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87 Captions for “Sugardaddy”

  1. Anonymous

    You know better than that! First your teeth go in the glass, THEN you get into my pants.

  2. Anonymous

    She’s obviously in it for the money, but what’s his excuse?

  3. Anonymous

    why old men like to give young women alcohol

  4. Seefy

    “Fifty bucks for the night, sixty if you want me to clean your dentures too.”

  5. larfus

    Just a setup for some Viagra commercial….

  6. John

    “You just won the lottery?!”

  7. beaker

    Bill Clinton, circa 2026

  8. spat

    Old man: “Huuh…!?”

    Woman: “Yeah babe, I’m a she-male…never heard of them?”

  9. blue-j

    Old Man: I’m Joe, your hot blind date.

    Woman: Oooh…goodie…

  10. (pdw)

    Try our new aftershave for senior citizens: Eau de Credit Card.

  11. Anonymous

    That radioactive wart on your nose sure gets me hot, old man!

  12. k

    “baby i made that drink just for you, roofie what roofie, i have no idea what your talking about”

  13. Anonymous

    “I’m Anna Nicole’s sister.”

  14. Mortius

    Lady: Is that a penis, I mean flashlight in your pocket or are you just hard, erm, happy to see me?

  15. Alex Kaseberg

    You have a billion dollars And emphysema? Anna Nicole eat your heart out.

  16. Alex Kaseberg

    He’s thinking; “Go ugly early”
    She’s thinking; “Go rich and dying.”

  17. Maxx

    C’mon old guy! Give ‘er a go before you die!

  18. tiff o knee

    hey lady! who are you and why are you using your witchcraft to bend my nose in like that!?

  19. tiff o knee

    whoa! thats quite a bright zit you got there on your nose, gramps.

  20. bANAAL

    what 2 years of marriage causes to young men

  21. dadro

    Back in my day we used breasts for birth control.

  22. Anonymous

    i hit the jackpot here! i can still hear my bells ringing… no, it’s gone already…

  23. onebad427

    coming May 2003, “NBC’s 30 years of must see TV” The Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky Reunion Special

  24. The Beaver

    I’d love to get in her pants!!!….cause I just shit in mine.

  25. Anonymous

    Thats right I said $2 million

  26. lilburro

    “You say pah-tay-toe and I say pah-tah-toe. You say to-may-toe and I say to-mah-toe. Pah-tay-toe , pah-tah-toe. to-may-toe, to-mah-toe. Let’s call the whole thing off!”

  27. gaffster

    Now, honey, those false teeth stuck on your dick can’t possibly be mine! Look! My teeth are still in!

  28. Gram

    My unconditional love will depend on how much you are worth.

  29. Gram

    Talk dirty to me baby!

  30. Quinten

    The old mister Rogers first had to seduice the woman before he could get to her son.

  31. Keikopcarnaval!

    Panic flashed through Donald’s head, as he heard the woman say: “Remember me, Dad? You’re little daughter from ‘Nam?”

  32. Oetjepoe!

    Panic flashed through Donald’s head, as he heard the woman say: “Remember me, Dad? Your little daughter from ‘Nam?”

  33. monkey

    can i suck a $100 bill through a garden hose? CAN I EVER!

  34. Alan

    Of course I love you it has nothing to do with you being a billionaire and all that !

  35. Donkeypuncher

    “Sorry, Pops. but I’d rather jerk off a homeless guy…”

  36. fruity ttooty

    “When you say it Depends are you meaning the ones I am wearing?”

  37. Anonymous

    Jesus! You’ve got a face hugger on yer shoulder old man!!

  38. mantralord

    If you take the green pill…

  39. badlybred

    “Well aren’t you a pretty thing…

    …fancy a roll in the hay.”

  40. Gorilla

    And, does your dick suit my mouth?

  41. Micah

    Sid Caesar and Roseanne Arnold?!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  42. JWD

    “Is that a cane, or are you just happy to see me?”

