Super What?


What in the hell where they thinking. Part 1 of a series.

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189 Captions for “Super What?”

  1. Viehauser


  2. 9Nails

    Now that blacks can get Oscars, Jimmy thought he would be next in line after Denzel Washington.

  3. Geezo Beezo

    Doctors were able to create a healthy bed of chest hair using only a small transplant from Superman’s moustache.

  4. Jason

    Clark Kent’s long lost half-brother.

  5. Krull

    Kryptonite? No… Dyno-mite!

  6. Alex

    Me am Bizzaro!!

  7. brian

    how funky is your chicken?

    how loose is your goose?

  8. Anonymous

    Faster than speed or barbituates. More powerful than LSD. Able to leap from gender to gender with a single tuck ñ ìItís the muse of Rick James . . . Super Freak!î

  9. Steve 1

    The real superman isn’t as good looking as in the movies

  10. Anti

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
    No, it’s Stuporman!

  11. ampKing

    The young superman was going through that awkward age when you havn’t settled for a specific “look” yet

  12. Big johnson

    New superhero makes all kids feel beautiful

  13. Furry

    male cheerleading: the sad trend that’s sweeping Mexico…

  14. Megs

    Kiss me buck teeth, my tonsils itch…

  15. Brian

    Supah-frak, supah freak, she’s supah -freaky, ow. Rick James IS making a comeback.

  16. julia

    Ray just learned how to say Saskatchewan without stuttering.

    He would now like to be known as Super Skatch.

  17. Gram

    Kiss me.. kiss me like you’ve NEVER, kissed BEFORE.

  18. cari

    Apparently he wore his jock strap on the wrong end.

  19. Anonymous


  20. Tyler Barton

    Tiger Woods seems to have gotten the lead part in the new Superman movie.

  21. ENAR - an original one by Nick and not some poser's. This name is getting raelly really long but hey, its part of a really long joke and if anone tries to copy me i'll sue their pants off.

    After Universal Studios was sued for $18 million for not including one black man in any of the original “SUPERMAN” moves who did not die in some freak disaster, they decided to create a new trilogy; “EBONY-MAN” At the Universal Studios Convention, a hopefull Dick Cheney is posing, painted black, and is running against Michael Jackson for the lead role.

  22. Leo the savant

    Holy shit batman, that was some heavy weed we blew!!

  23. Anna

    Super CHAZZ!!

  24. Laura

    The new and improved Superman –

    No matter how hard you try to resist, he always makes you turn away in disgust.

  25. leisureleague

    i burned off my chest hair with heat vision, but then it grew back…..kinda

  26. db

    Hn hn hn I am going to take over the world! Ayeyayaaaaaa!

  27. Jowy

    While auditioning for a new Superman, DC Comics didn’t want to descriminate about gender or race, this is what they came up with.

  28. Anonymous

    Eddie from the Munsters plays Superman. Really. They painted his face in the Munsters so you couldn’t tell he was black. It was taboo then.

  29. jasonclick

    Supermans long lost Superbrotha.

  30. Jimmy Flowers

    This is what happens to Superman when he is exposed to dyno-kryptonite!

  31. Quique

    This guy must get a lot of pussy…

  32. fisher

    Fredo Kent

  33. Julles

    before he saw the camera: jeez, hun, why didn’t you tell me you were into comic book heros before? We could’ve been making love like-
    after he saw the camera: HOLY ****! You said tomorrow was sewing circle night!

  34. Jason

    La Femme LaQuita meets Clark Kent

  35. Punkenuff182

    super pimp!!

  36. bobbo

    Hey my brotha, can i borrow your copy of hey soul classics 2?

  37. AmbientBleue18

    Now you and I both know that in reality, ain’t one damn brotha in Metropolis, and if there is, he ain’t runnin around in tights with a played-out perm blowin in the wind…

  38. LM


  39. Anonymous

    You think I’m hot in this picture? Just wait till the nude shots!

  40. darcan

    Che brutto che ti xe !!!

  41. Micah

    What’s that? You say that Superman was white? Nah dogg, that ain’t right!

  42. Micah

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s Supahfly!

  43. Katrina Crow

    SuperHe/She to the rescue!!!

