This is just not natural


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42 Captions for “This is just not natural”

  1. Doc

    Four out of five alergists agree: Floss your sinuses twice a day.

  2. Simon

    The Mexican Booger Snake may seem like the main reptile to avoid, that is until you meet the Peruvian Ass Bandit.

  3. Darin Madden

    Latest ad campaign from the Church of God with Signs Following – “Snort em if you got em” – immediately following the previously failed ad campaign using an Anaconda where the snake ate the handler.

  4. Sinus Snake

    Sadly, Barney’s HMO could only afford a relatively inexpensive sinus infection treatment.

  5. uncle mike

    Hacking and chocking, the snake died shortly thereafter, thanks to John’s lethal morning breath.

  6. Don

    What? A spagettii noodle, that aitn nothing. Check this out!

  7. Mascot

    but how did the snake get him to mimic that mouth gesture? That is one amazing snake!

  8. Professor Kaos

    …and you thought you were cool ’cause you could take it up the ass!!

  9. Reynard Muldrake

    What you can’t see in this picture is the tiny snake actually going in and out of this snake’s nose and mouth.

  10. N

    “I hate snakes, but I love the smell!”

  11. Jessica

    Olha só!

  12. spat

    ALIEN 762 – aka SNeAKIN OUT

  13. WhisperingStorm

    So then the snake goes home to his wife and says, “Honey, you would not BELIEVE the day I’ve had.”

  14. Cheb


  15. John Kerry's Head

    Bartender: “Hey, where did you get that?”

    Snake: “Can you believe it started as a wart on my scales?”

  16. Laura Bush

    Kiss my asp!

  17. Gentaur

    I don’t wanna know what he’s going to pull out of his ear.

  18. Gentaur

    Desmond was able to suppress his gag reflex, but the snake was not.

  19. filkertom

    I’m sorry, but the position of Weirdest Freak To Ever Serve As Attorney General has been filled

  20. Deadpool

    African man raped by a snake, news at 11.

  21. Wendy Lowry

    “Aaaagh!I thought I told you, the only way to get back that cocaine was to use a natural method. Now the damn remedy is high….catch him before he slips it through you,too….you know how you just crave more……………….

  22. karl mulroy

    next time i should sleep wiv my mouth closed

  23. Justin Anderson

    Mr Black is back on the Crack!

  24. Mrdav76

    “Hey mon, let’s see you sissies on ‘Fear Factor’ do dis!!”

  25. Carlos Ashby

    Does this make me look fat

  26. Carlos ashby


  27. Jeffrey Gan

    SATAN SPAWN!!!!!

  28. Carlos ashby

    If you have a problem with cancer, we’ll take good care of that at takingcareofcancerthatlookslikeasnake

    cause remember, we care

  29. grizzlychicken

    Then, suddenly, they began to hatch.

  30. Blanka

    A new meaning for dragon breath.

  31. jazzgeek

    As most herpetologists know, after two months of incubation, the hatchlings will break through the cranium with their “skull tooth”.

  32. Igby

    Jeremy’s friends eventually tired of his desperate need for attention, culminating in his setting himself on fire at the disco one night to impress a group of girls.

  33. opstap

    the missing link

  34. ZAZ

    God blessed me with good things..huge nostrils. They sure come in handy!

  35. corn fed

    i picked a bad week to stop doing crack!

  36. Tone

    Dont try eating one alive !

  37. Tone

    Dont try eating one alive.

  38. Kenny

    The crowd gasps’as the mongoose made his final anal attack on JO JO’s freaky circus act

  39. Xeres


  40. Sam Reavill

    no one told me that snakes dont live in glue pots!!!

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