UPS and FedEX crash


If you’ve seen the commercials you know that UPS wants to race the truck. Looks like FedEx wanted in on the action.

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172 Captions for “UPS and FedEX crash”

  1. Thomas

    This time the Shipping Wars get personal!

  2. Jako

    BROWN is beefy.
    BROWN kicks blue-and-red’s lilly white ass.

  3. Lynne

    DUEL 2: Special Delivery

  4. Cybbis

    So you’re saying that it was self defence. Fed Ex just jumped on you out of nowhere? Riiight.

  5. Lynn

    Dale should have never driven the truck.

  6. Riannon

    “Um,…Oops?”, said the lovely blonde UPS driver

  7. dawn

    This game of corporate “chicken” goes horribly, horribly wrong

  8. Mo

    When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.

  9. MAdterp

    Could Airborne Express be responsible?

  10. Ray Kochenbusch

    could Dave*** from airborne express be responsible?

  11. Patrick

    Rarely witnessed in its natural habitat, the wild Ewepeess solemnly recuperates before looking around for more ass to kick.

  12. Anonymous

    My gun was taking too long to get thru the mail service, butim just as disgruntled

  13. Anonymous

    I guess there both fed-up

  14. Ashley

    Hey, you drivers! Quit trying to imitate Rave and Danny and learn to steer while you’re at it!

  15. hawk

    After the dust cleared, only UPS was standing, all the fedex employees could do was hold their packages in pain.

  16. Cecilia =)

    FedEx- alwayz ready to deliver anything

  17. Cropuscular

    I thought Nostradamus wrote about this…..

  18. tiff

    you ARE the weakest link.

  19. Anonymous

    FedEx, coming your way!

  20. Anonymous

    We were only kidding when we said “Race that truck Dale”!!!

  21. oni424

    Early preview fotos for the fast and the furious 2

  22. enar

    FEDEX vs. UPS… terrorism in the world of POSTAL SERVICE

  23. Micah

    Hey, you got Fed-Ex in my UPS! You got UPS in my Fed-Ex! Hey…

  24. Anonymous

    What can Brown do for You today?

  25. Anonymous

    A FedEx truck and a UPS truck in a head-on collision.

  26. carter

    Where are those happy days they seem so hard to find i tried to reach for you but you have closed your mind what ever happened to our love i used to understand it used to be so nice it used to be so good

  27. vikram

    FedEx + UPS = Fedup

  28. Wayne

    special delivery! one fresh ass kicking!

  29. tomwl

    You know what they say….Rubbin’ is Racin’

  30. jcisuzu

    Across the board, Parcel Post has finally gone “POSTAL!”

  31. jcisuzu

    Rock’em-Sock’em PostTrucks

  32. jcisuzu

    Our next Celebrity Corporate Vehicular Deathmatch will be the Ham-Burgler-buggy vs the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile!

  33. chance

    the subsequent reaction to a pack of wild squirrels in the road.

  34. Anonymous

    Rectum? damn near killed ’em

  35. George

    Fedsex with braUps

  36. Anonymous

    Compaq and HP could learn from this…

  37. da frog

    Why can’t we all get along?

  38. minders

    There can be only one.

  39. Viehauser

    Can’t We all just get along!

  40. John

    What can Brown do for you? Just look at what it did to THEM!

  41. sexychris


  42. punkenuff182

    Another case of parcel road rage

  43. punkenuff182

    Fox Special: when good trucks go bad

  44. James Kelly

    “B.A. made a mokery of this one Murdock”

  45. Anonymous


  46. Anonymous

    Never mind Dale, we DON’T want YOU to race the truck!!!

  47. Indy

    “God damn it man now our mails mixed up!!”

  48. Maxx

    Mad Max beyond Milwalkee

  49. Fat Seanny

    Thrown out idea #6 for the Tom Hanks Movie “Castaway”

  50. Invisagoth

    The Anthrax Transportation Accident

  51. Camillion

    UPS truck smirks while FedEx truck flips over in laughter do to firefighter telling a polish joke to a local farmer during the two curriers lunch break.

  52. 9Nails

    You’ve got your chocolate in my peanut butter!

  53. Karl


  54. ronincyberpunk

    New! From the creators of Celebrity Death Match, Corporation’s go head to head in real life events – this week FedEx vs. UPS — this is only a teaser, wait for the 747 head on…

  55. Anonymous

    See what happens when you hire female drivers!

  56. Lou

    When I said we had to eliminate the competition, that’s not what I had in mind.

  57. Lou

    “Fired? Hell no! They gave me a promotion.”

  58. tortured soul

    This is when the FedEx management realized why the firestone tires were on sale

  59. nathaniel vincent


  60. Kim

    When we absolutely, positively, won’t get there at all!!

