Welcome Winter


Anyone have any lock-deicer?

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74 Captions for “Welcome Winter”

  1. jwd

    An early example of an Eskimo motorhome.

  2. Professor Kaos

    the new Mini Cooper has both interior & exterior air cond.

  3. n0rm

    Hmmm – looks like my ex-wife is here!

  4. N

    At least it’s not a convertible.

  5. Gentaur

    Due to budget cuts, New York shuts down its outdoor public restrooms for the winter.

  6. Gentaur

    One more thing you shouldn’t lick.

  7. jwd

    Ted Williams heads out on a weekend pass from the cryogenics facility.

  8. jwd

    Satan’s car, moments after the Cubs win the World Series.

  9. paperdragon

    The newest public ice scuplture in Moscow.

  10. (pdw)

    What happens when Barry Manilow sneezes.

  11. Mascot

    hmmm….that’s an ice car you got there.

    yeah, I know.

  12. Mascot

    The latest treat in Moscow…the Trabantcicle!

  13. curmugion

    Damn it Edna, I told you not to buy the cheap anti-freeze!

  14. Therus

    The new Ford Glacier

  15. N

    An hour later, the local teenagers had urinated their names in it.

  16. Gatorfreak

    A rare opportunity to write “Defrost me” on someone’s car.

  17. Rob

    When someone parked in Jons spot, he spent all night drinking water and spitting from his balcony.

  18. KD

    sixty to zero degrees in under ten seconds.

  19. I Am As Weird As A Bagel


  20. Someone Special Someone

    Irony at its finest: It was the groundhog’s car.

  21. Someone Special Someone

    Fred’s little drive to the bottom of the lake ended in utter tragedy.

  22. Gentaur

    The good news is, it was wearing boots at the time.

  23. Pyro

    The good news is I just saved a ton of money by swiching to Geico!!!

  24. Torn Nugget

    When presented with the car designed specifically for her personality, Martha Stewart was not pleased/.

  25. Phaeton

    Mr Freeze’s thermometer just didn’t go all the way to the bottom anymore.

  26. Someone Special Someone

    The new Ford Tundra.

  27. DelRio

    Punishment from god for driving such a butt ugly car.

  28. aseaton

    After falling asleep in his car, Burney failed to anticipate the late night freeze and was forced to thrive on the warmth of his hearty farts.

  29. Alien_Ant

    DAMN that freeze breez crawash …

  30. jwd

    With the Batmobile in the shop, The Caped Crusader met a tragic end at the hands of Mr. Freeze.

  31. Gentaur

    Looks like Ron Weasley’s borrowed the car again.

  32. taz

    honey what did you do with the ice scraper last year? I think we’ll need to find it so that we can find the car in the parking lot. got a blow torch handy to thaw ou the car?

  33. Gentaur

    Never park your car in a space under an overpass. Birds and bats don’t like rain, either.

  34. B-Rad G

    A breakthrough in science gives way to the first car powered by cold-fusion

  35. B-Rad G

    In Soviet Russia car de-frosts you!

  36. dede & court

    dad i think the car wash is broken

  37. Don

    And Batman said, “Shields.”

  38. kramer

    The white zone is for loading and unloading only. There is no parking in the white zone.

  39. fred

    Ah, that Peter North…

  40. resisobilus

    Ooh, thet was th’ day we hed to joomp-start th’ Chevy, y’knoo

  41. Mark Buelar

    When Santa became a Mafia boss he decided they should drive cars that could not stick out, he was wrong they stuck out like a mime at a speech contest

  42. tim loveridge

    pass us the de-ice love we got problems with the car

  43. tim loveridge

    pass the de-ice love we got problems with the car

  44. ttsquared

    Cool car, dude!

  45. Raymondo

    Let’s give ourselves up – we can’t sit here forever. Sooner or later the cops are gonna find out it was us who took a right turn in front of the titanic.

  46. jcw

    I just knew that nickel plate finish was going to be trouble!

  47. Gentaur

    This is why the Wicked Witch of the West never washes her car.

  48. JavaKing

    For Sale

    Runs Good,Low Miles

    Cold Air

  49. Cairo

    And to make matters worse I locked my keys inside…

  50. manicuklawyer

    “Johnson’s Garage? Ah…yes, good, now it says here in Yellow pages that you’re specialist in Air conditioning units?”

  51. Lawrence

    Funny thing is, THATS MY CAR!!!!!

  52. jap4n

    So, how many pigeons do you think it took to make this mess?

  53. BILL




  54. BILL




  55. Perry Mcdaniel

    I guess the lake wasn’t really frozen solid after all.

  56. caitlin

    “HONEY!?!? What happened to the window scraper…I have to get to work?!?”

  57. slt

    I guess i stayed in that hotel to long. Well, I only stayed there 70 years I didnt think my car would freeze in its track.I didnt go anywhere but stay in the hotel. I watched tv the whole time and on tv and on the news it said acouple years ago that there was a frozen car outside of this hotel. I guess mine froze too. But for some odd reason there wasnt another frozen car out there.

  58. Mickey

    Ahh, I see Walt Disney is out for another joy ride.

  59. me

    durring the freezing night, someone brought out the hose…. a practical joke gone too far…


  60. ohad


  61. ohad
  62. E_the_E

    “He’s Mister White Christmas! He’s Mister Snow!” Snow Miser goes for a drive.

  63. GoNz0

    Any one got a 20 gallons of Mr. Freeze?

  64. one liner

    For Sale:

    Compact Car, Low Miles, Runs Good, and has the Best Air Conditioning System Money Can Buy!

  65. Hades slave to agamemnon

    I heard about yellow snow, but what about brown ice?

  66. Owen Lucas

    The Club not secure enough for your neighborhood? Try The Berg.

  67. Pokejedservo

    Capcom’s gift to Ice-Man

  68. mark

    Ice age cars?

  69. Chad

    I’m Earl Scheib and I’ll paint that…er umm uh

  70. Chris -

    Best AC money can Buy!


    Happy birthday darling I’ve bought you something to keep your beer cool, its a Russian fridge , but I think it may have a faulty stat !

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