Take that!


It appears that the Palestinians are threatening Israel’s existence again. With rocks, again.

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94 Captions for “Take that!”

  1. Uncle Mike

    Hassahm loved the story of David and Goliath as a child. He always wished he could live it for real.

  2. Patrick

    “Hassahm” is about to develop an allergy to tank treds.

  3. Pamplona

    Sadly, the annual “Running With The Tanks” in Hebron never really caught on.

  4. jwd

    An Israeli tank breaks up another unauthorized game of touch football in the West Bank.

  5. Alex Kaseberg

    Little Akmed takes one giant leap from bravery into sheer stupidity

  6. Wrigley

    And congratulations go to UPS photographer Dean Hughes for taking the historic 100,000th cliche “Arab kid throwing a rock at a tank” picture.

  7. Elspode

    Achbar realized far too late that he had tossed away the anti-tank grenade and kept the pin instead.

  8. GreyDuck

    “Now if I can just hit that one vulnerable spot on the monster’s exoskeleton…”

  9. cow stumped toe

    Hey Mr tank man if you give me a minute . I will pick up all these rocks , so you can have a smoother ride

  10. MosCow

    “That new pitcher sure has a strange way of training, bobby”

  11. alan seaton

    Jahmal pracitices for his lead role in the upcoming Palestinian “urban-era” version of David and Goliath,
    go get that giant Jahmal!

  12. Smiley

    Tag, you’re it!

  13. Anonymous

    A friendly local pointing out directions to an Israeli tourist. “Oh sure, Arafat lives right over there.”

  14. tatroyer

    “It is just like the ring toss at the state fair”, thought Hassahm. “Now if I can only get this rock into the turret, I might be able to trade in all the little stuffed animals for the big one.î

  15. Les

    When The Macy’s Parade gets out of hand

  16. Anonymous

    After enrolling in a tank driving school in Ramallah, an American with a student visa practices maneuvers on a future suicide bomber.

  17. Wrigley

    Gunner sargeant Smith enjoyed a good laugh at the boy until the rock found it’s way down the barrel and broke his nose

  18. Anonymous

    To help better relations between the Isrealis and Palestinians the United States suggested a friendly game of baseball. Of course the rules were slightly altered to make it easier for the children to apply the game to something they were familiar with.

  19. Reut

    The kid:”now be sorry! i’ll use it!”
    the kid:”hey bitch, this is how i banged your wife and spanked in the booty last night.. oopss..”

  20. Reut

    And a hook-shot! my that was close…

  21. Anonymous

    Incredible. The Israeli’s think they are Super Humans (just like Adolf thaught of the Germans) and still they have to fight innocent kids with tanks. Seems like cutting a piece of your dick makes you a coward.

  22. Death

    I Choose you!!

  23. Anonymous

    I don’t like your rules. I’m taking my ball and going home!

  24. Petey

    Sure, it’s funny until someones eye comes out.

  25. Anonymous

    alright, first one to die losses, i’ll go first

  26. Anonymous

    …yout take your left arm out, you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around….

  27. dave

    You mess with the bull.. you get the horns.

  28. Vid

    Sadly, Hassam was about to learn why no one in his mime troop had ever survived the “throw an imaginary hand grenade at an oncoming tank” gig…

  29. Anonymous

    Every time you masturbate, God kills another rock throwing dumbass. Please, think of the dumbasses.

  30. John

    Come on, I’ll race you!

  31. AGA

    VAI T¡ FUDER!!!

  32. Anonymous

    going by all the captions, hassahm has overtaken mohammad as the most popular name in the middle east…

  33. Anonymous

    Tinammen Square II.

  34. spoonpoker

    put the rock down or we will shoot.

  35. spoonpoker

    yer,come on,i took down a one eyed giant last time.

  36. spoonpoker

    get back you,these rocks aren’t as good as dad said. i might have to sit in the road and try to block them.

  37. Anonymous

    And i forgot another thing, those “innocent kids” are responsable for 50% of the terror, yeah arab fathers actually send their kids to die out of greed, who is the asshole now ? prick.

  38. Ron

    After the All Star Game the crowd didn’t want to leave….untill the National Guard showed up!!

  39. s. chandler

    A 3 million dollar automatic ball pitcher for my birthday! Thanks Dad*

  40. Anonymous

    Akmed had forgotten to pick up the white flag before standing in front of the tank. It was only after it didn’t stopped he worked out his error.

  41. bgray

    I do not throw like a girl !

  42. Jack

    Hold it! I think you’re gonna like this picture.

