What to wear to court?

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62 Captions for “What to wear to court?”

  1. billybaloo

    Is my complexion an autumn or winter, I just can’t remember.

  2. Mascot

    I don’t think the world is ready for ANOTHER remake of Planet of the Apes!

  3. stacy chandler

    His whole life story should SCARE anyone into NOT wanting to being rich nor famous.

  4. trinawoods

    Don’t expect to hear about Mrs. Potato Head in this documentary.

  5. jwd

    Michael Jackson picks his nose!

  6. Mascot

    Excuse me…are those man breasts we see?

  7. Freya

    hmmm… who nose what to wear today?

  8. Darin Madden

    too weird…oh right…Michael Jackson…nevermind.

  9. trinawoods

    These days, the “Jackson 5” refers to Michael’s nose collection.

  10. Nuggie Rancher

    “Does this nose express enough righteous indignation to you?”

  11. Eric Gonzalez

    I got the Idea from Mr. Potato Head, now Hasbro wants to sue me as well.

  12. Hebe

    Janet Jackson borrows Micheal Jackson’s nose along with his make-up collection

  13. kha

    I wrote 50 Cent’s album. He is a punk ass biatch riding my tails.

  14. avery

    I need my pinnochio-i’m going to court for crying out loud!

  15. trinawoods

    There once was a boy named Mike
    Who was either a fag or a dyke
    Took out his pickle for an innocent tickle
    And now we want his head on a pike.

  16. Day Drum Four

    Don’t stop ’till you get a nose.

  17. Austin


  18. Simon

    Normally, I would be looking for Mrs. Potato head at this point, and I would be seriously worried for any little spuds that were here unsupervised

  19. trinawoods

    Even with Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes, John Barrymore’s nose and Denzel’s mouth, he still manages to look like an idiot.

  20. trinawoods

    Sandy Duncan, Fabio and Melanie Griffith have all made contributions to Jackson’s favorite charity, “World Piece.”

  21. Troy L. Siscoe

    mikal jackson is funny he has a hole in his nose

  22. mj martin

    “Nobody nose what I’m going through in this trial!”

  23. joy s

    Pinnochio was innocent

  24. trinawoods

    Ohhh, so that’s why they call him the King of Pop.

  25. chain man

    will this nose go with this mouth

  26. Nic Simmons

    Why does everybody have to be so nosy????

  27. Nic Simmons

    oh man, I can’t wear the white nose after labor day.

  28. Nic Simmons

    I just can’t seem to keep it all together.

  29. Nic Simmons

    I’m looking at the man in the mirror, I’m begging him to put his freekin’ nose back on!

  30. James McDaid

    My God! hes an alien!

  31. Drew Barnicoat

    To apply nose press base firmly onto fake skin and leave to settle, additional drug snorting may help to inprove settleing

  32. Daniel Flynn

    I can’t help it, I like picking my nose.

  33. Arron

    Do you think people will notice me without my nose, what do you think bubbles?

  34. kevin

    Planet of the Apes phoned??? they want my face back… what???

  35. El Tardo

    Its a promotional Mr. Potato Head!

  36. Uncle Fester

    Don’t panic, they’re all organic!

  37. Quentin

    I got the idea from “Silence of the Lambs.”

  38. Star

    HONEY! BABY! Oh my darling husband what looks hotter with my bust the nose or that hot pink dress you bought me?

  39. meh

    ‘i just can’t get the lillte plastic peg in the hole mr. plastic surgeon would you help me ?’

  40. Mike

    Cause this is thriller…..thriller night and noone’s gonna save you from the beast named Mike

  41. Mike

    What do you think the children would like?

  42. Mike

    Which one do you think hell like??……now keep in mind hes an older man…..almost 13

  43. sammy

    man if you think this is difficult you should see what its like when i have to find adult sized pajamas in my drawers!

  44. RyDawg

    At least for sure we all definitely know little boys wasn’t the only thing Jacko molested…

  45. Jacky

    “I wonder if Armani is making noses now”

  46. josh ingram

    And i had this one imported all they way from africa

  47. Chris

    And now introducing the next version of Mr. Potatoe Head, with all the features of the last one and new and improved molesting action

  48. Tim smedley

    A high-quality selction of facial features, but which parts will he pick today.

  49. Tim smedley

    Micheal Jackson has a look at his latest item, i think hes glad with the product. all he has to do know is log onto Ebay and send his feedback.

  50. Working stiff

    If Joan Crawford and Mr. Potato Head had a child, it would be Michael Jackson.

  51. Liza

    This wonderful Nose, will go with my latest Pose!

  52. Alien ant

    michael finally revealed that he played chewbacca in starwars of the 90’s

  53. Becky

    MIchael’s attempt at proving his actions were due to a “deviant sexdom”.



  55. Ray R.

    This new but not improved Mr. Potato Head doll just got recalled.

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