The Pits


Where do I sign up to get this job?

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59 Captions for “The Pits”

  1. tortured soul

    Inside closed doors at oldspice, tonight at 8

  2. Cari

    Another cruel trick played at Urich’s Camp for the Blind.

  3. coley


  4. Anonymous

    After its founder died, the Schulen School of Dance went rapidly downhill.

  5. bANAAL

    now women know how it feels like to eat pussy

  6. Moscow

    at the end of WW2, the germans finally found a cheaper way to gass those rich Jews.

  7. Lay-Z

    Tests at Natick Labs show that armpit stench could not be effectivley used as a non leathal weapon

  8. Amanda

    Physicals gone wrong.

  9. jcisuzu

    CORP.INC’s new double-duty “deodorant/old-woman-nose-magnet spray” test proves successful, yet strangely unpractical.

  10. yeah baby


  11. bANAAL

    thanks to new method these women can finally walk freely without anybody noticing their massive nostrill hair

  12. Brian

    “Yep, he’s a natural blonde.”

  13. babylon

    This job would really suck in one of those 3rd-world don’t wear deodorant nations

  14. Anonymous

    Smells like fried chicken…

  15. Indy


  16. chesh

    The Worst job ever.

  17. dm

    scratch n sniff

  18. lilburro

    Even late in life the quadruplets still liked to do everything together.

  19. Justin

    Damn Swedish Porn is Kinky!

  20. Jay Mac

    NYC subway riders sometimes get badly encrusted underarms, freezing them in position for hours

  21. induhvidual

    *Sniff* Jasmine? No, wait… Sandalwood!

  22. blink

    Are you sure your sure?

  23. Alf Fly

    Hey, there’s an echo in here!

  24. Anonymous

    Asian and Eastern European women demand mail-order grooms with hairless, odorless underarms, the better to cradle their pretty little heads at night.

    Mariaís House of Men strives to please with laser hair removal, glandular surgery and a thorough inspection of each North American man before heís shipped out with love to Russia, the Phillipines, Ukraine, and China.

  25. Steve 1

    Recent study proves that short dark-haired women scientists who wear shades like the smell of middle-aged jogger’s armpits.

  26. Kilroy

    The bset way women found to grow immune to their husbands body odor.

  27. Big M

    Yes, this definitely proves that you need to wash your arm pits at least twice…a year…

  28. Frederick

    Keep your hands where I can see ’em!

  29. Cybbis

    Cannibalistic Cookbook, chapter one:
    Always make sure the meat is fresh and still alive. This is done by sniffing the armpit (if there’s sweat the meat is fresh) and maybe nibbling it a bit to be sure.

  30. Bri


  31. Lex Mansky

    Just as the curse predicted, the Olfanger quintuplets were sentenced to eternity in hell.

  32. Lex Mansky

    And you thought your job was the pits?

  33. Chesh

    On the set of the new game show: “Who didn’t use deoderant?”

  34. fluffy

    isn’t it embarassing when you wearing the same outfit as a coworker?

  35. The Beaver

    This isn’t so bad of a job. In the lab down the hall they have to sniff assholes and rate beerfarts.

  36. Major Adventure

    French scientists try in vain to disprove those nasty rumors.

  37. corym

    now you can go sniff my arse.

  38. ANna Banana

    ok, next test, to see if the butt musk works!!

  39. Van H.

    Gretl was punished severely after her collegues found out she had been sleeping on the job…

  40. Maxx

    They left no stone unturned at this concentration camp.

  41. me

    America’s unsung heros; underarm deoderant testers. It’s a noble profession, if lacking in glamor…

  42. Drake

    This new method of growing mushrooms was soon forgotten.

  43. drag0nfire

    scientists test new ways of finding early signs of male pattern baldness… wait! SH*T! what’s that guy doin there?! no use testing him for EARLY signs…

  44. meg

    Ballet lesson 1

  45. mdc58

    Lured by the promise of big money grown men go through the first qualification rounds to become Pheromone donors.

  46. Mikomadness

    Don’t laugh. Your mother did wores things for a living.

  47. Anonymous

    i think this is the worst job in the world!!!!! don’t you???!?

  48. Anonymous

    From the Candid Camera out take archives.

  49. B-Man

    And I thought my job was bad!

  50. Anonymous

    nothing like the smell of apearm in the morning!

  51. Anonymous

    Fellini’s production company draws another heavy sigh…

  52. james h

    I know NASA’s pre-flight physicals are thorough, but this is ridiculous!

  53. JBob

    Auditions for “A Fish Called Wanda”

  54. jesse Grewal

    i wanna li li lick u from your head to ur toe, what is your fant a ta sy

  55. Clark Griswold

    Can you hear me now?

  56. Deb

    Anything to get a raise….

  57. flowers

    Nice page. It’s good to have kids who can use this medium to find you

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