Tough night


This poor kid takes brown-noser to a whole new level.

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107 Captions for “Tough night”

  1. Anonymous

    Those balloon animals are getting more realistic everyday.

  2. Larry

    Look hunny that talk about the birds and the bees is really paying off

  3. spat

    Kid-terrorist in action.
    Some start with blowing up a frog, some with a dog.

  4. Dan Himes

    Me at a young age.

  5. Anonymous

    Now we know why Johnny is called “Buttmuncher” at school.

  6. Wobblebot

    Local boy Danny Zwigoff wants anxiously for the evidence that his dog really did eat his homework.

  7. Anonymous

    And we thought all that time only dogs licked their genitals.

  8. Meso

    Lassie! Quick! Timmy needs mouth to ass!

  9. DK

    Little boys are a dog’s best friend.

  10. enigma

    Whose best friend?

  11. enigma

    How do you like it Fido?

  12. cozmo

    thats what i call KIDDY STYLE

  13. Viehauser

    No wonder the dog always sleeps with little petey!

  14. bgray

    Sometimes desperate measures are needed when one lives near the Avon perfume factory.

  15. ctcp

    Jimmy, you even been in a Turkish prison?

  16. Ashton

    “In the latest news, butt-sniffing is on the rise among inner-city kids…”

  17. rufus

    Can you hear me now?
    Okay, can you hear me now?

  18. Mike

    Tony’s parents thought this was cute so they took a picture. Unfortunately, during the night, the dog farted and Tony died.

  19. HoJo

    “You can come out now Danny, the bad mans gone.”

  20. kater

    everytime you go 69 with a dog, god kills a kitten…

  21. Anonymous

    Now he knows why dogs lick themselves.

  22. Matt

    Jeepers! I never knew that was up there

  23. Action News

    And in medical news, the Hernandez brothers celebrated their 6th birthday at home this weekend. As you may recall, the Hernandez brothers are the siamese triplets: two brothers joined at the ass and a third extraordinarily disfigured sibling whose ass is connected to the face of one of the other two brothers. They were initially not expected to survive their first day of life, but just look at them now.

  24. Tommy T

    Meanwhile, just off the upper right side of the frame, a very happy tomcat is purring loudly.

  25. Roy Rendock

    In a mutual exchange of knowledge, the boy learns the benefits of having a long dexterous tongue while the dog learns the best part about having hands.

  26. Pietkl

    “Keep eating Fido, I can see it coming. You’re doing allright 5 minutes so far”

  27. hommel

    Dwayne was proud to say he ate some pussy in kindergarten, only to learn in a ‘domesticated animals’ lesson two weeks later the pussy was really a bulldog…

  28. The impervious Mr Smith

    Johnny’s parents couldn’t afford to pay the vets castration bill but johnny was happy to help out

  29. Anonymous

    Where Morning Breath Comes From

  30. spat

    Toby always liked his dogs HOT.

  31. Alex Kaseberg

    Little Johnny had bad dreams of Great Uncle Louie’s bad breath.

  32. pedro

    In this photo, we see why it is so important to keep pit bulls away from children.

  33. Ninja

    Everytime you 69 with a dog a Ninja chops the head of a kitten and doesn’t even care!

  34. Sandman

    As little Billy dreamed of licking and biting into “Candy Apples”. Duke was oblivious to what was about to happen………

  35. rusty

    With no time to spare before his morning trombone
    recital, Timmy had to practice with what he had.

  36. JK

    Who’s your daddy, bitch?

  37. Kymmy

    Because he can!!

  38. Rod

    Yes we always new little Johhny was going to be a Gynicologist

  39. Anonymous

    Johnny was always accused of having dog breath.

  40. Tux

    It’s okay fido. You’re much prettier than what I woke up with last night!

  41. Mr. Ramon

    Desperate to re-live his experience at the state penetentiary, Bubba started tossing his dog’s salad in a moment of passion.

  42. armand

    Not a funny picture.Sorry.

  43. wobbley pete


  44. TheCro

    Smells like a wet brownie,
    Tastes like a wet brownie,
    NOT a wet brownie.

  45. SinnerĀ©????


  46. Skeletor

    Mmmmm, dreaming of milk duds….


    crap stupid get a life….NOT FUNNY!

  48. Duggh

    It wasn’t really comfortable, but now Andy could sleep in peace, without his dad sneaking in to do those unpleasant things with him.

