taliban game shoe


The taliban game show – choose your wife.

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76 Captions for “taliban game shoe”

  1. Anonymous

    Which of these things is not like the other things? Please answer in complete sentences!

  2. Mike

    College kids get trashed in Afghanistan too.

  3. Bryan

    Life continues to be hard for the Afgan praire dogs despite heroic efforts to blend in.

  4. un-hannah clein

    Trash, trash, wife. I mean…goose.

    The newest party game for children.

  5. ian

    fatima waits by the side of the road with her 6 daughters

  6. Anonymous

    I am happy here.

  7. sickcylo

    Albert… can still you see me?

  8. parad0x

    Call me an old bag once more and I’ll…

  9. benny


  10. wb22gprix

    So…which one is Osama?

  11. Cari

    Jack risked it all for what was behind Door # 3

  12. 3gerFromBelgium

    Did you put all the garbage outside, silly Willy?

  13. corym

    separated at birth?

  14. jandtg

    This Islamic woman is afraid that Pat Robertson and the Cristian Coalition have too influnce on President Bush. She’s worried that the intolerant right wing will strip her of her rights.

  15. ronincyberpunk

    A continuing problem for the under-paid trash men of the Taliban, they are trained that if the bag moves, winces, cries out, kicks, punches, or even moos – they are to drop it immediatley.

  16. PunRufie

    Hide and Seek, Afghani Style!

    The last game by NATO Interactive! Now you too can be oppressed and assaulted as you quest for the ultimate hiding spot. An excellent party game, comes complete with costumes, timer and high yield bombs.

    Fun for the entire family! Order today for just three easy payments of $14999.99.

  17. EarShoT

    damn, I should have known that salesman was fooling me when he said it was a set of afghan Samsonite…

  18. EarShoT

    still, 6 out of 7 afghan women don’t like being photographed.

  19. Babylon

    Afgani garbagemen pranks

  20. Peter

    Tyra Banks models the latest offering from Salimah’s Secret, a sassy new burka in sky blue (Saks of Kabul, $26). Just the thing to turn a few heads at the bazaar or the next public execution. The luggage is by Afghani Tourister. (Sharper Image, Jalalabad – $2.95 for the set)

  21. plankton

    Oh sure Ahmed, she looks hot. But, can she cook???

  22. Alex Kaseberg

    What a shame. Somebody threw out a perfectly good muslim woman

  23. Alex Kaseberg

    What the differance between garbage and a Muslim woman? You can take the garbage out.

  24. Alex Kaseberg

    Do you know the differance between this woman and the garbage? No seriously, I am asking . . .

  25. KDOGG

    Wheres Waldo?

  26. Subtle Chrome

    Well, I guess the new Hefty bags really do hold in the moisture.

  27. Bluemonkey

    Muslim Pornography

  28. Alex Kaseberg

    I am Osama bin Laden. No, I am Osama bin Laden. No, I am Osama bin Laden. Will the real Osama bin Laden please stand up.

  29. BigM

    These Muslim warriors definitely have got super camouflage skills

  30. Moscow

    the one with the longest facial hair is a woman. *bweurk*

  31. Anonymous

    An Afghani woman is made homeless and has to flee her country as the son of a Bush’s “crusade” continues to bomb afghan villages.

  32. Raymond

    Don’t go chasing waterfalls

  33. Bubba

    one of Afghanistan’s best undercover agents strikes again. Where will it end???

  34. The Stormbringer

    The shame of Smurfette rolls on…

  35. Rob Lanni

    Hey, who’s been putting blue dye in the elephant’s food?

  36. Anonymous

    Which one’s the bag?

  37. zorba

    women are like garbage bags, once they’re filled, put them with the rest of the trash

  38. Anonymous

    What they don’t know is…I’m naked under this burkah.

  39. det

    We hit it off at first, then I found out she was carrying too much baggage.

  40. anthony

    forty billion tax dollars per year, and we can’t even afford to dress our spies like spies.

  41. Shocky

    Dear Clyde’s Arabic Academy:
    I want my money back. I wrote my mail order bride and told her that I like my women “a little trashy” and this is the photo she sent back.

  42. lilburro

    Take out the burkhas and the trash, or you won’t get no spendin’ cash.

  43. Anonymous

    “It’ a good job I don’t have even the slightest bit of skin showing, because otherwise I might get horribly tortured to death! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

  44. The Beaver

    This is my best Holloween costume yet.
    I got six big bags of candy this year!!

  45. Major Adventure

    Episode II costume budget comes up way short.

  46. Anonymous

    Left over Taliban

  47. jendemonium

    Traditional Muslim wrap… $25
    Blue dye… $5
    Being mistaken for a bag of trash by your husband… priceless

  48. Maxx

    Crouching Bin Laden hidden Taliban.

  49. benny

    like mother… like son…

  50. ktownman

    Meow, Woof……Potato
    Alas, Jenny never was very good at hide-and-go-seek…..

  51. PowerHouseLX

    This should be easy to load with a pitch fork.

  52. Mikomadness

    I don’t get this picture. Why would anyone take a picture of trash?

  53. Anonymous

    I’m sure she finds it just as amusing as you all seem to. Wankers…

  54. Jessie

    Mom, uh lil help… I was taking out the trash then the bag raped me!!!

  55. Anonymous

    I like the ornage and blue dress on the left better

  56. drahkenfire

    The new American Tourister Cinch Sack collection … available at finer stores nationwide.

  57. Adam


  58. fuk_all_non_muslims

    just answer me why mainly priest r inculpated in sexual or incest actions??i think the latest version on the bible allows that!! fuk u all

  59. Aaron

    Bus Driver:”$6 million Rupees for you, $2 million Rupees for your kids.”

  60. Anonymous

    Afgans are now finding more creative ways to defect. Now if they could only afford trash men.

  61. belloq75

    At least the one on the right can see out of hers.

  62. kate

    yet another afgani woman hiding from the taliban men. lets just hope they don’t figure it out on garbage day!

  63. james h

    Yeah, she’s a good lay, but man, she comes with so much baggage.

  64. JBob

    In the U.S. we have white trash, in the Middle East they have blue trash.

  65. lisa

    Hide, Hide, here comes the American Garbage men!

  66. alan seaton

    they say if I shit on myself enough, I’ll be taken for one of these bags of poop

  67. Lachlan

    Jerry Springer under his bed sheets

  68. g

    very good

  69. Tier

    Allah? are you there?….is anyone there?

  70. Robbie

    Taliban spy!

  71. Ed the Higg

    “Heh heh heh…the metamorph potion worked! Yes! I’m completely blending in with my surroundings! Now to wait for those raccoons who keep rooting through my trash….”

  72. me

    welcome to the win some money game show. todays callenge is to guess which bag a man is in. barbra i call you up first which do you think? ” um i think it is the colorful one aaaaaaan wrong answer! try again a nother time i call up debbie………..

  73. Amy


  74. dustin cobwebs

    The more clever iraqis pose as bags of garbage to escape opresion… seemingly the smell is all the same anyway

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