Told ya


See what I mean about the SUV’s?

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58 Captions for “Told ya”

  1. filkertom

    Even James Bond himself was jealous of Q’s “Swiss Army Love Machine”

  2. filkertom

    Jimmy Trucklimo shed a tear, then turned resolutely to the cold sky above. He was alone in the world, but he was unafraid. Still, he thought, Mom should never have let Dad get her drunk.

  3. filkertom

    The newest Transformer: Optimus Bubba

  4. Les

    So, this is what Godzilla, the monster truck, is doing now that it has retired from redneck races.

  5. Reut

    And then people go and whine about parking problems! Ha!

  6. Pokejedservo

    Gee I wonder why something like this could EVER come from a site called huh?

  7. stevejust

    you might be a redneck if…
    you win the lottery and this is what you do with the money

  8. jwd

    Prom night was going great until Jim Bob got his mullet caught in the rear wheels.

  9. nebelung

    The 2003 Ford Pretentious! What a useful vehicle! Haul nothing! Park it in front of everything! It sucks gas just standing still with the engine off!

  10. woot

    I think he’s compensating for something………

  11. (pdw)

    The Ford Ah-nuld.

  12. Uncle Mike

    As the saying goes,” Guys with small dicks have big cars”. Thus Jerry was a single, dateless man.

  13. spat

    E.T. came back.

  14. Sarzie

    Just passing thought we’d drop by! Put the kettle on or should I?

  15. Sarzie

    Just passing thought we’d drop by. Put the kettle on or should I?

  16. Drake

    He had a house, he had a plane, and then George Bush wanted a truck.

  17. Babylon

    wooo! nice truck… Sorry about yer penis

  18. Nolte's Mugshot

    The direct result of combining red necks with green backs.

  19. Mojo

    That rebel!!! He parked in a 90 minute zone and at at slight angle!

  20. lawrence

    Billy Bob and Susie-Lee get ready to go get some chicken in a box before going on to visit her daddy in the big house.

  21. Reut

    That’s the car of one of the dumbasses who didn’t vote for my caption…

  22. mgoldsmith4

    Trying to pick up a bunch of girls at the local monster truck rally

  23. bw

    Finally, a Ford that gets zero miles per gallon!

  24. Lisa H.

    This is the culprit for missing prom night. See, the girls got in, but they just couldn’t seem to get down the stairs without falling on their faces.

  25. Richard Howe

    You think this cost alot!? wait till you see the insurance

  26. Fartman

    Thank you for flying Redneck airlines

  27. DS

    The limousine remained parked, waiting for Jeff Foxworthy and his entourage.

  28. Stu

    You leave your mini for 5 minutes,and those pesky kids just can’t leave it be!

  29. tandeme

    Introducing (drum roll)…..The FBI’s newest servailance vehicle

  30. Mark Smith

    The newest in redneck prom mobiles

  31. Guy Incognito

    Several onlookers were overheard saying “Ahhh! **Splat**”

  32. tim

    You think that’s big? Check this out… *unzips pants*

  33. Lisa H.

    The Beverly Hillbillie’s finally traded in their old broken-down pickup truck. This is Jethro’s new chick magnet.

  34. Daniel

    CSUV presentation: come inside.. c’mon.. don’t be afraid… Hey! Fatboy!! DON’T SIT IN THE MIDDLE!!! NOO!!! (crack) Oh shit… Well.. Half-SUV presentation continues……

  35. kt

    I like big cars and I cannot lie.

  36. tdfs

    comeon it’s got mudflaps!

  37. rob

    nothin like a good Hummer, I mean limo

  38. Pete Mann

    Mr. Bush? You want us to bring the Presidential Limo around front?

  39. floridapilotbob

    Poor man’s corporate jet

  40. toad

    Hmmmmmmm, I dunno,, Let’s make the Vehicle smaller and increase the number of clowns from 5 to 18.

  41. tiago

    extedending a truck $10000.00
    Raising your truck $3000.00
    19 inch rims $4000.00
    finding out you owe the bank 17000.00 priceless

  42. Chingwa hui

    Gets 13 gallons to the mile

  43. chunkybunker

    talk about compensating for something!

  44. smitch

    That ain’t nothin’…the horse trailor is still in the paint shop.

  45. Neptune

    1 highway, 0 city

  46. turb

    i thought i ordered a limo!

  47. turb

    poor old jimmy… all he wanted was a date

  48. MusWatcher

    Bill Clinton’s new “pick-up” complete with astro turf.

  49. MeeMah

    Just look at the Presidential Limo! No wonder he needs to get rid of Saddam!

  50. HobbitOfMiddleEarth

    “The new Compact Mini. We change our cars to suit people’s needs.”

  51. Atrocity

    This used to be a Yugo until Tim Allen got a hold of it.

  52. Lunachick

    HON! in the brochere they serve pork rinds instead of those fish eggs! Wooooooooo!

  53. flo

    i’ve a feeling they gave gave me the wrong wheels in the garage, or is it just me!!

  54. Conan

    Awe, shit, heck, What choo takin bout war on terrorism? Git outta here.

  55. dawn sharp

    Gretchen Wilson’s limo

  56. Will

    Fuel efficient, practical, low carbon emissions. The future of road cars.



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