Time to clean the pool

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79 Captions for “Time to clean the pool”

  1. troybob

    Look I don’t know who called you out here, but if there was a minivan in my pool I think I would kn…..HOLY CRAP!!!

  2. Cary

    Cocoon 3: This time, they’re bringing the family…

  3. Jack

    Where the rubber meets the chlorine

  4. RUHI


  5. Burn Sally


  6. s

    a screw driver

  7. head

    When the who said they were auditioning a new drummer, they didn’t expect this

  8. Carol

    All I did was to tell my blond wife to wash the car inside and out!

  9. Alex Kaseberg

    Sadly, Jessica Simpson misunderstood when she was asked to join the car pool.

  10. Boo-Yah

    Don’t Drive in the Drink.

  11. Mascot

    So what’s the dude from the Village People supposed to do about this?

  12. filkertom

    Igby was clever, but Secretary of State Colin Powell can find weapons of mass destruction no matter how well they’re hidden

  13. filkertom

    “Yeah, we got Art Fair in town, and it was the only place I wouldn’t get towed.”

  14. Pismonque

    “…and you’re absolutely sure there’s no one else in there, Senator Kennedy?”

  15. Shadowbat

    Under the chasis air-bags from GM: Get them now or pay later.

  16. Chrysis

    With the new Lexus, you can scuba dive in luxury!
    Take a test dive at a dealer near you!

  17. Pismonque

    “Naw, it’ll be all right. I think you just flooded it.”

  18. Jo

    Distracted soccer moms are being blamed for the recent rash of drive-by drownings.

  19. Mascot

    The new underwater tour at Sea World isn’t going quite as planned. Park official say direction signs are needed to keep visitors from making unnecessary turns during the tour.

  20. s.chandler

    “Wait till you see what i got in my bathtub!”

  21. Gentaur

    The Hensons were the first on the block to get a SUVmarine.

  22. Gentaur

    “Sorry, buddy, you need a tugboat, not a tow truck.”

  23. Freelancer

    “And here we see a perfectly preserved piece of technology.”

  24. Bill Burgess

    Oh No!
    Not the deep end!!

  25. c_hat

    Grandma thought the kids new pool toy was a bit extreme.


  26. JDO

    It’s a problem, but at least the guy behind the wheel has stopped beeping that damn horn.

  27. GM

    “I don’t understand it, the dealer said it would work fine in wet conditions….”

  28. AAAAA

    See? I told you it won’t float!

  29. Nimrod

    “I’m not nuts! The Governer said specifically: I vont a van-der-pool party!”

  30. Zoe

    The new ford MPV went down like a lead balloon with it’s customers.

  31. Ben

    Look, my men have built every kind of garage you can think of. But this underwater thing is gonna take some time.

  32. mangoze

    See what has to happen before a man will stop and ask for directions?!?!

  33. Janine

    Everyone remember where we’ve parked!

  34. sher

    I thought Tyres wont sink !

  35. gooby

    Wording on fence sign pinned under the minivan: This is our OOL, notice there is no “P” in it…

  36. Nikki

    Unfortunatley David Beckham misunderstood the meaning of Dip your Headlights….

  37. aseaton

    As he drove into the pool Jon knocked over the No Lifeguard on Duty Sign and subsequently drowned in the irony

  38. Fire Frog

    Nan – This ‘aint no low dive.
    Camera kid – My picture will cause a splash at film school!
    Dad – I’ve got this sinking feeling…
    Tow truck guy – The day started bad, I woke up with helmet head. Now you want me to try bobbing for cars? Go fish!

  39. Zickbert

    … and now all left to do is find the keys

  40. rich myatt

    theres a van in the pool

  41. dimiTree

    OH F*CK

  42. Lawrence

    Meepzor…the INS will never find us down here….

  43. jow

    so about this warranty…

  44. Sam Herman

    The new Ford Explorer surely took a dive… hehehe… oh comeon! That’s not funy?!?! What the hell, I’m going home…

  45. aza

    hey, ma you want this car or do i just leave it where it is???

  46. Famous Mortimer

    Water valet.

  47. Oo_TEL_oO

    Hey honey, You wanted me to wash the damn thing!

  48. Liz

    The easy and cheap way to clean a car.

  49. Les

    “Well at least that damn alarm stopped now!”

  50. rick12string

    Democrats insist that this method is the most environmentally sound procedure in which to operate a car.

  51. Chad

    “But daddy you said it was ok to put it in overdive!”

  52. Monte

    Well, the canadian judge only gave him a 6.2 so he’s protesting.

  53. Paul R.

    John realized just moments too late that he had forgotten to write “Burn in hell, you cheating bitch!” on the side of the van before submerging it.

  54. canada fan

    james bond gone horribly wrong

  55. unwound

    I promise you Honey, there was no pool there when I came home from the bar last night.

  56. Funny_Bunny

    This is what happens when you try to sneak in after a night out with the boys with your headlights off. Before you know it, you’re up to your neck in trouble.

  57. LL Cool J

    At least I’m safe inside my mind.

  58. Fred

    Mike Brady finds a tragic yet admittedly effective solution to the “six-kids-one-bathroom” dilemma.

  59. jiner

    obviously they should change the signs that say,
    “park n’ pool”

  60. paul

    right love,you wanted a pool.i wanted a garage, hey presto a comprimise.

  61. Ade

    Nice car port….and cunningly disguised as a swimming pool….cool

  62. Pooksta'

    To his delight the dirrector had thought of a cunning way to get passed the cut budget on the new Bond movie

  63. SunnieD

    Just getting the wife ready for a dive-in movie…

  64. Buttrescu

    When I said we’d all ‘pool’ together
    to get a car……..

  65. welshkamikaze

    So that’s where I parked my car.

  66. spat

    Wife: “Honey, I think there might be some water in the carburator…”

  67. jazzgeek

    “When I said you could use the car last night if you filled it up, I *didn’t* mean…..”

  68. diss

    I think i got something stuck in the filter.

  69. Igby

    Tow truck driver: “Ok, we got the snowmobile, the elephant – she’s gonna make it, by the way…um, giant stone head, ‘beeramid’, half-eaten orca – fucking elephants!…the bronze Ben Franklin statue – we had to saw him in half to get him out of the elephant, silver Yugo, red Yugo, and that fucking Norwegian who, by the way, never shuts up. So what’s left…just the van? Does your poodle know how to put it in neutral?

  70. corn fed

    Well i dont think the price will be cheaper if i drive it out sir.

  71. Kenn Young

    What I don’t understand, Mr. Johnson, is, how in the hell did you get that minivan up on the diving board in the first place?

  72. J Duke

    half fool–half envy

  73. Coldphoenix

    Gives a whoole new meaning to ” Don’t drink and drive.”

  74. yar

    That pool has a van in it.

  75. Car insurance policy

    Joe’s first driving lesson did not end well.

  76. NooSweat

    MPV not suited for all purposes.

  77. Zinc443

    Herbie had forgotten his armbands again

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