Too little, too late.

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99 Captions for “Too little, too late.”

  1. Scott Page

    “Intelligent Descent” Replaces Age Old Theory of Gravity

  2. s.chandler

    “i’ll be a S-O-B this talking can opener is smarter than i am!”

  3. Reynard Muldrake

    Albert Einstein: Well, hello there. I bet you thought I was dead, didn’t you?
    George W. Bush: Wha? Who are ya?
    Einstein: Well I’m not dead. I’ve been space traveling in this artificial body I built myself.
    Bush: Oh. Well whud you come back down fer?
    Einstein: Oh, not much. Just this…
    *Einstein fires red lazors out of his nose. Bush drops dead to the ground*
    Einstein: Finally.

  4. Darin Madden

    Bush stood there silent, like a boob, for 30 seconds trying to figure out Ein-Robot. Bush commented at a news release shortly after, saying the Terror of Relatativity will be stopped!

  5. Simon

    A mindless automaton incapable of even simplistic problem solving…

    OHHHHH and an Einstien Robot!!

  6. Simon

    In his recent visit to Japan, President Bush falls for the ole “Pull my finger” routine.

  7. Darin Madden

    The ES-EMC2 seen shaking hands with ID-10T, the amazingly huminoid looking model of Bush. Earlier models MO-R0N, and ST-UP1D were scrapped. Progress of grammatical use beyond the 7th grade has been a stumbling block.

  8. s.chandler

    Bush to talking trash can “Can i have your baby?”

  9. s.chandler

    “Viagra this you defunct man species!”

  10. TheMike

    I really like you little people. I really do!

  11. Shadowbat

    President George: Well I’ll be darned! I used to watch your show all the time. Look, Dick, it’s Eddie Munster!

  12. plastic peeps

    It ain’t nuclear, it’s nucular. Say it Einstein…nooo…cue…ler.

  13. Mark

    talk about an artificial head on old shoulders oh yeah the robot’s pretty neat too

  14. Jose B.

    President Bush was clearly elated to finally meet the founder of Einstein’s Bagels.

  15. Alex Kaseberg

    “You know a lot of people call me Einstein, as in, ‘Nice Iraq exit strategy, Einstein.”

  16. Anchor

    I’ll be damned! A 4-foot robotic version of my mom!

  17. eddie

    this presidential robot looks so life like mr lee. i know we worked hard on all the “confused” gestures for the reall life effect

  18. Gentaur

    Later, Bush would try to get the autograph of Pikachu, and offer military assistance against Godzilla.

  19. Gentaur

    With the Einstein robot, the three-legged man, and tiny head floating by his left ear, George realized he was having an LSD flashback.

  20. dogma

    One no brainer to another!

  21. alex

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr Neil Armstrong”

  22. Varney

    Bush feels at home at robot convention.

  23. trinawoods

    “Oh, by the way, nice job inventin’ that telephone.”

  24. trinawoods

    “Hehe, yeah Laura says the same thing about my output sensor.”

  25. static07

    Finnaly George W. Bush reveiled his master plan to end global terrorism.

  26. static07

    It’s pleasure to meet you E.T. together we’ll make an end to intergalactic terrorism!

  27. Jemn

    E=MC2 lead me too this?

  28. Kenny

    Don’t you guy’s think a younger face on the robot would make him more modern, you know, like more groovy.

  29. Kenny

    “No Em Cee Squared, don’t pull Mr. Bush’s finger, no matter what he says.”

  30. trinawoods

    Next time vote for the guy on the left.

  31. Scrubby

    “Look, Lee, it’s that smart guy from Back to the Future! Hey, ain’t you about as old as this picture?”

  32. Howard

    I didn’t know you were a robot!

  33. ghr

    Thanks for the Nucular Bobmb!

  34. Sam

    This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

  35. Mandana

    Bush: “Wow! It’s like looking in a mirror”

  36. Marietta

    Bush: Well, I’ll be damned Mr. Einstein. Thanks for coming back from the dead to deliver my shipload of atomic bombs for me to drop on Iraq. I’m a big big fan of your work.

  37. John

    Bush: Aren’t you dead?
    Einstein: Well, you’re not as dumb as people say you are, eh?

  38. frankly

    Just because your a robot ,does not mean anything…I told my men in black to tear you apart when this show is done…That’s right!My name is Mr. Bush and I rule!

  39. Ben

    “Get it through your head, moron! I’m not C3PO, I’m a robot of Einstein!”

  40. mezzb

    Former President visits the Cryo-lab where his mother’s head was recently grafted to its new Cy-Body(tm)

  41. Jon

    Say, you didn’t share our nuclear secrets with them did ya?

