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When you’re no good at basketball, join the wrestling team?

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76 Captions for “Trend continues”

  1. =corym=

    yellow man wins “largest testicles” competition.

  2. AngelaC

    After one year of drug rehab, the spice girls embark on their newest world tour

  3. Anonymous

    scary spice wearing green – my penis is so huge!

  4. AngelaC

    Baby spice in the pink… can no longer wear her knee high boots, and needs straps to keep her socks up

  5. =corym=

    the new look australian basketball team!

  6. They're Back

    Teletubbies invade the WWF.

  7. s.chandler

    Victoria’s Secret=G-string hoists for the metric ton challenged

  8. Veshka

    With the boy band craze being what it is, producers try a new gimick – theme bands.

  9. Anonymous

    Twenty years later and out of the closet, N Sync reunites

  10. Anonymous

    (guy in green) Hey! I just found the tv remote!

  11. Anonymous

    We’re here! We’re queer! We’re disgustingly obese! Get used to it!

  12. Pokejedservo

    Some guys are just to desperate to “wrestle & get top on” Tina Armstrong of the “Dead or Alive” games.

  13. tatroyer

    Group shot of the actors that did not get the role for Fat Bastard and one that did not get mini Fat Bastard.

  14. onebad427

    Backstage at one of Vegas’s Elvis look alike try-outs

  15. Anonymous

    I told you guys: the tag is supposed to go in the back.

  16. Anonymous

    Is it just me, or was this photo taken of all the football jocks from high school at the 20th reunion last year?

  17. Anonymous

    Bassackwards wanna-be weightlifters.

  18. Anonymous

    Today, in the New England Journal of Medicine: The Long-Term Effects of Bagpipe-Playing-induced-Oxygen Deprevation. Caution: This story contains graphic images not suitable for children and some adults.

  19. nurg

    Christ, I just ATE! Urlp…thanks a LOT, Conner…!

  20. spat

    The Chippendales make a remarkable come-back…
    …they’re now getting payed to keep their clothes on.

  21. GreyDuck

    GO!… *huff* GO!… *puff* Power Rangers! *wheeze* *cough* *collapse*

  22. armand

    Little Bob couldn’t memorize the lyrics to the song,so he wrote them down on his pants.

  23. Anonymous

    Human marsupials with babies in their pouches try out for Showgirls part two

  24. Crunchy

    White dwarfs are the shrunken remains of normal stars, whose internal energy supplies have been used up. White dwarfs consist of degenerate matter with a very high density due to gravitational effects, i.e. one spoonful has a mass of several tons. White dwarfs cool and fade over several billion years.

  25. Gary Coleman

    Midget in green “Hey fellaz, my junk is bigger than I am!”

  26. Jim

    guy in middle “well at least my glasses dont make me look so fat…damnit im still a fat mess”

  27. Les

    The resuslts from masturbating when God has no kittens around

  28. galak

    The “FULL” Monty

  29. Kymbo limbo

    Tiny still couldn’t work out the origins of his nickname…..

  30. Anonymous

    but it all takes a turn for the worse, when behind the music returns

  31. john

    one guy to the other: shit, you got pregnant too?!

  32. Jack

    NOW will you put down that comfort food?

  33. Reut

    I’m almost sure that green one is the fat bastard!

  34. David

    after years of failed solo attempts, Take That returned to the UK concert curcuit to the delight of their old fans.

  35. alan seaton

    Many believed that the legacy of andre the giant outlived the man.

  36. evan

    so THATS what the mall-Santas do when it isn’t Christmas time.

  37. Sherissa

    Damn, those are some bit ta-tas!

  38. Skeletor

    …And they wanted to discontinue the swimsuit competition!

  39. Waaaassup??

    When the Colourful Bum Babes came in, Andrew realised the striptease act had been to cheap to be true.

  40. Anonymous

    When the Colourful Bum Babes came in, Andrew realised the striptease act had been too cheap to be true.

  41. alan seaton

    spandex is a privelege,not a right…..

  42. alan seaton

    Growing more and more hugry with every passing minute, lil’ George’s penis began to resemble one of the the plump summer sausages he ate as a young boy.

  43. LM

    Just thank god you’re not watching them ‘in action’.

  44. filkertom

    Bananas In Pajamas… the awful truth.

  45. filkertom

    The Fellowship of the Onion Ring

  46. jwd

    The Canadian sumo wrestling team never wins, but they have the sharpest uniforms!

  47. belly laughs

    The first few attempts to clone John Candy weren’t too successful.

  48. Anonymous

    LOOK GUYS! I saved Karyn!

  49. Anonymous

    What ahpperned to the East German
    Wrestling team when they weren’t allowed
    to use steriods any more

  50. Anonymous

    What happerned to the East German
    Wrestling team when they weren’t allowed
    to use steriods any more

  51. Brian

    Fat Bastard fan club?..or look alike club?..

  52. Anonymous

    Where’d Mr.Happy go?!? Oh wait, there he is, behind that flab. you shouldn’t scare me like that, little one!

  53. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    Tonite on Starsearch: The Big Daddy-o-s with their latest hit “And Spandex For All!”

  54. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    2002:Gene Simmons decides not to make a comeback with Ki$$…

  55. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    First auditions for the Power Rangers did not give the expected result…

  56. Resisobilus

    Revealed at last: the reason that riots and looting broke out during Milan’s first Hutt fashion show.

  57. Mark Smith

    The first american sumo wrestling team in the olympics

  58. MeeMah

    We’re available for bachelorette parties!

  59. Atrocity

    And they say WCW is no longer around…

  60. meg & ange

    It moves on it own?

  61. sandypinktruck

    I just wanna know what the guy in green is looking for?

  62. Mike

    The 7 UP truck driver calendar boys made a special appearance today at the mall

  63. GrooveGeneral

    “Lose the sunglasses, Dave. You just look stupid.”

  64. princess2

    Bet none of these other guys can see theirs!

  65. brian

    Where have you been?
    You never came back to pick up your leotard

  66. Patti

    I haven’t seen my apple sack in 15 years!!

  67. Patti

    Could someone tell me if my apple sack is still there? I haven’t seen it in 20 years!!

  68. DeadElvis

    Ladies and Gentleman, straight from a tour of Big Vinnie’s Truck Depot and Raw Bar, here they are, Corpus Chritsi’s own “The CHUBmuffins”!

  69. tim fortune

    your family tree

  70. Larissa

    Skittles migrate to wrestling.

  71. Four x Four

    You know you love it.

  72. bob

    the midget just realised he has no penis!

  73. anonymus

    fat white guys in spandex just not a good combo

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