The thrown


Without a doubt, this has to be the best chair for a person home sick with the flu. There has been lot of emphasis these days on the home office, tele-commuting, and VPN’s, well here is the ultimate in computing/sour apple splatter ergonomics for the home.

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144 Captions for “The thrown”

  1. Tim

    Bringing new meaning to broadband download!

  2. Anonymous

    Plop plop fizz fizz.

  3. Anonymous

    Look at that hub or whatever mounted to the wall. IT looks to more than a temporary setup. Funny as hell.

  4. Anonymous

    Brings true meaning to the term throne.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous


  7. mike

    Hmmm… now where is that rinse button…

  8. Kate

    Oh no – where the hell is my MOUSE?

  9. David

    telephone: $26, fax machine: $50, computer: $799, being able to update your blog and win at slingo when nature calls: Priceless

  10. erin

    “You’ve got mai-*FLUSSSSHHHHHH*”

  11. angie

    this model comes with the non-stick leather seat!

  12. Blarg

    …and when you’ve finished reading that fax, you can use it to wipe your ass.

  13. Mat

    “I’m sorry, sir, I’m going to be late on that project. I’m having a data overflow error.”

  14. dave

    Who CARES about the caption? Where can I GET one of these things???

  15. Jimmy Nutsack

    Ideal for downloading porn.

  16. Jason

    You’ve got hemorroids!

  17. John

    Okay guys, I know I used to have a spot of diahorrea now and then, but this is just taking the piss.

  18. Cletus

    If I can just get the beer tube to work, I’ll never have to move again!

  19. Mister Crunchy

    I can’t quite pinpoint the exact moment daytrading took over my life…

  20. benny

    where is my coffee?

  21. cecilia =)

    guy’s heaven! why not a fridge at the side?!

  22. Eric


  23. Cappy

    The creme de la creme of shitty workplaces

  24. Anonymous

    Now I can watch my porno the way I intended to.

  25. Knotso Cleva

    al bundy meets bill gates

  26. Laxsmi

    Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  27. dbj

    Japanese Workflow Time Saver 5000.

  28. Dari

    The downfall of notebook computers, wireless internet, palm pilots, cell phones, and anything else that’s sole trait is being able to move from one place.

  29. Austin

    Where’s the toilet pap…. oh the fax machine. I see.

  30. Aya

    The future.. today.

  31. Kenn Young

    As Clarance prepared for the upcoming protest, he could not help but reflect on how far the concept of “sit-ins” had progressed since inception in the 1950’s.

  32. Jerry

    The perfect place to be when your hot-as-hell tech stock takes a giant dive.

  33. Kelli

    Never miss a day of work due to diarhea again!

  34. Anonymous

    Who needs the pink stuff?

  35. Melanie

    THAT, is what I’ve been wanting!

  36. Anonymous

    Darn it I forgot to tuen off the web cam again…Sheeeeit!

  37. Porked Your Mom

    What’s this Dave? There seems to be a big chocolate smudge on this report you typed up. I thought you were on a diet?

    “I am.”

  38. Invisagoth

    “Oh crap the toilet is pluged…” :: CTRL ALT DELETE::

  39. Anonymous

    I wish…

  40. Anonymous

    The good news is, you have your own office now. The bad news is, no more eating at your desk.

  41. Newt

    I didn’t know you could order Immodium A.D. online

  42. Newt

    My dreams have been answered, wait where’s the TV?

  43. Newt

    Is that an ergonomic toilet seat, because that could lead to Crappal Tunnel Sydrome.

    OK, That was bad – I’m sorry

  44. Anonymous

    Were can I ge one?

  45. BoJangles

    Now that’s a new meaning to an all-night gaming session

  46. Chris Crust

    Hi Tom I just faxed overrrrrrrrr oh, some reportsss ah, that one is really stuck up there. You should see ah ah them in a few minutttes…

  47. Chris Crust

    I need to get some laxitive from E-bay.

  48. enar

    For the ultimate internet porn freak… The DumpMaster 2000! Freatures a hyper speed DSL connection, a phone programmed with the best sex hotlines, and the hidden autonatic Kleenex dispenser for the extreme hobbyist. Yours for only $9,999.00!

  49. Anonymous

    Thank GOD the Paperless Office is a Myth…

  50. 9Nails

    Tokyo living space just got a little more cramped…

  51. Jim Bob

    Simply called “The Homer”

  52. Fat Seanny

    All toilets now required to run Windows.


    When you realize you are wasting an hour on the toilet doing nothing, give us a call

  54. Jim

    And to his family’s dismay at the funeral, the cause of death is electrocution. One night as Jim came home drunk, he missed his mark and it cost him his life.

  55. CB

    Finally someone puts Microsoft where it belongs

  56. Lou

    This is for when you’re constipated and they don’t come out micro-soft

  57. Furry

    Step into my office….

  58. Anonymous

    My dad’s not gay.

  59. Smiley

    Gotta get me one of those..

  60. hitman83

    Instead of Playboy, the ToilaCompu lets men look up REAL porn.

  61. Quique

    Get one of those mini-refrigerators, and you never have to leave ‘the office’

  62. fisher

    If my President doesn’t shit like this, then I want to know where my tax dollars are going!

  63. Dumbass540

    The dream room for fat bastard in Austin Powers! (Keep in mind that a full sized fridge must be installed!

  64. ronincyberpunk

    People use laptops and cellular faxes and cellular phones in their car when they are on the go. They use this room when they have to go.

  65. Anonymous

    Wait how did they get a picture of my office??

  66. Mesa

    What will they think of next?

