Too geeky


Some people are just a little bit too passionate about technology.

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73 Captions for “Too geeky”

  1. chodeboy

    My savior has risen!

  2. Anonymous

    Mr. Gates asked us to take you out, and we are authorized to use lethal force.

  3. Creepy

    Right to ASSEMBLY? You gotta be kidding!!!

  4. onebad427

    Cop; “so what you’re saying is with linux, I won’t have any of that bullshit freezing up, crashing, restarting shit like windows ??”

  5. Dudley

    Although they make a good operating system, Linux’s marketing budget is somewhat limited.

  6. Anonymous

    So, let me get this straight… Linux doesn’t come with a monitor, but this sign, which doesn’t change, and requires 2 hands to hold…

  7. GeeksRUs

    “Then the little Penguin doesn’t really exist?”

  8. Anonymous

    Ah, but can you get a real job instead of one holding this sign?

  9. (pdw)

    Cop: ‘Listen man, this is too boring… just throw a pie in Gates’ face when he walks out…maybe we’ll make the 6 o’clock news together’

  10. MicroSoft sux

    It’s funny: In Windows that sign says “Please use underpants at Ngee Ann City”

  11. flip

    “You see, nobody gives a shit what you geeks think so you may as well go home.”

  12. Anonymous

    cop: “Hey, which distro do you use? I’m having some problems with RedHat.”

  13. Anonymous

    Not to be confused with Ngoo Ann City.

  14. tatroyer

    Cop: “Why can’t you just hold a sign – WILL WORK FOR FOOD – like everyone else?”

  15. armand

    Inventor of E-mail’s first attempts weren’t always well received.

  16. Anonymous

    What da F— is an “OS”?

  17. Les

    A new hero for the ages: Linux Man!

  18. silver rusty balls

    Officer Hahn and his loyal side kick Officer Whittey no the streets, they also know that this is a undercover drug signal and it must be stopped!

  19. larfus

    Seconds later the 2 officers have mr linux sign holding man face down and punching him and claimed they did it in self defense. officer qouted saying ” I felt like he thought he was smarter than me.”

  20. John

    I bet I would have gotten more audience if my handwriting were a bit better…

  21. brazilian wax my ass

    “Don’t you have anything better to do like playing a game on your computer. Oh, that’s right, there are no games for Linux.”

  22. Patrick

    Sorry, I left my “\/\/|11 |-|4xx0r ph0r ph00|)” sign at home.

  23. nebelung

    Cop to sign holder: You know that you can be replaced by a stick at any time, right?

  24. Anonymous

    Cop, “Ain’t no way the linux shit is better than donuts.”

  25. Made You Look

    Sign translation: “I can’t find a job using Linux.”

  26. Anonymous

    Got a Quarter?

  27. Anonymous

    which way to the dunkin’ donuts?

  28. Bob Dole

    No officer, I’m not really protesting Windows. I’m just trying to find some hot techie chicks.

  29. Anonymous

    Listen mister, to have a successful protest, people actually have to give a shit about your cause…and what the hell is an OS?

  30. HIT MAN


  31. Crunchy

    Sir, “lienucks” may be a better “oss,” but if you don’t move along, you’re going to find out whether “Officer Smith” administers a better “cavity search.”

  32. fishamaphone

    COP: ok, you get a $50 fine for not having a business permit, and another $75 fine for stating the obvious.

  33. WhisperingStorm

    What they DON’T know is, I get all the supa hot websavvy girls with stuff like this.
    *sniff* I’m so lonely.

  34. Ashlee o-O aka Ibuki Lei

    Occifer: I had hope for nerds like you… but SOMEDAY… APPLE SHALL RULE THE WORLD… and all shall bow before their feet…

  35. GreyDuck

    “That may be true, son, but you DO realize, don’t you, that what you’re doing is the equivalent of pissing into the wind?”

  36. H4r Har H4r

    “Well you see sir…”
    ::pushes up glasses::
    “Linux is better at managing external devices and resource mana…”
    “Son… We don’t give a f**k. Now get out of the damn way before we have to get out our Anti-Linux Pepper Spray.”
    “But sir, you have to understand that…”
    “Dear Redhat, my eyes, I can’t see anything. How will I ever set up my Linux machines now!!!!”