  49. Drake

    Just now and then, Mowgli needed to smell the scent of nature again.

  50. Kereltje

    After succesfully blowing up a frog, Jimmy starts the real work.

  51. Paul, Evansville IN

    Well, she looked great last night!

  52. meg

    …and my dad put this picture of me on the Internet, doe it qualify for justifiable homicide?

  53. RMOR

    FIDO! I told you before: professionals don’t look into the camera…

  54. Troy

    As Kenny Dreamed of a Cold Chocolate Popsicle, Rover dreamed of a pretty poodle he had seen the day before.

  55. cybbis

    Now, how can I tell if it’s a dog or a cow?

  56. Anonymous

    Stop, Jimmy, he’s not like daddy’s inflatable doll!

  57. tag

    darren honey bobbys at it again i thought you tolled him that sniffing a dogs bum is not a good way to get high

  58. SoP

    See Billy I wasn’t lying,
    if you are not careful they’ll cut your balls off too.

  59. smioux

    gee, look at the kaleidascope mum just bought me

  60. Reut


  61. Rebecca

    They all look alike in the dark!

  62. jez


  63. jez

    Thats what i call doggy-style!

  64. Neocarter

    Wow… who let the dogs out, huh?

  65. Lamar

    little timmy couldn’t figure out what that foul desert wind smell was in his dream

  66. vivo

    you are not moving until I get my ball out

  67. sue

    soooooooo this is where morning breath comes from..!!

  68. sue

    must have been a bad night that you? whats your name again ?

  69. Alan Seaton

    Mom, where is the prostate again?

  70. Anonymous

    ….next time ya get a bone stuck, I,m not blowing it out!!!!!

  71. Anonymous

    ….next time ya get a bone stuck, I,m not blowing it out!!!!!

  72. Anonymous

    little joey: what’s the fuss all about? my dad licks pussies…why can’t i lick doggies?!

  73. Philip


  74. Rorty

    Kevin was so pissed last night he mistook Fido for his inflatable sheep.

  75. Big C

    mingers….never slept with any, woken up with loads

  76. Tauri

    .. so this is what they call “brown Nosing” eh!!!

  77. alex

    Help is on the way Jimmy!…help is on the way.

  78. babylon

    But mom.. my nose was cold

  79. your mom

    We got hosed, tommy… we got hosed!

  80. irish

    I can not breathe, I can not breathe, oh my god I can not breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. travis weir

    baby your breath stinks you should brush your teeth once in a while,plz?

  82. ben irons(aka.rusty)

    this is why luke banaman shouldn’t drink

  83. Anonymous

    Always the passive aggessive, Rex found creative ways to get Jimmy back for tieing firecrackers to his tail.

  84. BillyJoeBob

    MMMMMMMM, Kosher…

  85. lawrence

    Boy, this new fabreeze really does work!!!

  86. dfjk

    Mmmmmmm…Lassie, you keep licking my feet and I’ll keep licking your weiner

  87. canadiana

    start fresh everyday

  88. Go Go Girl

    Man, it smells like ASS in here!

  89. George Bush

    A young George Bush gets cozy

  90. Gian

    where the hell is my toy truck??

  91. Kennny

    Dad told little Larry if he could learn to do that he’d get him a job in the circus. Larry didn’t understand Dad intended for him to lick his own nuts.

  92. Noob_warior

    dude there will be some ugly ass kids

  93. jorge

    mommmmm, i told you allready, i don’t want to go to school, now put thos boiled eggs away from my face!!!

  94. Marietta

    Little Joey tried to see if the dog would make the same sound his older sister did when he walked in on her and her boyfriend in the same position.

  95. robin

    Don’t end up like this Sunday Morning!

  96. Daniel Flynn

    Don’t use your teeth Billy, just flick it with your tongue…aaahhh that’s it!

  97. Daniel Flynn

    I don’t know what my chinese friend is talking about, these things taste terrible.

  98. Kenny

    And when Billy opened his eyes and discovered the nightmare was real and his parents were just standing there taking pictures, he swallowed his Baby Ruth, and never spoke again.

  99. edith

    i’ll get u out of there!!!!

  100. Ian

    I smell chocolate…

  101. fred

    wait till he farts

  102. fred

    do dogs like sossages?

  103. ian

    I smell shit

  104. Kelvin Hargrove

    Finaly! A solution for Dragons Breath!

  105. Mike

    Who says Febreeze dosen’t work every where

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