  44. Kuratowa

    Bizarro Steel lives on Bizarro World, where everyone is a crazt reflection of Steel or one of his friends.

  45. klobenkai

    uma heeya
    to git them gahbage cans!!
    end dats legit! pwit!

  46. rj the magnificent camel

    “who summoned jesus!?”

  47. Justin

    What do u mean spending my childhood living under high tension lines could have been a bad idea?

  48. Anonymous

    Superugly. Fighting for truth, justice, and a really good plastic surgeon.

  49. Anonymous


  50. Kelli

    “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s superman.. I mean superwoman, I mean… what the hell IS that thing???”

  51. Andy

    Scences from the unreleased Short Circuit 3

  52. gravityboy

    Man, that guy could stop a train with his teeth!

  53. Anonymous

    The guy at the welfare office said you get more money if they think you’re crazy..

  54. Anonymous

    Who knew that the offspring of Mary Lou Retton and Richard Pryor would have superhuman powers?

  55. David Hview

    Superman? Superwoman? NO! Its the hero who teaches children to be un-sexist!

  56. Patrick

    McDonald’s temporarily suspended its policy of unconditionally hiring the mentally retarded after they couldn’t get Rodney to come to work without claming he was going to end the Hamburglar’s evil hijinks once and for all.

  57. egg

    after christopher reeves accident best friend little richard steps up to the plate for superman 4

  58. carter

    i’ll suck you off for a quarter

  59. Jordan Woll

    Faster than a speeding El Camino, Greasier than a box o’ fries, able to leap tall afros in a single bound, it’s SUPAA MAYN!

  60. Reed

    In Lex Luthor’s most dastardly plot yet, Superman is transformed into a Black man with Halitosis.

  61. tfstrum

    Think I can get a regular spot on Howard Stern?

  62. Maxx

    What dead hooker?

  63. Elf

    Ain’t halloween, Mr. Superman WANNABE!

  64. Adam

    please.. kill me now

  65. tr

    Ohhh i’m sorry were my teeth bothering you?

  66. cecilia =)

    i’m sorry but he had the wrong suit.. Where’s THE MASK?

  67. PuddingTime

    Yes, my pubes go up that far.

  68. ned

    Al Sharpton looses 200 pounds and his mind too.

  69. Ed Chin

    Genetic trials for the Citizens Against Sexually Attractive Superheroes were sketchy at best.

  70. Ed Chin

    According to Metropolis authorities, Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane shot herself 67 times after discovering husband and colleague Clark Kent had a secret affair with singer Chaka Khan.

  71. d.

    ugly black man.

  72. Big M

    I’m too sexy for my…um…damn, I’m ugly

  73. Van H.

    Having just valiantly pulled the drowning schoolbus containing 20 youngsters out of the lake, our sympathetic superhero took time to pose for the local newspapers. After being asked how he could be on the spot of danger so quickly, he flashed a becoming smile and answered: “I was taking an afternoon swim with the wife and kids when I heard a great splash. I knew something was wrong. I am glad all the children are ok.”
    Please join us in expressing our gratitude by taking your monitor in two hands and yell: THANK YOU, SUPERBEAVER!

  74. Elli

    I’m suuuuper, thanks for asking!

  75. Mr. Ramon

    Who’s the first nigga to outrun a choppa?

  76. FoxTrott

    Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀

  77. herb


  78. diego

    It aint my fault, did i do tha….wait it is.

  79. Drox

    Have no fear SuperNigga is here!

  80. Exxon

    hay man, give your props to Richard Pryor. I knew that mo fo would make a comeback… but damn he got uglier since he made his album SuperNigger!

  81. loteq

    John Pook, Winner of the Maryland state Superintendants pageant.

  82. oggie

    Help! Help!
    Don’t worry, Supsershemale is here
    Oh no … HEEEEEELP!

  83. Samuel Clemons

    1st place goes to Harry for the gayest costum of the year.

  84. Anonymous

    I told my mama this was the damn Supergirl costume. Shhhiiiiznit…

  85. Hecata

    EEEEEEOOOOOFFF…DDDAMN…”Who let the dog’s out” Woof..woof..woof!