  37. reut

    Cop: “Dude I just came by to tell you you’re facing the wrong side”

  38. frednature

    Sir, the sign is okay, but you’re going to have to get down off of your grandmother’s back.

  39. Waaaaassup?

    Officer Lennie Linux was often bullied, but this time this guy went too far by calling him an os.

  40. Jen

    Don’t jump! It’s not worth it!

  41. fender

    There is also a second myth printed on the opposite side of the sign, which reads “Sysadmins are great in the sack.”

  42. Dan

    “But Officer, you haven’t even seen my ‘Chicks Dig Unix’ T-shirt!”

  43. fender

    rm -rf /home/sex_appeal

  44. Gaylord Focker

    On slashdot this guy would be modded up “+1 insightful”.

  45. fender

    Hon, upset by the global adoption of Windows in the Singapore government took his cause to the street only to met by the only other person in Singapore who can’t get laid.

    Fierce sexually frustrated arguing ensued.

  46. Commander Grunt

    Free the bird!

  47. Commander Grunt

    Sir, you will have to come with us. We have orders from the Emperor to take you in because he feels your blaspheming him somehow…

  48. alan seaton

    Microsoft security had to intervene when Yeeng vowed to shove his makeshift card board sign, and maybe an arm or two, up the asshole of Bill Gates

  49. FR

    “Well, Jeremy, what operating system will WE use?” asked officer Butch while he was reaching for his truncheon.

  50. Drake

    In 2145 Wang Lee was put in the right when Linux swept Windows off the market. From then on he was remembered and idolized as a genius prophet and a Linux martyr.

  51. DANIEL

    Hey, he’s Asian! At least he spelled everything correctly!

  52. DANIEL

    Cop: Um, excuse me? Yes, well, I thought you would like to know something: Bill Gates has just been seen with a sniper rifle on top of that building over there. I suggest you find some cover.

  53. gunrunner

    cops discover the man responcible for the subliminal messages on the back of Ngee Ann City underpass signs Red Handed as he prepared to replace yet another sign

  54. Akuta Animosity

    To all the students at Anderson High School in Indiana, I present to you Carter Castor in 5 years……THANK YOU!!!!

  55. Pokejedservo

    Geek: Ummm… are you going to use your nightstick & tear gas on me now or later?

  56. Steven Chapman

    Another day in Vietnam’s Linus Torvalds Street School of English.

  57. Anonymous
  58. JuDo

    you see, my partner wanted to let you go, but im only in this job for the ass whippins.

  59. Mark Beular

    Later on the asian man was arrested for holding up a OS sign to the cops (Open Shoot) which siganled to the snipper to shoot but the snipper had fallen asleep so all didnot go as planed

  60. Brian

    Cops: “You best put that sign down son, ir we’ll pull another Rodney King on your ass!”

  61. Derm

    “Did you ever hear of how not to get your ass kicked by the police?…Where the hell is your white friend?”

  62. Atrocity

    Bill Gates’ version of his ‘Spooks.’

  63. craig Dillon


  64. adam freitas

    I got Iam really funny i wiil give you a joke what did the computer say to the speaker.Iwant to put more mucic

  65. Ha Bui

    Paradise Travel Vietnam

  66. TDK&N International Transport Comapny

  67. Reynard Muldrake

    Cop: It’s a really good start, but if you could just give it a little *flaire*, some
    decorative touches, a little cartoon computer face in the corner…

  68. Reynard Muldrake

    Cop: Look, *WE* say Microsoft is the better system, and we’ve got the guns!

  69. GrooveSamurai

    Technically, you should have a point after the ‘O’ and one after the ‘S’, what with it being an acronym and all. There`s no excuse for poor punctuation like that.

  70. dustin cobwebs

    look I dont care what you gays think… we’re not gonna let you get maried

  71. Fisher

    I’m a Mac, he’s a PC, and neither of us want you.

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