Terrorist Armor


The terrorists are making great strides in armor technology.

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76 Captions for “Terrorist Armor”

  1. Patrick

    Bobby was very tired of getting his ass kicked on the way to school. Come on Bullies! Face me now in my power armor!


  2. Patrick

    The Bastard Son of Osama Bin Laden and Megatron.

  3. Anonymous

    Cement shoes didn’t seem to catch on, especially after their inventor vanished suddenly while crossing the Golden Gate.

  4. Les

    Jimmy prepares for his role as The Tin Man in “Thw Wizard Of Oz: 2030:

  5. jwd

    The Michelin Man’s anorexic cousin.

  6. o

    Mr. Chimney, funded in part by THE CANADA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS. Promoting and assisting the development of the arts and artists for the enjoyment and benefit of all Canadians.

  7. filkertom

    A miniaturized Jonny Quest (sm. white blob, lower left) cries out in terror as Hadji loses it.

  8. filkertom

    “I look like a nerd-boy, do I? Well, THIS’ll show ’em!”

  9. filkertom

    Harry Potter and the Basement Full Of Useless Shit

  10. mgoldsmith4

    George Bush’s secret weapon in fighting the war against Bin laden

  11. Charlie Kent

    Go go Gadget prayer-rug!

  12. Cary Kingdom

    Now I can really bond with number Johnny five…

  13. Anonymous

    Michael Jackson can’t understand why his new look doesn’t catch on.

  14. Anonymous

    Indian Robocop, ready to defend Kasjmir.

  15. Anonymous

    WTC-survivor, prepared for all kinds of terrorist attack.

  16. Waaaaaaaassup?

    After Shoes in the Box, Rachim invents Tube on the Pants and Silly Suspenders on the Shirt.

  17. filkertom

    The forgotten PowerPuff Girl: Boxfeet

  18. Anonymous

    A foolproof way to get the neighbors to sell their houses.

  19. Lawrence

    Dr. Qwest to Raji as he tests his new underwater dive suit, ” Don’t worry about being too light Raji, these cement shoes will keep you on the bottom.

  20. Lawrence

    Lost in Space 3-“Look what that little bastard Will made the new robot look like”.

  21. Kevin

    Ahmad,after being punished by his Taliban drill instructor for watching the Sci-Fi channel to much,plan his revenge.

  22. Jimmy the Fish

    Dude, this is going to get you laid for SURE!

  23. resisobilus

    What do you mean these are not available in black?!?!? They very clearly do not go with my stylish black PVC club attire!! I have never been so incensed!! I am most tempted to take my business to another haberdashers, I may tell you!! I will give you no more than 600 rupees.

  24. Crunchy

    With just 24 hours to go until the prom, Fred was still dateless.

  25. Crunchy

    Alphonse was sure that contact lenses would help him get more action with the ladies.

  26. spat

    Men In Black 0.5

    Without the appearances off Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones,the early version of Men In Black only attracted enough investors to make it a low-low-budget movie.

  27. Getting into Trouble

    Why Pakistan can’t find Osama…

  28. cutetexasgal

    Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo…domo

  29. o

    His heart wasn’t the only thing he left in San Francisco.

  30. Bisquitlips

    “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Come to Mohammad.”

    Mohammad’s fear of cats has finally reached its apex.

  31. Orchidwmn

    Hunting the deadly Cobra, professional Saudi snake hunter Rami wears the latest in Saudi snake hunting fashion. “The concrete boots are uncomfortable, yet affordable. However they are difficult to remove”, says Rami.

  32. buba

    i think i’m a lego

  33. EvilMofo

    All your base are belong to us!

  34. nebelung

    You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.

  35. JuDo

    in other news today america’s newest warrior in the battle against terrorism, “RetardoBot” was revealed today at a press conference on capital hill. the president was quoted as saying “this is the only guy here who’s more cokced up than i am.”

  36. wotr

    You haven’t seen my underware yet

  37. Patriot

    what “Botcons” in the middle east are like

  38. Anonymous

    when I’m finished, its going to be “The best bon
    g EVER!”

  39. Maxx

    We can rebuild you, we have the technology.

  40. nabil

    craizy men is practising

  41. rich


  42. Backbencher

    Walking in concrete shoes and crawling through drain pipes are among the skills taught to agents being trained to infiltrate the mob.

  43. Mark Beular

    I had a little mishaps with the mafia and welllll

  44. El Mago

    Bring on C.D. Aguila!!

  45. Dan H

    I feel more confident now, telling dad
    that I’m gay.

  46. Lisa H.

    Caught Red Handed by the Strange Masterbaters Police…
    No… really sir, I wouldn’t try
    to do that with a vaccuum cleaner!
    I swear!

  47. MaryAnn

    Dammit, I can’t remember how the Neutron Dance goes!

  48. Lisa H.

    Modern technology has allowed us to attach robotic arms & legs to live men. THIS is our newest most attractive and popular model.

  49. Derm

    In response to violence against cab drivers, Ackbar decided to make a protective suit.

  50. J

    Superhero of the new millenium

  51. babylon

    Those stupid americans will never see me coming -sinister villians laughter echos through his underground lair-

  52. Joe


  53. leo.6

    Boy, it’s hot…time to go for a swim!

  54. ian

    Rain Armor & Flash Flood Boots (patent pending)

  55. JDM

    I think I went to school with that kid.

  56. Rob

    “does this make my ass look big?”

  57. Mascot

    “Oh great. I got my boxes on the wrong feet. Now I’m REALLY gonna look stupid.”

  58. Mark Smith

    the newest diving device from microsoft

  59. SisteroftheSun

    Hello, my name is Pinocchio, and when I
    grow up, I want to be a real boy!

  60. Chuck Daniels

    The unfortunate cancellation of Gumby sent one of the Blockheads to Betty Ford and the other to his California beach house, never to reenter the public eye…until now


    I’ve done all they asked. Now I just need to wait here unti lthe pipe is magically fixed. Hey!

  62. MeeMah

    … and these cement shoes should help stabalize us on the moon …

  63. Vera

    only one week after they had their new pet Gahjindra already had to replace some body parts

  64. Atrocity

    “Ahkmed, you sure this will magically deflect bullets?”

  65. Newt

    Warning: Do not swim in those concrete shoes.

  66. Rentalbean

    With the recent increase of crime and the high cost of body armor, Haji needed to find a cost efficient way to protect the employees of his 7-11.

  67. Werd

    Being born without arms and legs didn’t stop Abdhar’s determination to come up with a solution.

  68. Funny_Bunny

    Grr! I, Space Godzilla, shall crush your tiny LEGO city! muahahahahahaha…

  69. RICH


  70. Frylock

    Calvin’s plans to go as a robot for Halloween were scrapped when he was informed that robots, did not speak jive.

  71. Laura Bush

    Lookit me! Lookit me! I’m Dick Cheney! *STOMP* *STOMP* Mom, lookit me!

  72. dustin cobwebs

    middle eastern robo cop is the more money friendly crime fighting solution

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