  86. Anonymous

    I was gonna save da world, but den I found crack.

  87. magpie steve

    this man looks like a woman..

  88. magpie steve

    he looks like Hecata’s mother…ewwwwww

  89. Steven

    Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

  90. Joan

    This is a picture of Mavis before we waxed her upper lip. Let’s get started Mavis. HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!

  91. Steven

    Best known for his smash hit “We don’t have to take our clothes off”, Jermaine Stewert attempts to rekindle his career as a halloween costume model.

  92. andrew

    Bhangra Man original Indian SuperHero, realises that maybe that extra strong chicken vindaloo isnt what impressess girls.

  93. Bloodthirster

    Toghether with his sexy smile he will put a stop to racism.

  94. Bloodthirster

    I cut of a part of my moustache and taped it on my chest. Looks scary doesn’t it?

  95. Bloodthirster

    Super-hairyman: Looks like you need some lovin’ bitch

  96. Don MatÈo

    Good lord why have you forsaken me, please save me from SUPERUGLY

  97. Big M

    Procreation forbidden!

  98. Bubba

    is it a plane? is it a bird? no, it’s… ugly

  99. Benjamin

    So this doctor from Italy DID indeed clone the first human!

  100. essence

    heeey baby…you like dance with Jesuuus
    I’m reelly good you knoow

  101. Kimmay

    “He’s a supah-FREAK! supah FREAK! He’s supah-FREAkay..”

  102. Dairenn

    More STDs than his hookers, it’s SuperPimp!

  103. b00mHauer

    I make this look good !

  104. chica

    After The Little Rascals, Buckwheat looks for a new career.

  105. Andreuu

    The results of too much alcohol at the Superman family reunion (…or when Cousins mate)

  106. chris

    i guess the glasses disguise just didn’t cut it anymore

  107. chris

    i guess the glasses disguise just didn’t cut it anymore

  108. Shithead

    “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s……it’s……., REALY SCARRY! Man, instead of charming birds out of trees, this dudes probably never seen a bird in his/her ( who knows ) life! I mean, like , can you please wear a mask !”

  109. AliasMoze

    We’ve foiled Captain Racializer and escaped the effects of his evil Blacktonite. Green Lantern, what the hell are you staring at?

  110. Andy G.

    Am I hot or not?

  111. KDOGG

    The world was surprised to discover
    ……superman/clark kent had yet

    secret Identity

  112. emoscreamo

    Look! Up in the air! Its a man! It’s a woman! It’s Super Tranny!

  113. dalida


  114. Jimmyhat

    Fear Superpimp’s iced-out cane.

  115. Fenris

    now THAT’s a role model.

  116. Babylon

    This wouldn’t have happened if wonderwoman would’ve read the warnings on the bottom of that cryptonite dildo…

  117. induhvidual

    … and ahh made de toupee all by mahself wiff some steel wool…

  118. Mj

    the day superman went on sick leave

  119. Anonymous

    My mom thinks I’m cool…

  120. Anonymous

    Everytime you masturbate, God beats a superhero with an ugly stick.

  121. Anonymous

    supa-mon, fightin’ da KKK mon… diggit, big-up da supa-mon, down wit da white robes

  122. Da Pancho

    NOW you know why Superman always tries to avoid Kryptonite…

  123. Da Pancho

    Mahatma Ghandi’s last resort…

  124. jon

    this guy is a faggot that likes men and when i see i’m i think of phillip w.

  125. jon

    super queero to the rescue that face says let me suck your chod

  126. Anonymous

    Africas Home Grown AIDS SuperHero.. Sent to Fight the Spread of AIDS in Africa.. Apparently he hasnt done a Good job.

  127. drag0nfire

    “don’t worry buddy… they guys in the white coats are comin for ya soon… then you can get out of that silly costume and put on your nice warm white jacket…”

  128. Beaf

    See, diversity rules win again

  129. Beaf

    Damn Affirmative Action!!!!!!!

  130. PowerHouseLX

    The all new hit series Smallville moves to BET…

  131. mdc58

    “If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman…”

  132. Mikomadness

    I think he shouldn’t quit his day job shoveling pig shit.

