SUV parking


Due to the over crowded parking lots, mall owners are resorting to specialized SUV parking.

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141 Captions for “SUV parking”

  1. a

    In a hurry to get those breast tenders

  2. Sparkie

    Move along ma’am, nothing to see here.

  3. Joe

    The next generation in off road vehicles

  4. “I think I can, I think I can…!”

  5. still can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl

  6. filkertom

    The 2003 Spider-Van comes with its own web-shooters

  7. Bart the Fart

    Some will try anything to avoid parking lot dents.

  8. (pdw)

    If Zorro drove an SUV…

  9. filkertom

    And you thought it was bad when the dog humped your leg….

  10. Professor Kaos

    The NEW FORD SUV with “SUPER-DUPER-MEGA-ULTRA-PRIMO-HIGH OUTPUT” 4 wheel drive will go absolutely anywhere!!


    Oh yes, I remember now, I DID park it there!


    The o-zone was finally taking revenge.


    The o-zone was finally getting revenge.

  14. qwertyman

    The next step in fighting the terrorists

  15. K

    “Now everyone rember where we parked.”


    Don’t drink and park stuff.

  17. lawrence

    And now, for our feature act of the night, flying jimmy walenda will walk the tightrope in his new suv while drinking a Sierra Mist!!!…..hold the applause folks hold the applause….

  18. jwd

    Honk if your SUV is horny.

  19. jwd

    His parents sent him to the store to get some ground chuck, and now Chuck is grounded!


    Woman “Hey, my outfit matches the SUV!”

  21. Les

    (for fans of the series Thunderbirds) Jeff Tracy introduces a new vehical for the boys to use


    It’s flossing


    It’s sad when SUV’s have to resort to wire porn at strip malls.

  24. stevejust

    Now you see? This is why playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 on your SUV’s indash TV is a bad idea… You might confuse the steering wheel with the controler and try a 180 heelflip to 50/50 fakie down powerline guide cables.




    When NASA gets less funding.


    You have the right to remain silent, and don’t give me “I’m only a pigeon” excuse again.

  28. Jimmy the Fish

    Senator Kennedy’s intern goes for mini-muffins.


    You have the right to remain silent, and don;t give me the “I’m only a pigeon” excuse again.

  30. thinklessdolesseatless

    ok, babe was a pig that wanted to become a sheep dog, but an sev wanting to become a stunt bike!?

  31. thinklessdolesseatless

    There comes a time in every cars life…..

  32. thinklessdolesseatless

    its not my fault officer, i didnt have my glasses on and i couldnt see where ever the hell i was headed


    I hate super bowl commercials.


    That was some awesome performance, honey. I hope nobody noticed us.


    “Car may have the tendency to shift during sex.”

  36. Fartman

    Fixing a tire without a jack.

  37. brad

    Breast tending in Deli: 1,79 -safe
    Breast Tending in car: free -unsafe

  38. Torn Nugget

    O.J. Simpson’s habit of parking hastily finally gets out of hand.

  39. Knut

    Drive-by-Wire, eh?

  40. Mascot

    You’ve just witnessed the modernization of the infamous Flying Walenda’s, after an attempt to take their SUV tight rope walking.

  41. Mascot

    Okay, so the guy in the SUV couldn’t do it…now what makes that idiot in the Honda behind him think he can?

  42. Mark Beular


  43. 5 pound breast

    Now that’s what I’m talking about.

  44. Dr. Stupid

    “You’re getting so big! Looks like we’ll just have to buy you a swing set with a higher weight capacity.”

  45. downunder

    There’s something you don’t see every day ….. Grapes 99c a pound!!

  46. Fartman

    This happens when the parking lot is a vastness of space

  47. MystiCarrot

    The on ramp of the future: today!

  48. Brazilan

    Wait me

  49. Gaffer

    Does my ass look big in this?

  50. top-gun

    X-Brawn TRANSFORM!!!!

  51. Zp

    the shooting for the new live-action Transformers the movie begins with mixed results

  52. Dodo

    Well, since this shuttle-thing is clearly not working out…

  53. Brad N

    Parking at a 45 degree angle always helped Mark’s boyles drain while his wife picked up some deli meats.

  54. Brad N

    United Airlines’ recent bankruptcy came to fruition with the unveiling of the budget friendly “take off” simulator for prospective pilots.

  55. aseaton

    Having been born without neck muscles, Barry was forced to use his vehicle to “look up” at the sky.

  56. Datz_It

    “Dont ya love it when the circus comes to town?”

  57. Michael Meisels

    Did this fall off the shuttle?

  58. MrT

    Woman: “oops…I think i just parked ontop of that Aston Martin from the last Bond Movie?”

  59. Pokejedservo

    There is something really strange about this pic, who’d name their Deli/Bakery Ingles?

  60. paul bonser

    local conuncil try new clamping technique

  61. MusWatcher

    Honestly officer, I was just trying to run over my husband when this happened. I’m sure he’s under there somewhere.

  62. Chris Hannant

    Is my tummy clean?

  63. Izzy

    Ack! One to many 1.79 breast tenders…

  64. Izzy

    It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!

  65. Izzy

    Up, up and AWAAAAAAYYY!!!

  66. Izzy

    Optimus Prime has really let himself go…

  67. gay paree

    The french guy driving this said he was only used to going in reverse.

  68. ardyn

    Top of this electrical pole or bust… (or in this case, both!)

  69. Scott S.

    For some reason Mary’s SUV would run and hide from the other vehicles.

  70. Rick

    I knew putting viagra into the gas tank would do this.

