Potter and the Gay Black Tights.”

  2. Nathan

    A scene from ìHarry Potted Her and the Sticky Ball Fight.î

  3. stacy chandler

    wow! these new sonic jet balls really have some get up and go!

  4. trinawoods

    Bulgie Steroidian of the Romanian soccer team practices for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

  5. Homer Simpson

    Tom Cruise begins filming his next movie: The Last Goalkeeper

  6. Mr. Blackwell

    Later Reginald would admit it would have been better to just let the soccer ball go out of the fifth floor window.

  7. trinawoods

    Travel light with Jetball 2000! They always lose your luggage anyway.

  8. trinawoods

    The first blind soccer goalie to ever score a touchdown.

  9. Gentaur

    The combination of soccer and ballet has yet to catch on.

  10. decay

    Cannonball catch, not for sissies.

  11. Shadowbat

    In other news, Paul Reubens, better known as Pee Wee Herman, was arrested today for once again playing with his ball in public.

  12. trinawoods

    The new Breakfast of Champions…four Bloody Marys, three Jamaican “fun sticks” and a nice safe dose of human growth hormone.

  13. Max

    I wish he was grabbing my ball

  14. SimonHawke

    Stockings? Check. Scrotum Head haircut? Check. Hands on a ball? Check. It’s Keanu Reeves alrighty!

  15. Darin Madden


  16. Lawrence

    Dude, Where’s the GROUND?

  17. Lawrence

    Han Jurgenson reaches low earth orbit as he reaches sputnik on his 3rd attempt.

  18. Gentaur

    As luck would have it, Spider-Man and the Ringmaster both started using new gear at the same time, and Spidey fell (literally) for Ringy’s new Hypno-Ball.

  19. Mascot

    “Ernest goes to Soccer Camp”


    Is that what he looks like when he spankes the monkee


    oh baby i like people with such quick hands

  22. Kenny

    With one mighty hurl, the team tossed Sven and his ball toward the net.

  23. Ben

    not real GOLD… WTF?

  24. Xeres

    DAMN, SON!

  25. Matt Margis

    Tom Cruise is Paylay!!!

  26. jesse almeida

    nice save but his Deniro impression needs work

  27. Robert

    “Damit! I think I left the oven on!”

  28. Robert

    “YES!!! Now I’ll have no problem finding a date to the prom!!”

  29. Robert

    After a serious long term relationship, the ball and Alex agreed to part ways. However, in moment of passion, Alex pulled the ball in for one last kiss.

  30. David

    Current score is 2,000 for Neo, and 0 for the Smiths

  31. Morgan Cheek

    Not only does Superman save the world, he also plays a mean game of soccer.

  32. Mike

    Peter Pan has nothing on me…..I’m grabbing a bigger ball then he ever did.

  33. Arun

    Hey you….Golden Sphere of the Damned…..Put me down!!! I am scared of heights!!!

  34. Tim smedley

    Look at him go, jumping and grabbing his balls in such an eligent way.

  35. dawn sharp

    Becks once again proves that his balls are gravity proof indeed.

  36. NooSweat

    Harry Potter learns modern sports

  37. jtnhzebntt

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  38. Islam

    Solja Boi up in this field, watch me grab that, watch me sield!
    Now YOU cranck that Solja Boi!

  39. Jazlynn

    The voice of rayltnaiito! Good to hear from you.

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