  133. JohnBacardi


  134. Kenneth Kang

    its a janitor… its a convict… no ITS SUPER SLAVE…

  135. tool

    OJ’s love child with mister ed

  136. tool

    As with most black spin-offs of a popular television series, “Super-Spook” failed to find an audience.

  137. Anonymous

    My teeff is super bitey

  138. Anonymous

    Not another superman blaxploitation movie

  139. Anonymous

    Ignoring the warnings of his friends and family, Rodney King felt that his method of getting revenge on the L.A.P.D. was the only way to go.

  140. Nerve Wrack X

    It was this guy and that Steve Urkel, who single handedly ruined “The Million Man March”, simply by showing up. Farrakhan militantly disavows all knowledge of these events, however.

  141. CD

    after the fourth Revenge of the Nerds sequel, Larry B. Scott, who played Lamar turned to a life of transsexual prostitution, LSD and the blues.

  142. Peps

    Am I cool or what?

  143. Peps

    I was voted cutest boy in my neighborhood!!

  144. Razor Ramon

    If you steal this gold, I will kill you!

  145. rob is a loser

    Rob Voorhis, the MVP, likes to suck his own dick…and he likes to lick his hairy ape-monkey ass. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT SPOT ON YOUR HAND?

  146. Anonymous


  147. joe sgambati

    its crack man every one is doing it

  148. Anonymous

    mama bought me some jammies!

  149. belloq75

    Well, he’s still a better choice than Nicholas Cage.

  150. golfgirl

    The only job James Brown could find after getting out of Jail was Kids Birthday parties

  151. Anonymous

    The photo not to use in your on-line personals ad.

  152. jose

    look out! undercover brother here comes super brother!

  153. Funky-man

    With my smokin red threads and my cape of blues and rhyme,
    I am so funnky it should be a crime.

  154. atariracing

    Another Goodwill worker on Holloween.

  155. MaximusSoul


  156. Mike

    Okay that was great, but just a little more emotion this time. Alright, Politically Correct Superman XXVII take seven…and, action!

  157. alan seaton

    the black negro college fund 2002

  158. Resisobilus

    Up – up and OTAY!

  159. Big C

    Mother………….i have a dark secret.

  160. janelno5


  161. Phaeton

    What color Kryptonite did this?

  162. BillyJoeBob

    Yo, Tina, you wanna role play…

  163. Nerve Wrack X

    First attendee in line for the very first annual “Dress As Your Favorite Super-Hero While You Eat Fried Chicken And Watermelon To The Blues For The Mentally Retarded” festival. (or D.A.Y.F.S.H.W.Y.E.F.C.A.W.T.T.B.F.T.M.R. for short)

  164. Phaeton

    Although she could never prove it, Lara began to suspect that Jor-El had a little jungle fever when he introduced their son Kal-El to his “cousin” Kal-Le-Roy.

  165. Lawrence

    Why did Kryton blow up?, Well, it was nothing compared to Jor-el’s tantrum after his wife had given birth to Leroy-el, let’s just say it wasnt pretty.

  166. Lawrence

    Lex Luthor had finally completed his devolvo ray gun and even he was unsettled when Superman became Super-neanderthal-man. The Justice League isnt happy either.

  167. Mike Cancino

    Oh, Richard Paton, why wont you impregnate me you sexy Puerto Rican?

  168. remi a.m.

    Buy the new comics of super-man for 10 cent

  169. Nurses of 4sw

    Crest White Strips worked fo me!

  170. Bobby

    I look just like Bobby Green!

  171. Capcom Freedom

    PLease tell me, man or woman

  172. Robbie

    The S stands for sucker!

  173. Rentalbean

    (relaxed w/no curl activator)

  174. Ele

    50 cents twin AFTER 50 cent was killed in a terrible fire.

  175. Liz

    Ok kids hurry up and get in the car

  176. evan


  177. OU812

    Nigga please…

  178. dustin cobwebs

    supa freak a supa freak hes supa freaky yow!

  179. Kenny

    Jimmy JJ Walker and Clark Kent got really drunk one night and……

  180. Audiodoode

    But, alas……..
    His only superpower was the ability to eat corn-on-the-cob through a picket fence.

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