  43. john

    Harold swore he would never piss in a cup, but, at his age he would do almost anything for a hug.

  44. —ˆvÂ

    your name is jhon jacob jinglehimer schmitt too? well no shit!

  45. phknuts

    keep rubbin’ my shoulder, honey, and that cup will be full in no time…..old faithful ain’t got nothin’ on me….

  46. Roadcrew

    After a facelift and a dye job…Anna Nichole Smith is back on the dating scene.

  47. nar

    May 21st Libra: today is your day!
    Find a soulmate! Don’t hesitate, Mr. Right is right around the corner!

  48. M. Simmons

    NO WAY! Not for Fifty Bucks, for Sixty, I’ll think about it!

  49. cri.sys

    “Hey baby, I created Spider-Man. Care to see my little web-slinger?”

  50. TulsaT

    Old guy: …so I says, “Some corner!”
    Woman: Har har har de har!

  51. DWH

    …are you wearing Windex ’cause I can see myself in your pants?

  52. van

    “Is thast a roll of pennies in your pocket? or are ya glad to see me?”…”Come over here and let me knock some cents in you!”

  53. Jay

    Hey is the viagra working or are you just glad so see me?

  54. SailmanR

    Sober up, lady. And for the hundredth time, I am NOT your dentist

  55. Hoggrider5150

    Oh Crud, My Viagra just wore off.

  56. Anonymous

    I think it moved!!!!

  57. Scott P.

    She’s after my money.

    Like I care.

  58. Anonymous

    I told you I would get that prune juice down you.

  59. Anonymous

    Is my hand on your thigh or mine?

  60. Jeff Chastain

    Santa, for Christmas, can I have a…

  61. Donald Hatcher

    Yes, it really is that long and it still works baby!

  62. Anonymous

    who are you and where are my pain killers?

  63. Jimmy the Fish

    Beer goggles? Hwat do you mean? I was drinking Gin!

  64. kate

    hugh hefner final settles down….after he is given 6 weeks to live by doctors.

  65. tps

    You couldn’t possibly eat me that long

  66. Anonymous

    Bet this is the last time she gets drunk.

  67. PunkEnuff182

    Thats rigth grandpa…all u have to do is pee in this cup

  68. Todd Hunt

    That Viagra really does work!

  69. Ozzmann

    Tim sets a new world record, attending 87 consecutive senior proms!

  70. Mike

    Jim was really happy that the stripper hired for his party sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He’d be even happier if the stripper wasn’t his own granddaughter.

  71. jesse Grewal

    what i have to have sex with you to save a kitten?

  72. Mr. Ramon

    Monica Lewinsky’s new boyfriend wasn’t nearly as handsome as Bill Clinton, but his exotic cigar collection was way more fun than the cheap Phillies Blunts Bubba kept in his office.

  73. ritchie

    anna-nicole smith: yes folks, just follow the instructions on my instructional video and you too can strike it big!

  74. KY

    Oh my god, she gonna eat me! Damn succubus!

  75. L.F.


  76. don


  77. alan seaton

    “You know when I was in the navy I got a tatoo on my asshole and it looks alot like you”

  78. Resisobilus

    Aaron Spelling uses his hypno-wart to convince Pia Zadora to make Santa 2: Return to Mars.

  79. Sultan of Doom

    ….at least he’s rich!

  80. nurg

    Oh, for crissake, you all know it’s just his grandaughter or somethin’.

  81. mgoldsmith4

    Look, It’s Cher! she finally gave up dating young guys.

  82. Mark Beular

    you want me to blow that ha ha ha ha ha its like alittle blowpop ha ha ha

  83. MeeMah

    Hallelujia, viagra!

  84. Pedro from MÈxico

    I swear it was the dog who farted

  85. dustin cobwebs

    you know thats not a walkin stick in my poket… oh wait it is

  86. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

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