Tour De What


Nice bike.

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55 Captions for “Tour De What”

  1. dd,logwog,dad and bubba

    bicycle homicide

  2. Hands Solo

    Cop: “No, you idiot, I said chalk outline the body and leave the bike.”

  3. Mike

    He was a 3d man stuck in a 2d world.

  4. Someone Special Someone

    Everybody was sideways biking…da da da da da da…

  5. Barbara

    It’s hard riding sidesaddle in this.

  6. Gentaur

    Never play chicken with a steamroller.

  7. Gentaur

    Billy made the mistake of asking Satan instead of Santa for a bike for Christmas.

  8. Pismonque

    Ned couldn’t ride his bike because he had a flat.

  9. alien-ant

    billy never did mind it , his parent were so poor they couldent buy a bike … i still wonder why ???

  10. Mark Beular

    look mom its a retard laying on the ground on a bike

  11. ManicukLawyer

    Lee was getting really fed up of thinking up new ideas on how he could hide his huge testacles

  12. Larry Reese

    Lance Armstrong begins to regret his divorce…

  13. jwd

    Claude soon realized he’d better paint himself some training wheels.

  14. Flynny

    And just when you thought it was safe to paint children on your sidewalk again

  15. Pismonque

    Sadly, Ned’s legs were crushed by a swerving bus soon after this photo was taken and he had to be moved to a handicap parking logo.

  16. filkertom

    Man, these R.E.M. videos are gettin’ weirder and weirder.

  17. Lawrence

    Poor Lance Armstrong, when the doctor said the cancer came back, he meant to say it came for his bicycle. Let it go lance, let it go.

  18. Gentaur

    Fred was a master at upskirting.

  19. caitlin

    John likes to take create for his amature spray painting job

  20. lauren

    “Well, you know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true…”

  21. Captain Jordan

    After a surprise nuclear attack, the image of Charlie’s body was burned into the pavement. His bike, reduced to powder.

  22. slt

    I love my new bike it is so much fun to ride but really hard for some reason it won’t move.I wonder why?

  23. Mascot

    “I’m an excellent rider. ‘course Wopner’s on at three-thirty. Gotta watch Wopner. yeah. Three-thirty’s Wopner”

  24. Tina

    flat tyre?

  25. Sceezy

    “You should see my car.”

  26. Micber

    As you can see in this parallel universe whole bicycles go flat. In others bicycles ride people for exercise and the people get flat feet.

  27. spat

    “It’s all in a days work for… bicycle repair man.”

  28. E_the_E

    We now return to “Who Stole Roger Rabbit’s Bicycle?”.

  29. pyrhho

    He won.

  30. Shadowbat

    The Royal Agricultural Society of England finally aprehended the culprit responsible for the new rash of mini crop circles.

  31. one liner

    Try as he might, Jeremy was unable to steal the bicycle. He soon wandered off in search of a jack hammer.

  32. Chicken Lover

    Looking down from far above (outerspace) The aliens (we will call them chupacabras) shook their heads in disgust at such a pitiful and sorry race..(that would be the human race)…”what to do, these lifeforms have obviously not evolved enough for our personal and sexual use.” They turned around with their starship (they named it the Enterprise) and warped into another Glaxy only to return 10 billion years later to check on progress….

  33. abc

    Speed nap.

  34. cabe-o

    alas try as he mite little johnny couldn’t ride his new bike

  35. Bad Dream

    Even though he was mentally handicapped, Mike still held on to his dreams of glory.

  36. ttsquared

    All in all its just another prick in the wall

  37. Owen Lucas

    Actual footage of Paul Simon having a restless dream, biking down narrow streets of cobblestone. It was Artie’s idea to sing it as “walked alone” just to help out the rhyme.

  38. Fire Frog

    Once more Larry found life was driving him up the wall…

  39. Sad but true

    Arthur contemplated theft insurance on his new bicycle.

  40. Amy

    “To bike, or not to bike… That is the question!”

  41. ljkjlk

    “my other car is 3D”

  42. T!MZzy

    Grand Theft Bicycle,
    In amsterdam they litteraly steal ALL bikes…

  43. Sam Herman

    Jimmy won the annual bike race! And He stayed in place…

  44. acg

    Poor Jimmy has been duped into buying bullshit again…

  45. Andy


  46. cdm

    Another unfortunate, but humorous, spot for Dave to have a siezure.

  47. DAP


  48. aza d

    Poverty really drives men to do strange things eh???

  49. aza d

    line break?

  50. Fred

    This is what happens when you buy stuff on e-bay !

  51. George

    The world’s lightest bike .

  52. digital cameras

    Whoa….check out this page…hmmm, and I thought this was only for the kids

  53. Michael

    I really hope a truck comes along right now.

  54. Four by Four

    Mom told me I was grounded.

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