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62 Captions for “Weeee”

  1. jwd

    After an epidemic of severe crotch burn at the firehouse, the pole was replaced with a slide.

  2. Sam Herman

    He’s Super! Thanks for asking…

  3. Deraj

    Look what I did with my enormous high tax bracket refund!

  4. cairo

    I’m supposed to be working! and I don’t care!

  5. cairo

    In tandem with the new adult happy meals, McDonalds releases the largely popular adult playland.

  6. Guangkui

    Your tax dollars at work.

  7. jwd

    Francoise woke up in the hospital with numerous painful slivers in his derriere.

  8. Sam Herman

    If you look closely you can see that his hands look like sock puppets…


  9. ArrJay

    A perfect example of why you have to be an adult to buy a lottery ticket.

  10. resisobilus

    Evidently, it CAN be too late to have a happy childhood.

  11. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    Wh-heeee, Ima Faery!!

  12. Captain Jordan

    He didn’t see the big boot waiting for him at the bottom of the slide. His smile would never again be so bright.

  13. Me a Mofo

    When your sliding down the halls and your balls scrape the walls—its a rapture!

  14. Me a Mofo

    More Iraqi Abuse Photos??

    Alright Already!!!

  15. filkertom

    Announcing the new Downsizer! It makes getting fired fun!

  16. s.chandler

    ” And now on to my platinum pogo stick”

  17. KD

    President Bush will miss the happy-fun-slide that leads to the oval office.

  18. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    I need aspirins; my ass burns!!

  19. Jon

    Harold was cripled and believed those 12 hours of legless climbing were worth it for that two seconds of glee.

  20. JeffroC

    You never know what to expect when you go visit Ron Popiel. In Ron’s words, ” They all can’t be winners.”

  21. nurg

    “Sure, Mr. Cheney, you can go on as much as you want! (Keep encouraging him. Maybe his pacemaker will give out.)”

  22. staci

    What Ronald McDonald at home after taking off his makeup and big floppy shoes.

  23. Fire Frog

    See? Told ya I could still get a woodie!

  24. pete

    The very latest breakthrough for incontinent people with only a downstairs loo.

  25. pete bridges

    The very latest innovation for incontinent people with only a downstairs loo.

  26. aza d

    Damn! When they said there would be a slide, i thought there would be a pit at the bottom

  27. Zebra

    So this is what its like to digest

  28. zebra

    congress taking a recess

  29. Jack

    Finally – an Iraq exit strategy!

  30. tiff

    hi. my name is richard, dick for short. i’m a rich old man with all the money in the world to spend on stupid things like this slide. wheee!

  31. Hagan

    Failed Smithsonian Marketing Ploy #252.

  32. Listersmate

    It kind of brings the old man dancing for Six Flags to a whole new level doesn’t it?

  33. Gentaur

    After 30 years in the corporate world, Pee-Wee Herman makes a comeback.

  34. Gentaur

    Bizarro Batman takes his costume-changing slide on the way to the Bruce-Wayne-Mobile.

  35. Gentaur

    All corporate ladders have their downslides.

  36. meowr

    Ooh, I’ve heard all those kinky sex rooms in the Oval Office.

  37. meowr

    Ooh, I’ve heard all about those kinky sex rooms in the Oval Office…

  38. MaKLeR

    The besciackie

  39. Shadowbat

    “Holy mahogony, Batman! Alfred replaced the batpoles with a wooden slide!”

  40. Nimrod

    “…and for the toddler we’ve got a lovely mahagony swing with Disney characters done in 18K gold…”

  41. Erik

    Mayor Snurd was honored and delighted to christen Cleveland’s new sewage pipeline.

  42. lokiseven

    For the rich idiot that already has everything: a mahogany slide. Especially useful if you’re too damn lazy to take the stairs like regular poor folk.

  43. jimbo

    James Porter’s smile disappeared when he found a janitor’s uniform and work boots at the bottom of the corporate ladder.

  44. jimbo

    The psychiatrist was alarmingly successful when he told the dignified executive to relive his childhood.

  45. Bonnie

    For when my x-lax takes effect, my new slide help me get there in time.

  46. s

    now all I gotta do is add water

  47. Zoe

    Jeeves found that using his ass to polish the wood veneer was much faster than using his hand.

  48. Zoe

    Anyone say friction burn?

  49. rich myatt

    i am a raging homosexual

  50. talli

    and the new brakethrought treatment in getting to get in touch with ur inner child has a surprisingly good success rate

  51. rick12string

    The Democratic Party rejects yet another advisor for marijuana addiction and pedophilia…..

  52. canada fan

    well your a kid an ya wanna go weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    but you aint got drugs yet

  53. vez

    Like all men, Derek enjoyed going down.

  54. paul

    well ever since bob retired,he spiralled downhill.

  55. storminrebel

    look out below !!!!!!!!!!

  56. jazzgeek

    Promo clip from “A Christmas Story XII” just after Santa tells him “Forget it, old man – you’ll shoot your prostate out”.

  57. russ

    to the bat cave!

  58. Kenn Young

    Donald Trump realized that the term, “you’re fired!” was getting stale, so…”

  59. NooSweat

    How i get the wood real shiny…

  60. bob

    how else would i practise paedophilia, kids love it!

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