Typical Saturday night


And they say this stuff is bad for you, pff.

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37 Captions for “Typical Saturday night”

  1. Hangover

    Fluffy realized that beer and cigarettes wouldn’t make him a ladies’ man. It would only make him less desireable.

  2. Anonymous

    Two beers and a pack of cigarettes later, Muffin found happiness in his dreams.

  3. Passed out

    How Dry I Am

  4. They've Gone Mad

    When the catnip ran out, Sweatpea turned to beer and cigarettes.

  5. ps2maddenman

    Pussy, Drugs, and Alcohol.

  6. ps2maddenman

    Morris gets litter-faced.

  7. paperycow

    when john woke up to see cat, he knew he did something horribly wrong and got waaay too drunk

  8. paperycow

    friends don’t let friends commit beastiality

  9. paperycow

    i don’t care if she was looking at you….she could have fleas

  10. Angela C

    Felix was sick of being called a pussy and thought he’d show everyone how much of an animal he really was

  11. Pokejedservo

    “Shattered Dreams” the feline version.

  12. spat

    Whenever I can’t get layed
    I get pissed.

  13. Visca

    Muffin, scarred forever by “Kitty Stew,” sought refuge and relief from his suffering in a case of Busch and pack of stale Pallmalls.

  14. Les

    Mighta been the whiskey, mighta been the gin, coulda be the 3, 4 6 packs I dunno but look at the mess I’m in

  15. Otto

    It all started with that bag of catnip……..

  16. nurg

    Fame had not been kind to Morris the Cat.

  17. alan seaton

    Feeling guilty about running over the family cat, dad staged the scene to look like a hollywood overdose.

  18. Reut

    Wandering bottle hitting cat, we will all miss him..

  19. nurg

    *Blearg*…You tell that pusshy Garfield I can still stick hish head in the Tidy Cat any day…*blarph*, chrisht I gotta stop freebasing the Tender Vittlesh…

  20. David

    After the unexpected success of his first movie ‘Cats and Dogs’, Mr Tinkles celebrated in style.

  21. Jack

    If our president can faint from choking on a pretzel, what do you expect from a furry feline?

  22. meow

    this is just cruel! what were u thinking when u put this on here??

  23. GreyDuck

    Kittie’s Night Out, the sequel. (As in, haven’t we seen this already?)

  24. hi-lo dude

    Dammit! How many times do i have to tell you to stop stealing my Flags and drinkin em in the god damn street?!?!

  25. Anonymous

    TABBY…..OH TABBY….Why did you leave me?

  26. yarivon

    the life of a cat!

  27. Hannah M

    The Johnsons thought their cat was just in heat, but now they discover the REAL truth…

  28. Brian

    I have heard of getting drunking pussy…but..getting a pussy drunk..who does that?

  29. Anonymous

    5 boxes of cigarettes + 10 cases of beer + 1 cat = priceless

  30. paratrooper

    And all along Bills son had been telling his father the truth about what was happening to his smokes and brew

  31. paratrooper

    After the complete embarassment of the Clinton Administraion, socks the cat could no longer take the ridicule

  32. Atrocity

    John Bellushi reincarnated as a cat.

  33. Robbie

    We dutch people have a dutch word for hangover: “kater”. When you transulate the word “kater” into English you get cat.

  34. curtis

    one sloppy pussy

  35. Iron Chef

    Properly marinated and ready to cook!

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