  61. Nick

    Just a bit of friendly competition.

  62. Ty1

    The FedEx truck just couldn’t handle it anymore, so it jumped, with some help from brown.

  63. draco467

    What’s big and brown and smells like shit?
    A UPS truck

  64. draco467

    I can’t believe you just said that. I should jus.t…bam….smack you .

  65. julia

    “We *also* deliver the smackdown!” -UPS

  66. Tyler Barton

    All that because he didn’t like Cast Away?

  67. Jowy

    US Postal service? They’re next.

  68. 4

    Brown says: Hands off my pie

  69. jasonclick

    ..and somewhere in Gotham, the USPS grins with certain evil delight…

  70. Erica

    Who’s delivers packages faster NOW bitch? That’s what I thought!

  71. Quique

    This isn’t funny. What if a dog was near one of the trucks and his mom doesn’t have a penis anymore?

  72. fisher

    Ever since they started turning on each other, the United Postal Workers Union has been responsible for relatively few civilian shootings.

  73. kelly

    oh shut up.”Mail Box Battle Bots” coulda’ been big.

  74. Jason

    And in just a matter of seconds, Billy’s Christmas gift is crushed in a heap of wreckage. Santa failed.

  75. Broken

    UPS = U Piece of Shit

  76. Newt

    What’s a dude doing drivng a UPS truck in a fireman’s suit??

  77. Newt

    OK – These government crash tests are getting out of hand.

  78. Missy

    UPS vs Fedex The battle between faster service

  79. Justin

    Sick of losing business, the United States Postal Service decided it was time to play dirty….

  80. nacio

    …why you shouldn’t watch NASCAR on your lunch-break….

  81. egg

    rubbing is racing

  82. Jordan Woll

    Yet another match of postal-chicken gone wrong.

  83. Sadie

    Um, it was CanadaPost!

  84. Adam

    i told you, it was NOT a good idea to drag down Broadway in these things

  85. d.

    a car crash.

  86. plankton

    UPS demanded, and got, product placement in the opening scene of Castaway 2

  87. Big M

    Well, this at least brought their average down too

  88. Steve

    When it absolutely, positively has to … whoops.

  89. oggie

    Got you! It looks like we’ve got a winner! See the smile on his face, yes, this one’s got talent, he could become a real champion!

  90. Akuma

    When cars get a mind of their own, this will happen….

  91. Hecata


  92. magpie steve

    he ugly!

  93. Steven

    A moment of clarity strikes Doug as he recalls the company’s drug and alcohol policy.

  94. Warren Fwy

    The battle for double parking hegemony gets nasty

  95. athadamus

    Delivery for Mr. Bin Laden

  96. Morrigan

    UPS finally proves to FEDEX and the world that it isn’t a Useless Piece of Shit

  97. Bloodthirster

    I didn’t know there was something like a drivers-license, I swear.

  98. Bloodthirster

    Luckily there were no serious injuries, only the fed-ex driver was killed

  99. Bloodthirster

    As a fireman dresses retard’s joyride gone wrong

  100. Benjamin

    He farted! I did not! He always farts.

  101. Jonathan

    Brown lets me flatten the competition.

  102. Anonymous

    Ha ha ha! Silly FedEx man! Now I get to deliver the package!

  103. Anonymous


  104. AliasMoze

    Mistakes were made.

  105. dalida

    Parcel delivery finds itself confronted with ruthless competition !

  106. babylon

    Damn Anthrax

  107. Bri

    The Corporate version of “Twisted Metal”

  108. gunrunner

    Better Late than Never.

  109. Dave

    Two trucks enter, one truck leaves.

  110. kevin

    we will get to you on time!!

  111. brando

    next on fox: when big corporations attack

  112. buzz

    u stupid americans get a ****ing sense of humour

  113. Karl Marx

    you know this picture is posted in the USPS main office for them to laugh at.

  114. Karl Marx

    UPS has been building heavily armed trucks for years. The revolution is upon us.

  115. bilbo

    FedEx? Bring that chit to me, man!

  116. bilbo

    Hey, that asshole busted my grill.

  117. bilbo

    Hey, think we can grab some parcels?

  118. Brad

    “Well, in all fairness, it didn’t say fragile on it.”

  119. PAT

    UPS driver had saw BIN LADIN in sight! turn out to be FEDEX!

  120. Brian


  121. Brian


  122. cutetexasgal

    When it ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY has to be there overnight……..UH, NEVER MIND!

  123. Heywood

    . . .as the postal worker re-loaded from the clock tower.

  124. Anonymous

    because it’s all about getting your package delivered there, fast

  125. Jimmy the Fish

    That’ll buff right out.