  42. shertir

    i am danny and i am gay

  43. ajay

    dumb and dumber

  44. Reynard Muldrake

    Bush: Gee, they sure are taking awhile in putting up a new… cap… captain picture…
    Einstein robot: Looking at you for this long is more than I can bear!
    -And that’s when the robot exploded.-

  45. Antony Jacob

    Sorry Father I am late

  46. Antony Jacob

    Helo bush wher is ur papa

  47. Darin Madden

    Heh. Heh….uh hey uh that tickles…

  48. Daniel Flynn

    You sure got a firm handshake ol’ fella!

  49. BabsJohnson

    I would like to wire tap you, but I can’t figure out your spacial orientation.

  50. trinawoods

    We’ll take the troops outta Iraq when the Captionmachine changes their photo.

  51. God

    George- Say, does this thing come with a brain?

  52. Jeff L-K

    By all mathematical laws, these two should have cancelled each other out.

  53. maximus prime

    hope you like ballsweat bush!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeehahahaha. MMFWCL!!!

  54. trinawoods

    Almost everyone at the APEC summit was a little creeped out by the life-like rubber head. The robot, on the other hand, was a big hit.

  55. Droobius

    Robot Death-Gnomes: Leading the way in Anti-terrorist technology.

  56. Kenny

    You guys just can’t let the Hiroshima/Nagasaki thing go can you? First, you put my head on this vacuum cleaner on steroids. Now you’ve got me shaking hands with this dude. Ha, Ha, Ha, Real funny.

  57. kevin


  58. Kenny

    Mr President, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about a couple of ideas I have to help you combat terrorism.

  59. nick

    Little did Bush know that shaking his hand would trigger an atomic bomb trained on the area Bush was walking on…Hiroshima…even though he had been briefed 10 minutes earlier

  60. trinawoods


  61. darkimp

    My white hair more than you…..dare u look down at me??

  62. trinawoods


  63. trinawoods

    kinda hairy
    just plain scary

  64. Raymond Funamoto

    Heh,Heh,Heh–Well, Albert, I already have an evil Braniac-tick-tock-man as my V.P.–Dickless Cheney!

  65. FrozenDragon

    “Well pleez’d to meetcha, they told me your were dead.”

  66. Raymond Funamoto

    The Einstein Robot out-thought Dubya even with one-half of its artificial intelligence tied behind its back!

  67. vizman

    GWB: Wow. Neil Amstrong…nice to meet ya.

  68. niki

    y am i shakin handz with a figment of ma imagination???
    (meet me outside afta tha show)

  69. jeremy

    You must be Mr. Roboto. Well Domo Arigato Amigo!

  70. Rufus

    “I can’t believe I actually get to meet Santa Clause!”

  71. Pam M

    “The Way Things Really Are…”
    Deep below the Earth, Bush consults
    with one of the secretly reanimated
    “brainiacs” that actually run the country…

  72. Peter

    Bush meets his future successor

  73. Ed Z

    Mr. President – may I present our new candidate for the Supreme Court – guaranteed to follow instructions or your money back!

  74. Ed Z

    Oh lookie Mr. Lee! The ideal American citizen!

  75. Antonio

    “We still have lots of kinks to work out and there are a few nuts and bolts that are still loose. Uh? No, sorry Mr. President, I was talking to the robot.”

  76. Antonio

    It’s a pleasure to finally meet the man who was a genius, and a prince who lived in a can at the same time, Ke-he-he-he-hee! So, how much oil did you say this thing had again Mr. Roboto?

  77. Antonio

    A puppet powered by Duracell meets a puppet powered by DuraHell..

  78. Grace

    Bush: Is This Albert Enstien

    Robot: I Am Not I Am Roboto67543

    Bush: Your Nalf Genius

    Chinese Guy: (Under Breath) Yer He Can Try And Help You Make The Dicisons A Maybe America Won’t be Hated!

  79. josh ingram

    Im Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  80. Dan Teepen

    Nice body armor, but ya better wear a helmet too if yer goin huntin with Cheney, little feller.

  81. Dils

    Hey Newton, thanks for inventing the telescope

  82. dawn sharp

    Anna Nicole Smith’s real baby daddy never meets a Bush he cannot conquer.

  83. noo

    The china man has finally found someone hes taller than.

  84. NooSweat

    Can I borrow your brain? Oh well, let me start by shaking hand.
    * Or was it: Can I shake your brain, let me start by boring your hand *

  85. george

    spot the genius!

  86. Jig

    Hi dad, what you doing here?


    The GOOD The BAD and The UGLY – you take your prick sorry pick !

  88. hafferden

    my head is way to big for this costume!

  89. Chloe

    I lost my body in a space accident.

  90. Sean

    It was the governments decision to Put Einstein’s head on a robot, in order to help Bush run the country.

  91. Jeremey kyle

    does my bum look big in this

  92. Ray R.

    Dont wory! your not small, your just, well, fun sized!

  93. tev

    President Bush Photographed shortly after shaking Hands With a Fire Hydrant

  94. cmto

    Hello Albert, I’m a Jewish robot too!

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