  43. Anonymous

    At the very least, civilian AT rock-throwing teams should aim at the tank’s side where the armor is less robust

  44. armand

    “Watch out!He’s got a brick!”

  45. stama

    Fetch boy!!!

  46. Erez

    Tank Commander: “Stand still, boy… that’s it… driver, floor it!”

  47. Maquevil

    David and Golias of Modern Ages

  48. kulprit


  49. Darkman

    What little Omar DIDN’T know, was that tanks shoot exploding rocks.

  50. broke awh

    AP Jerusalem Palestine: There are some Jihadnicks who feel that the younger generation is taking a too easy path to martyrdom.

  51. Zak

    “Don’t move, they can’t see you if you don’t move!”

  52. hughbertius

    “Shot for Shot” – Palestinian edition

  53. Crunchy

    Upon arriving in Paradise, little Abu was surprised to learn that the consensus among his 72 virgins was that he was an idiot.

  54. w.lowe

    The only difference between men and boys? – the size of their toys!

  55. W.LOWE


  56. ido

    “sir why did we got away from the group?” “there was a kid in front of the tank!” “then why didnt you just run over him?” “i tried but he run into the city…”

  57. Clark W. Griswold

    Party @ Arafat’s house, Bring your own Grenades! … pass it on!

  58. Julia

    it worked in The Last Crusade….

  59. spacetruckennam

    ” Ya got jumper leads,sweet,my Lada is over here”!

  60. WhisperingStorm

    Well, this worked better than the squirt guns everyone told me to use.

  61. O_o Eleni

    Hey! Now this is fun! Sure as hell beats throwing rocks at pop cans!

  62. Phaeton

    Due to the new rules regarding uniforms, sliding into home took on a whole different meaning.

  63. Rebecca

    This will hurt me a lot more than it hurts you!

  64. Anonymous

    i want to join this group

  65. lawrence

    Quick….the tank wash is only open for another 15 minutes….this way!

  66. Anonymous

    a clear demonstration of why these are the people who no nothing more than how to make NIKE shoes

  67. Anonymous

    One man CAN make a difference !

  68. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    According to the muslim sharia unfaithfull wom…tanks should be stoned to death

  69. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    1-2-3 piano…
    You moved ur turret ur out!

  70. Anonymous

    Acme exploding rocks?! They’re Acme quality duds

  71. Anonymous

    Israeli: all your land are belong to us!!
    Israeli: you have no chance to survive, make your time!!

    kid: what you say??

  72. Mark Beular

    a inch in diameter rock-free
    long sleeve shirt in the desert-hot
    standing in front of a tankwith a rock-STUPID

  73. clem

    lets see what you have weinnie arm

  74. yogurt

    The photographer realized a little too late standing behind the kid wasn’t such a good idea.

  75. Dirk

    Zoweej, precies in die loops daaro

  76. Robbie

    David versus Goliath, the modern version.

  77. paul

    you’ll run boy

  78. canadiana

    Steeeeeeeeerike 3 yer out bambambambambambambambambambmabambambambammbam

  79. CHAOS

    little joesheph came to the conclusion that the story of david an goliath doesnt apply to tanks

  80. rick12string

    Elite Taliban Shock-Trooper Ai Ben Tanquebayte seconds before a 3rd Army M-1 rendered him unable to wear his Nikes…..

  81. Renjith

    Lift plzzzz

  82. Funny_Bunny

    Tank Driver: Dodgeball time…bitch.

  83. Bojangle

    Im from the streets of G-A-Z-A

  84. 99REDballoons

    Sometimes an army of one just isn’t enough.

  85. Grizzlychicken

    Billy was never seen again…whole

  86. dustin cobwebs

    habib and his weapons of mass sedimentation

  87. Donny Yuma

    Hey Kid!

    Hey Kid!
    Do you know what we call slow Rock
    Chucking Palestians….TANK TREAD TURDS…..

  88. Donny Yuma

    Hey Kid!

    Hey Kid!
    Do you know what we call slow Rock
    Chucking Palestians….TANK TREAD TURDS…..

  89. Erez

    10 seconds after this picture was taken, the driver asks the tank commander: “Did we hit something?”

  90. Woody

    Honistly kid , sticks and stones WILL NOT break my bones.

  91. Audiodoode

    In the Gaza High Class of 2002 yearbook, Hassan was voted “Most likely to become Pink Mist”.

  92. Audiodoode

    This seasons winner from Palistinian TVs new hit gameshow,
    “So, You Want to be a Meat Puzzle?”

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