They’re Lovin’ It

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33 Captions for “They’re Lovin’ It”

  1. Darin Madden

    Migrants are promised fabulous riches in the West…

  2. B. King & D. Queen

    What would St. Patrick’s Day be without the McDouchebags?

  3. professsorkaos

    Micheal Jackson’s fans show their support on the courthouse steps.

  4. stacy chandler

    “Deep Fried Kaw Pow chicken,yum!”

  5. stacy chandler

    Chairman Mao must be turning over in his pop up display/freezer.

  6. Me a Mofo

    Its Co. Sanders, right? That is the one that doesn’t belong. You see, these new SATs are not that hard!

  7. Me a Mofo

    Wendy? Who the fuck is Wendy?

  8. Me a Mofo

    They bring a whole new definition to shallow.

  9. Kenny

    “We are exacary rike the Amelican lestaurants” , we plomise!

  10. Shadowbat

    Colonel Sanders-san, having mistakenly entered the wrong franchise, attempted to cover his blunder by asking the most common question asked at a Japanese fast-food restaurant. “Toy deh wa doko des ka? (Where is your bathroom?)”

  11. trinawoods

    ” MacDaddy’s Restaurant and Massage Parlor, satisfying your hardcore fast food fetishes for over 40 years.”

  12. trinawoods

    It’s amazing what some people will do for minimum wage.

  13. trinawoods

    Never ask what the “secret sauce” is made out of.

  14. Lancehead

    Yomigaru Iron Chef!!!!

  15. Simon

    I like the McBoobies on the right

  16. trinawoods

    The tomatoes aren’t the only fruits in this photo…

  17. Troy L. Siscoe

    what is imigrants dresed like our food guys for? thats dum

  18. Rustyclaw

    Taste like Chicken!

  19. Miguel

    we are very, very, very sorry to be alive. We are retardeds! Could someone help us to pee?

  20. trinawoods

    Over 50 million perved….er, served.

  21. trinawoods

    Over 50 million perved….er, served.

  22. trinawoods

    Where are the Homeland Security people when you really need them?

  23. Gentaur

    One of the Colonels nearly made it through McTerritory when he was suddenly surrounded and tomatoed.

  24. kl;rjtiojnvbkb

    as hard as he might the colonel couldnt get past mcdonalds impenatreble security, armed with tomatoes and snazy uniforms.

  25. trinawoods

    Past victims of the Ronald McDonald child sex scandal re-unite for trial. Unindicted co-conspirator, former Mayor Chester McCheese was unavailable for comment.

  26. Hugh Jardon

    What’s up Colonel Sanders?…………… Chicken!

  27. Phil

    Ronald McDonald is a tranny??

  28. Ben

    We warned you, Colonel, this is Mickey D’s turf. Step off!

  29. lu

    The Yakuza clan prepares to fight the young yellow-haired-warrior in Tarantino’s next movie KILL RON.

  30. josh ingram

    We actually think were funny

  31. NooSweat

    Lonald Mc Donald and fliends

  32. hbcvfcyocl

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  33. adam h

    lets just hope they dont get paid for doing that

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