Speed Bump


Speed Bump

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124 Captions for “Speed Bump”

  1. Chance

    He should have ate Wheaties for breakfast.

  2. Chance

    He should have ate Wheaties for breakfast.

  3. Jodi

    Wow chance you have two captions…good job

  4. Version One

    “Perhaps,” Dave thought, “the sofa would have been a better place to take a nap.”

  5. jwd

    After being run over, Chance lost his short-term memory, and began submitting the same caption twice.

  6. jwd

    “Look, Ma, no hands!”

  7. Therus

    I don’t care what planet your from. Thats gonna hurt in the morning.

  8. Professor Kaos

    Evil Kenevil & his Robbie spend some quality time together on the weekends

  9. Lawrence

    How motorcycle buddies give each other a good hard backscratch…..

  10. Lawrence

    Ok bobbie, I can see what you mean when you say the straightaway is a bit uneven….

  11. cairo

    Excuse me! Passing right!

  12. cairo

    That must have been the guy assigned to post February’s pictures

  13. Gentaur

    After leaving the Army, Sarge and Beetle Bailey took up motorcycle racing.

  14. (pdw)

    After jumping out of airplanes with a Segway, Bob found a new hobby.

  15. filkertom

    Believe it or not, it feels great! Look at the one guy’s leg twitch — the rider must’ve found the “sweet spot”.

  16. filkertom

    “That’s what you get for wearing the same outfit as me, bitch!

  17. jwd

    In that split second, Harry realized his balsawood sidecar design, though very light, was not practical on the racing circuit.

  18. nurg

    Terrified for his beloved anthill in the path of Dave’s bike, Steve makes the ultimate sacrifice.

  19. Jill

    The Stretch Armstrong toy finds alternative work after the career boom of the ’70s.

  20. Dennis Kucinich

    “I learned this move from a stressed-out soccer mom.”

  21. Pismonque

    “Cool, man! You nailed one of the other biker guys! Now go see if you can find a hooker to beat up! This game rules!”

  22. Jack

    Storyboard for next Mel Gibson movie

  23. s.chandler

    “Cool! twitching,shrieking speed bumps!”

  24. Pismonque

    “Okay, okay! Uncle! UNCLE! C’mon man, let me up already!”

  25. Gentaur

    Ahhhh, yes, that’s the spot…

  26. Arthur

    Now way you are going to pass me!

  27. sassy

    Hey break a leg!!

  28. sassy

    but will you respect him in the morning??

  29. sassy

    I SAID I’ll be your Backup not Backup!

  30. abc

    Ooo, a quarter!

  31. Naz

    The latest government unemployment project in action: Human speed-bumps.

  32. Bryan

    “You want to say something else about my mother!”

  33. Bryan

    “Cliff never really understood the concept of teamwork.”

  34. Often Visitor


  35. another often visitor

    I’m with often visitor. What moron put this up???


    Why are you posting this violent image? I come to your website to get a laugh. What are you thinking! Boycott Caption Machine!!!

  37. Pismonque

    AMA Smackdown!

  38. cabe-o

    hey bobby, whats french for va-va-voom

  39. shiro

    werie, ouwe.

  40. style

    “Torque” or torture?

  41. Often Visitor's Evil Twin


  42. Often Visitor's Parole Officer

    hey, “often visitor”…here’s your money back you insepid little twit. $0.00 Who says anybody owes YOU a picture? At some point in your adult life you will need to let go of the nipple and venture out on your own.

  43. Mascot

    Mad Max 2020: Beyond Watkins Glen

  44. Shadowbat

    “OW!! Dr. Payne, are you sure this is an accepted form of chiropractics?”

  45. Pismonque

    2 Fast, 1 Furious

  46. Jamon

    This is how we fix things in russia !

  47. Tom Servo

    “Hey Earl, check the oil while you’re down there will ya”
    “Can do!”

  48. Tom Servo

    “Auggh! Now I’ll never finish weaving that basket!”

  49. woosta

    Good thing he’s got those knee pads on

  50. Justin

    “Hey, I see what you mean. . . the wheel IS making a funny sound.”

  51. Les

    Tony made sure that Billy lived up to the phrase, “Ex-lovers make great speed bumps.”

  52. niah please

    Karma: Don’t masturbate.

  53. ttsquared

    Where the rubber meets the node.

  54. Not often visitor

    Suddenly Mike regretted signing that liability waiver.

  55. Owen Lucas

    No no, Steve, this is two-hand-touch motocross, not tackle.

  56. Tinkey Winkey

    Damn it, there goes the suspension.

  57. neth

    In mother russia, bike rides you.

  58. jivepuddin

    “DAMMIT! Thats my Atkins-friendly arm!”

  59. LOTR

    “You shall not pass!!”

  60. manicuklawyer

    that’s one hell of a novelty parking bay

  61. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    Shit Kenny, you and those @#$%& leaky DEPENDS. Eeee-yew!

