What are you looking at?

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52 Captions for “What are you looking at?”

  1. s.chandler

    “Quarter Deck” is that your wee wee size or brain size”? “You’re a stone cold B—h, but nice hooters!”

  2. trinawoods

    I traveled halfway around the world to be reminded of my ex-wife?

  3. Coyoty

    When you got served by a statue, it’s time to give up.

  4. Alex Kaseberg

    “You calling me an ugly American? Well I say you’re a stone cold bitch.”

  5. Working stiff

    Boring. Aaaaallllll those pictures you must get sent in, and this is the best you could come up with?

  6. rathiz kumar

    You mean like this !



  8. trinawoods

    Project Runway has really gone downhill since the first season.

  9. Simon

    13 years in the Navy left Bruce totally unprepared for his first encounter with a “white girl” with attitude.

  10. ssk67

    dude, nice breasts

  11. Atul

    Man: “Now what if i look down? “

  12. trinawoods

    Michelangelo’s “Herb” never had quite the same impact as his “David.”

  13. lawrence

    Seriously, if you just get this stump out of my ass You’ll get 3 wishes…..

    OK OK ….FOUR….

  14. mvr_moorthy

    “Age cannot wither thee…”

    as it can do me

  15. Eden

    What?? It’s this T-shirt isn’t it?

  16. dhfkl

    quick, staring contest

  17. half-life 2 luver

    Hello sweet thang!

  18. Jeremy

    And so that day it began.

    A battle for pride.
    A battle for country.

    A battle in which one man will no longer undergo the tyranny of his inanimate, cross dressing, albino, tree squating king.

  19. dawn sharp

    Lot’s wife tells her husband to lay off the salt.

  20. tedxfiles

    You’re taking this “getting stoned” thing a bit too far Gladys!

  21. Woot Woot

    It’s not a purse! You stong cold b***h

  22. Woot Woot

    Im a cop, are you getting stoned?

  23. hussein

    you look stoned

  24. bret smith

    little did he know that statues dont blink

  25. NooSweat

    Mating-dance needs some more practice.

  26. Jonny

    …. …. …. Wait, I think you just blinked! I win!

  27. RedskinRay

    You Pompeii chicks were smokin’ hot back in the day.

  28. george

    8 weeks without, and jeff was even eyeing-up the statue

  29. Will

    His ugly stare turned the woman to stone.

  30. sam

    she’s more chisseled than you’ll ever be

  31. adam h

    franks eyesight has really gotten bad.

  32. Adi

    I’m nt screwed up, R U?
    If nT sO y nT????

  33. Adi

    life’s vast like de sky,,,,,,

    still death awaits….be prepared!!!

  34. claire

    man: stop copying me!
    stop it!
    dont make me come over there biatch!

    Patrick liked to make sure his hos knew their place, but this new ho was really starting to get on his nerves..

  35. Al

    I told you not to stand under that cement mixer.

  36. Matthew

    Like looking into a mirror

  37. Tigra

    Edith gave Frank her usual “stony” look.

  38. Brian Meskill

    Yeah… I’d do ‘er.

  39. Chloe

    What are looking at? Is this shirt yours?

  40. Chloe

    Bloody Tourists!

  41. Sean

    I know you have a cold personality, but I’d like to get to know you!

  42. Jodie
  43. tev

    Glidden paints Greek Ruins!

  44. Joel

    “darling, have you seen my glasses?… fine, dont answer me then!”

  45. Rach

    The latest fashions straight from Italy… and Minnesota

  46. sops

    i used 2 hav a figure like that…….before..the accident

  47. Lucy

    Frank got quite a shock when he looked in the mirror that morning

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