Today’s Super Hero’s


They’re just not what they used to be…

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35 Captions for “Today’s Super Hero’s”

  1. Gentaur

    Plastic Man takes the form of a spare tire.

  2. Gentaur

    Lou was too incredible for the Incredibles.

  3. trinawoods

    “Come on Mom, please?
    All the kids at the Special Olympics will be wearin’ ’em!”

  4. Me a Mofo

    Lance Armstrong’s new cancer treatment!

  5. trinawoods

    Apparantly Steve Gutenburg’s career took a downhill turn after Cocoon.

  6. trinawoods

    Remind me to take my birth control pill.

  7. Fire Frog

    Do these glasses make me look dorky?

  8. HeavyC

    Dodgeball Anyone?

  9. Mascot

    Power Rangers 2015: Where are they now?

  10. Shadowbat

    Because of recent down-sizing and budget cuts, the Sara Lee corporation was forced to hire a slightly less qualified spokesperson for the launch of new Wonder Girdle than they had hoped.

  11. trinawoods

    Is it possible? Billy Jean King and Bobbie Riggs seemed to have morphed together for another crack at Wimbledon.

  12. Darin Madden

    Where are they now?

    Paul Reiser of “Mad About You” has been seen trying to impress the “ladies” at Newport Beach.

  13. Simon

    I can make him look better using just two words…… Man Breasts

  14. trinawoods

    All suited up and ready for a rousing game of Oddball.

  15. Mascot

    Trina Woods: Take your birth control pill.

    your welcome, glad I could help!

  16. Mascot

    Apparently he had some sort of blowout up front, but I don’t even want to know how it happened or who applied the patch to it.

    ew. yech. ptooey.

  17. Nimrod

    yet another super hero:

    “he’s a bag full of laughs”

  18. Lucinda Necktai

    Makes Trekkies look cool

  19. Lawrence

    Sorry..the picture is funny enough on its own… doesnt need any words to help…

  20. decay

    Using his corrected telescopic vision our hero scans the drive-up menu at KFC.

  21. fanman

    OOHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD…………. where did you get my picture from?

  22. trinawoods

    Uncle Barbara has always been the most athletic in the family.

  23. Ben

    What do you mean, spandex is not my friend?

  24. Mascot

    “one in the oven”

  25. trinawoods

    Another fine summer day in Central Park.

  26. avery

    recent budget cuts at the league of justice force aquaman to buy off the rack.

  27. trinawoods

    Excited contestants came from near and far for the first annual Underarm Farting contest.

  28. princess2

    Howey Mandell gets Punked!

  29. trinawoods

    In homage to the original quote lost:
    “Sorry Sheldon, but the ability to eat alot of paste really isn’t considered a super power.”

  30. Gian

    this is 10-month old baby..

  31. Reynard Muldrake

    Is that Elvis Costello?

  32. kevin

    DO these glasses make me look fat???

  33. grizzlychicken

    They just don’t make super heros like they used to.

  34. NooSweat

    The ad for this costume promised me an even slimmer posture

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