  126. Ken

    B. Spears at the wheel?

    UPS…I did it again

  127. meg

    brought to you by the us postal office

  128. elo

    two companies: one customer

  129. bert5

    Hope the carriage value was filled out corectly !!!

  130. alan seaton

    Bill, the firefighter on-scene, didn’t look surprised as he’s told the SWAT team got into the wrong van again.

  131. Darris

    I only meant to take the air off his rear spoiler, Honest!

  132. Newt

    Who can brown take out for you?

  133. Newt

    just an honest game of chicken.

  134. Anonymous

    Having defeated the competition, the UPS truck found itself at a crossroads.

  135. BillyJoeBob

    A fed-ex truck leaves the I-15 expressway at 45 miles an hour…

  136. Lawrence

    Actually a commercial where those damn squirrels get them to have an accident. Right on squirrels…

  137. Capcom Freedom

    two companies, none lived. Send me an email if this is gay

  138. Buzz

    NOW I know what happened to my package!

  139. Dale

    We can do this the easy way

    or the hard way…

  140. E.D.

    Driver goes UPStal!

  141. one_liner

    looks like ups is tough enough for nascar

  142. putteman

    you think it,s dead or just tired,
    i don,t know but i think my nose is broke.

  143. Ele

    FedEX Driver: Well, shit! This is gonna be a problem.

    UPS Drvier: No, really?

    FedEX: I say we just start throwing stuff in our trunks.

    UPS: What if it isn’t in the right truck?

    FedEX: Well, we’ll just be the delivery peeps that we are and not deliver it!

  144. fbiss

    Im Rick James Be-atch

  145. Danny Short

    7-8-9-10 YERRR OUT!

  146. Christy Hendrickson

    ” AND STAY DOWN !!!! “

  147. Guyowa

    In light of the new DSL commercial; ‘Didn’t see THAT coming’

  148. Matt

    What can Brown do for you

  149. Dick Cheney

    Analogy for Bush policy on Iraq

  150. Swift Boat Veterans for Lies

    True, George W. Bush went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard after a drunken homosexual encounter with six fellow cheerleaders, but he did so to command a swift boat in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, where he served admirably and lost his left testicle in a latrine zipper accident while eating pretzels leaving a purple heart-shaped mark on his scrotum and nevermind these happened in different years because YOU weren’t there as WE claim to be so shut up already you swarthy Francophile manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction stem-cell killer reponsible for this recession how dare you challenge us in violation of the Patriot Act let’s see your library records you deserving-to-be-leashed-with-a-sandbag-over-your-head and savaged by Halliburton contractors who lost their pensions in a frenzy of Enron/WorldCom corporate abuse encouraged by me-first hands-off secret Dick Cheney adminstration policies let’s start a war hell let’s start lots of wars you’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists and did you know that in French “trombone” means “paper clip” don’t worry about the deficit and don’t call Dubya a goober it’s Kerry who’s the goober it’s LIES, ALL LIES.

    The bigger the better.

  151. rick12string

    lame site, dudes…lame….change the freakin’ pictures every millenium or so

  152. Big Mac


  153. jc

    yes officer it was a yellow DHL
    truck that cut me off.

  154. Dan

    When good drivers go bad…

  155. Ramon

    what can brown do for you ? just look what it did to fed Ex

  156. shaun


  157. shaun


  158. Tommy Douglas

    The dark underside of cube trucks

  159. MIke

    I wasn’t expecting to bump into you here today…

  160. g da good man

    white trucks can’t jump.
    (is anything dark always stronger?)

  161. Tejan

    Boss to secretary after watching the news: “Judy, did you get insurance on that package we just shipped out?”

  162. Tejan

    When it absolutely, positively has to be crashed overnight.

  163. BILL

    DHL is now the leader in package delivery… ON TIME

  164. Foyle

    Now they can blame Fedex for the late delivery

  165. tmuny

    fedex just had a overnight delivery to home of…..

  166. Johny D

    Ramming speed Cap’tn!

  167. Bobby

    Looking at this now, FedEx has demolished UPS. Look at this year’s Nextel Cup standings.

    FedEx is second, UPS is 42nd and not on the NASCAR Exempt Tour.

    In fact, for Sunday’s race in Loudon, NH, the FedEx Impala won while UPS Camry didn’t even qualify — in the trailer Friday back to the team shops.

  168. corey

    Talk about “Fed-Up”

  169. Reginald charles

    Brown Is gonna Knock You Out. Mama Say Knock You Out.

  170. Reggie Reg BillieJean

    Don’t Follow A Leader Unless You Can Stand As Strong As Brown.



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