  71. Fatpav

    Bless you! Would you like a Kleenex

  72. Andrew


  73. Jason

    Yo Dawg those new hydrolics are sweet, I gots to get me them sh*ts!!

  74. no name


  75. no name


  76. Gentaur

    That’s not what “handicapped parking” means, sir.

  77. Brian Thornton

    Mrs. Grizwalt will not completely divulge exactly how she trained her Izuzu to hunt electric cars, but she will say that “it involves a lot of tender loving care and a few slices of bologna.”

  78. Willard

    P. Diddy’s in the house!

  79. Jeremiah

    The all-new Ford Explorer. When you just don’t give a shit where you park anymore, as long as it’s right next to the entrance.

  80. Jeff Padilla

    Yes Officer I am a Natural Blonde, why do you ask?

  81. James

    What… It’s between the lines.

  82. Jack

    ….now if the Columbia was at this angle, then all would have been ok!

  83. Captain Caption

    He’s got the hydrolics; now all he needs is gold rims.

  84. Mr T

    It was at this point when Mrs. Patterson realised her daughter might be a little bit overweight.

  85. Atrocity

    When SUV’s get horny.

  86. QuickCheetah

    See, there weren’t any parking spaces when I went in, so….

  87. Lauren

    Honey, when you said you bought the new SUV “on line,” I thought you meant you got it on the Internet…

  88. KJP

    Phil wasn’t clear on the concept of “diagonal parking”.

  89. nimrod

    “I thought only dogs did that”

  90. Greg

    I just don’t understand why I failed my test 12 times!!!

  91. poncy

    Hurry up Pa or we are gonna miss the opening act of the new cultural Texan roadshow;
    “SUV De Soleil”!

  92. Poncy

    Ingles Special Promotion day: SUV kite flying FREE with 2 tons of gound chuck y’all!!

  93. Wim

    What? Rap stars need to go shopping too, you know

  94. Nevermore

    I’m okay with it as long as he isn’t trying to hump my leg

  95. Havasay

    I had my wheels on the “ground” thinking of “tender breasts” when I “chucked” a wobbly and now it’s the “grapes of wrath”!

  96. Gentaur

    Leo thought a Bowflex for his car would give it power steering.

  97. firestarter

    I guess it was that 1500 lb.s of hamburger at 29 cents per pound!

  98. Gentaur

    Mark was somewhat confused about how to do auto-erotic asphixiation.

  99. Jason

    Back it up! I know I can jump this bitch!

  100. Gentaur

    Off-road vehicle commercials get even more exaggerated.

  101. charlie

    Oh, look, honey! They taught that cute little SUV how to beg!

  102. BOBBIE


  103. RedneckZombie

    Dude, that sign says tender breasts… coool.

  104. t

    and now… the amazing rope-crossing trick…

  105. P S

    Isuzu’s new high energy suv makes its debut in North Carolina with mixed results

  106. Inoracam

    …”well maam, I can’t issue him a citation. He’s parked well within the lines.”

  107. Gentaur

    Spider-Man really annoyed the cops when he went after parking violations.

  108. Hava-A-Say

    Yes Luv .. I know .. she said she only burped! Ye Gads, I hate to think what would have happened if she’d “##*&^%”!

  109. Mark Beular

    after a long night of drinking alcohol in the grocery store Bubba and Jethro crash the stolen car into a set wires in the parking lot

  110. Gentaur

    “Can you hear me now?”

  111. Newt

    At least he won’t get any door dings.

  112. Craig Dillon

    “Theres a car that shows all those 5 litres blows, And its buying a stairway to heaven”

  113. etl

    buzz alderan’s final attemp at getting into space, rested on the wheels of a chevy taho.

  114. christophlopper

    take a picture, it’ll last longer!!! nosey bitch.

  115. Larry

    I should’ve put my dinner in the front.

  116. J-ROD

    yo cheech! wha happen to teh spokes?

  117. Robbie

    No officer, i’m not parked on the bridge! The lines are not counting as bridge.

  118. Dirk

    Ja, dit is een toerist. Die snapt natuurlijk niet dat je de auto niet in de lengte tussen de lijnen moet zetten.

  119. alexkempers

    This car has got to MUCH horsepower.
    Hi iiii!!

  120. jeroen

    “I knew there was some illegal hidden under there!”

  121. psr

    Optimus Prime just wanted to get a pound of grapes for 99 cent and when he was planning to leave all those people acted like they never seen a Transformer before! How weird.

  122. Denise

    and you thought there would not be a parking space??

  123. Gentaur

    Never steal the parking space of someone whose plate says BANNER.

  124. toet

    “Oh, shutup! You mind your business and I’ll mind mine.”

  125. hunter

    Friends don’t let friends park drunk.

  126. Checkmate

    I dub thee… The Challenger…

  127. Sammy

    cable car?

  128. Michelle

    Mall Security has certainly become creative with their parking assignments.

  129. Michelle

    Mall Security has certainly become creative with their parking assignments for the holidays.

  130. Newt

    Those mechanics are a rip off, I can get a good look under my car for free.

  131. Brandon

    Thank God a person with such miserable driving skills was so safely ensconced in a large, overbearing, heavy, high-bumpered SUV and not a more modest sedan.

  132. Sam

    If I had a nickel everytime this happened…

  133. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  134. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  135. steve

    I crommba, check out the hydrolics bro!

  136. steve

    Ieeecromba check out the hydrolics bro!

  137. ryan kavanagh

    i ll blend in perfectly, its america afterall

  138. GrizzlyChicken

    Wow! That’s amazing!
    Grapes $0.99 /lb !

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