The terrorist look


When the pope came to visit canada, anyone suspicious looking was searched.

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62 Captions for “The terrorist look”

  1. (pdw)

    Twee-twee-twee…. ‘Oops!..that must be my Steely Dan, gimme a second….’

  2. Drake

    “Dear man, I am not a terrorist. I am one of the seventy virgins they get when they’re in heaven.”

  3. Anonymous

    Damn! This was the only chance of her life to be touched by a man, and the bastard uses that stupid stick…

  4. Anonymous

    Things get interesting for Mary Frances when her body piercings are detected.

  5. jwd

    Meanwhile, eight terrorists dressed in fluorescent green safety vests calmly walked past the security checkpoint.

  6. Reut

    Black guy in the back: “Damn that’s a fatass..”

  7. Ron

    As the attendant hooked up the harness, the happy nun wondered what her first bungee jump would be like.

  8. J2

    Jesus Christ, be carefull with the wand I got cigarettes in there.

  9. Les

    The reason Sister Betrille has quit flying into foreign countries

  10. nurg

    Mr. and Mrs. Montefski enjoy their favorite sexual role-playing scenario: the Naughty Nun and the Stern Body Cavity-Searching Security Guard.

  11. nurg

    “*Drool* Yeah, that’s it baby, show me how you make a crucifix…oh, yeah, whooo! Who’s your daddy, who’s your daddy, bi- uh, er, besides Our Father in Heaven, I mean… *whoof, got carried away there!*”

  12. filkertom

    Carrie-Anne Moss in disguise, about to go Matrix on Lime Boy’s rooty-poo candy ass

  13. Kevin

    The Mother Superior started to question Sister Mary’s vow of celibacy when Airport security called to complain about her insisting on a full body search on her weekly flights to the convent.

  14. spat

    Crucifixion, how it’s done in the year 2002.

  15. Creepy

    Do I look black to you, Man???

  16. Jimmy the Fish

    Ok Sister Al-Amaraq Fed Ali Farouk-Fakah, you’re clear.

  17. Mother Superior

    All right sister, you can pass, but your Rosary Beads might be considered a weapon, so leave those here.

  18. kalam

    (as wand goes over naval a buzzing sound starts) i tell you officer i have no idea how that got there

  19. Uncle Mike

    Patience and tolerence be damned. After almost being stripped searched by the guard, Sister Margie grabbed the wand from the man and started hitting with it while shouting, “DO I LOOK LIKE A TERRORIST, YOU ASSHOLE?”. Sister Margie was later scheduled for anger management classes.

  20. Da Konz


  21. Din Viessel

    OK, sister, if you call it a facial toner I guess you can have it back.

  22. Anonymous

    After being busted by the feds for drug
    possesion the Nun went and led a success-
    ful carrer as pimp and street level crime

  23. wewak

    O>K> Sister, a couple just left…you can enter the club!

  24. Michael Jones

    Uh…I would feel a little more comfortable doing this Sister if you would cease with the Allah is Great mantra.

  25. Michael Jones

    Well, the fact that Father Grabola has already checked you out is not enough for us, Sister.

  26. Michael Jones

    No Sister–this will not detect thong underwear.

  27. Anonymous

    Sister Mary does a suicide bombing.

  28. ya mum

    this is just a your everyday violece but with terrists and bin lardin.
    visit the u.s.a!

  29. Lawrence

    Jesus H. Christ….Look..for the 50th time..I’m telling you….its a new HIP…

  30. Kevin

    The re-make of the hit TV series “The Flying Nun” is cancelled after trying to reflect the changing times.

  31. spat

    “Hey, I got something similar, but mine is round.”

  32. Anonymous

    I joined the frisk squad to get some action, but this isn’t quite what I had in mind. Oh well, at least there’s a fat black guy behind her

  33. Michael Jones

    If it makes you feel any better Sister, next week we’re profiling figure skaters and blonde accountants.

  34. s. chandler

    “Young man could I have the traditional hand pat down followed by a through body cavity search?”

  35. alan seaton

    When Run DMC hit Italy, Sister Agnes vowed she would be there.

  36. bgray

    Sally Fields sometimes likes to wear her old costumes and mingle with the crowd.

  37. Anonymous

    Oh, I love the way you handle that wand…

  38. Anonymous

    Please sir,…oh dear,…hmmm,…just a little lower and to your left…hmmm…

  39. fender

    Let me get this straight, Ma’am… You say you ingested the “Body of Christ” ?

  40. Olivaldo

    Aperta os peitos dessa puta!!!!

  41. mgoldsmith4

    I guess this dude’s secret fanstay was always to grope a nun.

  42. BH

    EErrmm .. a Metal BRA ??

  43. mgoldsmith4

    Going through the routine before entering the grounds for that much waited Marilyn Manson concert.

  44. resisobilus

    The search done, she removes her shades. Only then does Officer Geoff recognize his 2nd grade teacher and boyhood crush, Sister Jean.

  45. Anonymous

    the best terrorist disguise

  46. Maxx

    Use of jet-pack detector at Flying Nun competition.

  47. rich

    i leave my nipple rings at home for JUST such an emergency.

  48. Crunchy

    A three-year veteran of the security detail, Trevor had learned to smell deception.

  49. Mark Beular

    The cavitity searcher for got to check her shoes and she blew up vatican city and killing the pope

  50. rod

    I hope you won’t be making a habit of this young man!

  51. Tony Kerr

    She likes it!

  52. Lisa H.

    I’m sorry Ma’am uh, we’re gonna have to do a strip search. There’s somethin’ beepin’ in there.

  53. babylon

    are those raybans?

  54. lily

    Sister Bin Laden takes a trip

  55. MaVeRiCk

    A Palestinian Air Force, Suicide dive bomber.

  56. SisteroftheSun

    Best sexual thrill she’s had in a loooooong time!

  57. paul bonser

    ok strip your wearing metal knickers

  58. ha ha

    This is the most action this chick has seen in 50 years!!!

  59. Audiodoode

    How many terrorists can you fit on an Italian tour bus???

    A: Nun

  60. dustin cobwebs

    one of the flying nuns is suspected to be planing suicide flight

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