  62. Roger

    Last time i try and thumb a lift

  63. IPalindromeI

    I’m not sure, but I think that’s cheating.

  64. IPalindromeI

    “And the Really Rottens move into second place!”

  65. Rochelle 29407

    SINCE THERE ISN’T ANY APRIL 2004 PICTURE TO CAPTION, I MADE UP MY OWN CAPTION…PICTURE THIS F U L. “Momma said if Sissy keeps eating all that candy it will ROTTERDAM teeth out. No wonder Sissy keeps repeating “Look ma, no cavities!” The wench hasn’t any teeth. Duh!!”

  66. Rochelle 29407

    Gotcha, ya yella belly Klutz!

  67. Captain Jordan

    Probably not the safest way to remove one’s helmet..

  68. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    After the bike ride,Davidson was Harley recognizable

  69. Love ya Often *Kiss*

    Hey look everyone, Often Visitor is so lame he has to create a caption complaining. Maybe its because his dick is to small so he releases his sexual frustrations online, tisk tisk…very tragic

  70. joe


  71. arron

    Its all good im double jointed!

  72. arron

    lets see u touch little boys now BITCH!

  73. me a mofo

    1 fast, 1 furious

  74. Sad But True

    Boys will be boys!

  75. Amy

    What the redneck said before his untimely death: “Hey ya’ll, Watch this!”

  76. Sam Herman


  77. alksfhalsdjh

    Now how am I going to get this tire stain off?!!!!!!!!!!?

  78. RyDawg

    “You think you’re gonna get past me?!?!OVER MY DEAD BO-D-Y….ARRGGGHHH!!!”

  79. Gary Coleman

    hey get your bike off this baseball field! Imissed the catch!you retard!

  80. Flip

    Can i take those pills now

  81. axcer

    Although employment is great, maybe bike riding isnt the BEST profession for the blind…

  82. axcer

    DAMN THE GOVERNMENT! I TOLD them to improve road safety! But did they listen?….

  83. Jon

    And suddenly Bill’s sexy photo shoot went horribly wrong.

  84. aza d

    please drive off me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. t0m0 is happy monkey

    IF YOUR LOOKING FOR TROUBLE U FOUND IT….because…??…..hmmmmm i don’t know ….ull bash me anyway won’t you!!!???

  86. aza d

    alright man ill pay up .damn

  87. aza d

    hey tomo

  88. t0m0 is happy monkey

    ( I )
    / /
    / /
    / /
    / /
    ( ) ( )

  89. Kezza

    “Dude i’ll stay away from your woman!”

  90. t0m0 is happy monkey


  91. t0m0 is happy monkey

    hey aaron monkeyman look alike with no1…but brads a look alike monkey – retard kinda thing…hehehehe

  92. canadiana

    you idiot get your arm off of that bike!

  93. canadiana

    yerrrrrrrrr out!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Bonnie

    Ouch, my wrist!

  95. s

    getting ahead in the race

  96. VJ

    At this point in the race, Rudy got tired.

  97. Graeme

    Yeah Pal!!! Over my Dead Body!!
    Your Choice!!

  98. saus

    scientists discover a new type of brain tumor motorcylemiligmomer

  99. RovingShoe

    The things you have to do for 15 minutes of fame when you can’t sing like William Hung.

  100. Jorre


  101. mark

    hey!! That’s my dollar

  102. unwound

    “cause the chicks dig it”

  103. paul

    camera phones,always carry it.

  104. Carlos ashby

    Ok, why’d you do that son, you know your not supposed to run me over by accident,

    “But mama, its an accident”

    you do realize i’m your mom and i’m a guy dont you

  105. whatever

    okay, that one below is pretty stupid

  106. opstap

    HAA HAA 2 for flinching

  107. hobobo

    That’ll teach you to lap me!

  108. pete

    the whole “over my dead body” bravado did do billy any favours in the long run.

  109. digital cameras

    Hi My wife and I would like to thank you all for this web site. Hours of pleasure and all

  110. jethro bodine

    I guess I should have bought a Segway.

  111. Michael

    This seemed like a good idea at the time.

  112. Jimmy Joe Bob

    Sidehacking ain’t what it used to be.

  113. Kenny

    Gee I’m glad I put on my helmet and protective boots.

  114. mike

    After close review. The Olympic commitee decided against the 155mph relay race.

  115. mike

    Fear not. After this he got a lead roll in the hit childrens show “Pee Wee’s Playhouse”

  116. mike

    and he never lost his hat

  117. Ian

    “I am gonna run on the road and trip you, so you can be out of the race! Aren’t I smart?” A few minutes later… “Aren’t I a dumbass?”

  118. Ian

    All I wanted to do is try to trip him so I could win the race! I guess it wasn’t so
    smart after all

  119. Splat

    Billy Joe finds that breakdancing on a track can have painful results.

  120. Sir James

    7 come 11 – the hard way

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