  67. Justin

    Jeff found that their were benefits to having a smaller office…..

  68. nacio

    ….why does Freds office always stink?…

  69. Anonymous

    Homer Simpson’s wet dream come to life

  70. Robert

    Nothing like working with your pants at your ankles.

  71. Jordan Woll

    I’d hate tobe the company brown noser in THIS bosses office…

  72. lil_b

    Apple Computers. Sit Different

  73. plankton

    Hello, I’m Satan. You must be the Unibomber. We’ve got a special room in hell just for you…..

  74. Van H.

    This is how the top bunk of the outhouse (see picture of March, 31st) looks like from the inside.

  75. clifty

    I wondered why in America you have cubicles in offices, now I know why!

  76. Craig

    Personal Computer:$1,500
    Fax Machine:$500
    Being able to make a phone call and look at porn while droping a duece:Priceless

  77. Anonymous

    If there was just a fridge and microwave, I could live without my legs.

  78. ghettofab

    takes “craptacular” to a whole new level

  79. Anonymous

    And you call yourself a multi-tasker.

  80. Hecata

    Do you….YAHOO?

  81. Steven

    This is the “Commodore Bronze package”. For an addiontal $200 we will throw in a web cam and a ventilation fan.

  82. Big M

    A whole new perspective on working at home

  83. Jorre

    Were can i buy this??

  84. CloudNine

    Windows finds its true niche so so close to the crapper.

  85. Dairenn

    The office of the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at any American Corporation. Shovel shit over the phone, via fax, over the internet and, of course, the old fashion way!

  86. Shaman

    “Honey! We’re out of toilet paper again! And can you pick up some spare cat 5 cable? There’s something ON this one!”

  87. Avi

    Great for that busy business person on the GO!

  88. chris

    …Or, as I like to call it…Heaven….

  89. Anonymous

    “Momy, when I grow up I want to be a geinus like the the guy who invented that!”

  90. Mike

    “Behold, we have successfully infiltrated the executive washroom. Now, with any luck we will be able to see what makes this breed of beast tick.” “Be Careful Steve, these guys aren’t friendly…”

  91. static

    Shit windows crasht again. How do I have to flush now?

  92. Anonymous

    now i know why women are always running off to the toilet

  93. Tom M.

    My toilet’s been upgraded to Windows, and now I can’t flush, I loose toilet paper when I least expect it….

  94. Anonymous

    Toilet 2.0.

  95. kittykat

    For the new age business man. Includes leather seating, fax, cell phone, and computer with WinXP for all you’re Devil worshiping needs. Buy now and save $2,666. Not only that, but we will include one year of free porn if you call within the next 30 minutes. That’s right! One year of porn FREE! Call 1-800-ASS-MONKEY today!

  96. Fenris

    warning : sitting on toilet may cause inspiration of adjectives used to describe windows.

  97. Geist

    The day they flushed Stephen Hawking…

  98. Iron_Mike

    Better than being laid off.
    Enron Employee

  99. Justin

    Hmmm … No toilet paper? Ah HA!


    Now, just click on notepad, and PRINT! HA HA HA HA HA. This is genious, I’ll be RICH!


    Ah damn it, now what do i do?

  100. gunrunner

    there are easier ways to float your stocks…

    Try senacot – made with 100% natural sena

  101. gunrunner

    he’s twice as powerful as God, and by hell he knows it.

  102. scott

    The Napper Crapper 9000.

  103. Beaf

    A place where a man can really get down to business….

  104. mdc58

    Another .com down the toilet.

  105. ellis doppler

    what?!? no tv?

  106. Anonymous

    Hey guys, I’ve got one:

  107. Kitsune Fury

    The ultimate dream for online gamers who like to work from home comes true.

  108. Roy Cohen

    Forget Metamucil. This is a stool softener.

  109. Brad

    Worst. Webcam. Ever.

  110. Anonymous

    MS Office 2000

  111. cri.sys

    Where’s the mini-fridge?

  112. Anonymous

    Man, and I thought I was excited about Doom III coming out.

  113. sandy

    My teeff is super biteeeyy!

  114. Anonymous

    This is no joke when you’re daytrading every second counts. You either have one of these or shit in your pants.

  115. Anonymous

    Daytrader’s alternative to wearing diapers.

  116. Les

    Finally, the answer to “what do you get for a man who has everything?”

  117. alan seaton

    After numerous eyewitness accounts that Trevor was sucked down the toilet, it was concluded that he was taken out of the matrix.

  118. BillyJoeBob

    Jack off, Logoff, crap.
    Jack off, Logoff, crap.
    Lord, all I wanna do is shit!

  119. Reut

    A house robbed by a toilet chair…

  120. Cristi

    Asa vom ajunge in curand:)

  121. Cristi

    Asa vom ajunge in curand ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Fredde

    You can’t wait untill you see the pants collectible to this thing.

  123. Flynny

    My god… O..n..l..y o..n..e fin..ger left to m..ove… must find refrigerator!

  124. Flynny

    “now all we need is a stand…”

  125. Buzz

    I always knew I deserved a crown; but for this Mother’s Day, I received, “The Throne”!

  126. etl

    there’s no cup holder, THERE’S NO GOD DAMNED CUP HOLDER!!!

  127. ange

    The latest in office space saving. Now with the convience of a personal in-built loo.

  128. dede & court

    mom i think i know what i want for christmas now

  129. dede & court

    mom i think i know what i want for my b-day now

  130. fdfs

    Don’t bother me now; I’m takin’ a memory dump

  131. Qfan

    nice compooter

  132. Suisare


  133. JP

    “The Shit” in office furniture.

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